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  1. Re: Happy Birthday Nick McKees37.

    Happy birthday Nick!!!

    Thanks for all you have done for us Geekaroonies
  2. Re: I did the unthinkable and paid the price... :(

    Dang, that sucks Paul. Sorry to hear.

    Wish someone was there to help you out.
  3. Re: Waterless washing in garage messes

    Wait a minute, your talking about the Rinseless wash method, not the Waterless wash method as outlined in the title. Think of the Waterless Wash method as a glorified quick detail with tons of...
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    Re: Hello from Oklahoma

    Hi Aaron, Welcome to AutoGeekOnline!
  5. Re: 2 black vehicles from 2 different dealers. Both hammered. Denali, LX570

    Wow! Thats how you get er done! Nice work Justin!
  6. Re: 2014 Alpine White Modified BMW 650i Coupe-Gtechniq Ceramic Coatings

    Beautiful work Pat!

    Thanks for sharing
  7. Re: Bad paint transfer/scratches on a daily driver with FG400

    What a transformation. Can hardly tell anything happened minus the dent.

    Take it and PDR it.
  8. Re: Hello from Europe, Hungary!

    Welcome to AutoGeekOnline!
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    Re: M2 Black Shadow

    Wow! Smokin! Looks amazing.
  10. Re: Abrasive Technology - THE most important factor when it comes to polishing paint

    Nope. Im with you. The most important part IS the abrasive technology. Its what connects you the user of machine and pad to the surface you are working on. You can have high end equipment but with...
  11. Re: 10 Year Autogeek Anniversary

    Thanks for getting me behind the AG booth and showing me how to pick up a bead with the PE14. Then meeting me go in front of a crowd on my first attempt. Who would have thought I would have done in...
  12. Re: Introducing Autogeek Reward Miles

    Now thats cool.

    See why it pays to shop with AutoGeek?

    Signed up!
  13. Re: Deep etching in new silverado

    I would try a heat source such as a heat gun to heat/cool the surface. More or less try and blend it back together by expansion/contraction. Just don’t cook the paint.

    If that does not work out...
  14. Re: Pressure washing under neath the car.. HELP any attachments?

    There are a few that are available. I think the mentioned Ryobi chassis cleaner is available from HD. Stop by and give it a look.

    I have a Kärcher Chassis cleaner and absolutely love it. I run it...
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    Re: Smack Towel Method (STM)

    Hey Jim! Sure thing.

    No I haven not noticed any residue left behind on towels.

    Perhaps as mentioned below on glass towels or waffle weaves, it could leave a residue due to the towel having...
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    Re: Smack Towel Method (STM)


    Always remember to inspect your towels when they come out of the dryer. I like to roll mine with a lint roller to help cut down on the linting.
  17. Re: Hello from Calgary Canada

    Hi Kris, Welcome to AutoGeekOnline!
  18. Re: Product Review: Wolfgang "UBER" Si02 Waterless wash

    True. Depending on how dirty the vehicle is you may end up using 12oz or so. Also depends on the size of the vehicle.
  19. Re: What products to use with no-rinse wash, and spray on protection that lasts at least a month.

    If you are looking for a real AIO waterless wash that offers above average protection give the new Wolfgang Si02 waterless wash a shot. With Si02 (Silica) added into the product it really does offer...
  20. Re: New Mustang GT convertible

    Congrats on the new GT!

    I would go with the latter.
  21. Re: Product Review: Wolfgang "UBER" Si02 Waterless wash

    Thank you sir.

    Sure thing.

    It is fairly expensive. The best way would be to pick up at a 20% sale.
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    Re: Happy Birthday BillE!!!

    Happy Birthday!
  23. Product Review: Wolfgang "UBER" Si02 Waterless wash

    PRODUCT REVIEW: Wolfgang ÜBER Si02 Waterless Wash

    Waterless washing is nothing new. It is something that has been around for a...
  24. Re: Training event in NZ . . . I did WHAT???

    Thats awesome Aaryn!

    Dont Fret. You will do well.
  25. Re: KILLER CAR WASH - Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Coating Wash

    Very nice review Mike. That looks fresh!

    Looks like a fantastic offering from Wolfgang and works wonders. .

    Im a big time Waterless Wash user and just got ahold of the Si02 Waterless Wash from...
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