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  1. Re: Video: Review of the NEW Turtle Wax Ceramic Spray Coating (Hybrid Solutions) !!

    Which would be glossier on light colored vehicles? SnS or the Coating?
  2. Re: Video: Review of the NEW Turtle Wax Ceramic Spray Coating (Hybrid Solutions) !!

    We’re not going to lie, if you want a chemical resistant product, ICE Seal N Shine is your go to, but if you want the complete package – from ease of use, to durability to a high-gloss shine, Hybrid...
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    Re: Best $10 Tire Dressing

    Another Duragloss 253 fan here. I’ve tried em all, but the DG is the only one that checks all the boxes. No sling, dries dry, control the finish with number of coats, lasts weeks if it doesn’t get...
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    Re: Griot's G9 observation...

    I’m curious as to why griots would promote (sell) the new polisher as a 6” when we’ve been told for years that a 5” backing plate with 5.5” pads is better. Why does Griots do this when the first...
  5. Re: Griot's Garage G9 Random Orbital Polisher *VIDEO*

    Anyone know if they'll be making the G9 with a 25' power cord? That's the one thing that would make me keep my GG6 over the upgrade.
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    Re: Menzerna Powerlock Prep

    Based on what I've read so far here, I'd simply give your RAV a wash and apply the Powerlock. You'll be just fine and happy with the results. Skip the clay unless there are obvious signs of...
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    Re: Glass sweat issue

    As an experiment... i used Ultima Acrylic Spray Wax on one of my patio doors and left the other one without it. Hands down, the one with the spray wax stays MUCH better looking. Cleaner and less...
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    Re: McKees 360 turned plastic bumper white

    Nick for the win!
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    Re: Quick Detailer Spray (one more time) !

    Sonax High Speed Wax is nice. It actually hazes like a true carnauba wax. Then you wipe it off.
  10. Re: 1Z Einszett Kristall Klar Washer Fluid Concentrate Review

    The siphon pumps for moving kerosene from jugs into the heater work great for emptying washer fluid reservoirs. They cost like $3 anywhere that sells kerosene. Farm stores, hardware stores, maybe...
  11. Re: The easy way to share a picture on a forum - Tapatalk App for your cell phone

    Hey, Mike. At first glance, I'm unable to tell what software is running. I'll look into it. But it's so incredibly easy working with photos on that forum from the safari browser on...
  12. Re: The easy way to share a picture on a forum - Tapatalk App for your cell phone

    I would post a TON of photos to the forum if it was a little easier. On some other forums I frequent its very easy to add them from a cellphone web browser into a forum post. Two clicks and I can...
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    Re: Microfiber towels not rinsing clean??

    I first noticed this on a load of my clothes. Forgot to add soap, so I went back to add some and the machine was full of bubbles. Clearly I've been using too much soap for the last 30 years. Oops!
  14. Re: Renny Doyle Beadmaker Revisited - 2month Standalone Review

    In short-- I would have named it GlossMaker. The gloss and slickness leaves NOTHING to be desired. If those are your goals- this is the product for you. If you're desiring sheeting/beading, I'd look...
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    Re: Sio2 Spray Coatings vs Sealants

    BF SiO2 is great stuff. Longevity is superb and it beads nicely and its glossy. I'd say the same for Megs HCW. But I have a hunch the BF will last longer (no proof). The megs is super easy.
  16. Re: Renny Doyle Beadmaker Revisited - 2month Standalone Review

    So, I'm aware of the hype, but haven't done a deep dive into informative threads concerning Beadmaker. I just know it's a buzz-product right now so I ordered some. I haven't even read through this...
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    Re: Question for AIO

    AIO's typically carry such a light abrasive load that on headlight lenses I see them more as a "cleaner" than a "polisher". If lenses are in good condition, don't scrub or work it into the plastic....
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    Re: tire dressing

    Duragloss 253 Tire and Rubber dressing is the best I've ever found. You can control gloss with number of applications. It lasts through a few washes/rains. It's just a solid, consistent performer....
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    Re: Thread for HF DA mods??


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  20. Re: Looking for an AIO thats SAFE ON PLASTIC AND RUBBER

    Does McKees 360 stain trim?
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    Re: New Collinite quick detailer

    Very much looking forward to this!
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    Re: Optimum Car Wash - Review

    Just curious- why is suds so important to you? For me, it's all about lubrication between the mitt and the paint surface + ability to break down the grime. Suds doesn't play any role whatsoever in...
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    Re: hard water spots on glass?

    Duragloss NuGlass works great for removing hard water spots, as long as the glass isn't etched.
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    Re: To use SiO2 or not

    On a related note, I've been using the BF SiO2 Spray recently. Can I apply McKees Paint Coating over the top of it without removing the BF?
  25. Re: Sonax Polymer Net Shield - I want to love it, but...

    Isn't it just a spray and wipe off formula?
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