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  1. Re: NEX FLEX Cordless Polishers!

    Flex does it again! Awesome! Can't wait to get my hands on one! When will they be in stock at Autogeek?

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    Re: New FLEX Tools Introduced at SEMA!

    Trying my hardest for no purchases between now and SEMA.... 1 week... I think I can... I think I can!!!
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    Re: Review - Sonax CC36 Ceramic Coating

    Nice write up Guz! I have the kit, but haven't applied it yet... sounds like I may need to purchase a second one before tackling my Toyota Tundra...I love the sonax quality, but for $160.00 for a...
  4. Re: Measuring paint thickness on fiberglass cars?!?

    Bob - do you have experience using such gauge? Do you have one you recommend?

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  5. Measuring paint thickness on fiberglass cars?!?

    What is the best method for measuring paint on fiberglass cars?!? I've ran into this issue a few times in my detailing career and have been able to find metal doors or the fuel door to be metal and...
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    Re: Excessive vibration

    Double check your backing plate washer is in place, I've changed backing plates before and forgot to change the washer over. This will cause increased vibration.
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    Re: Tips for starting weekend business?

    My recommendation is start a Facebook or Instagram page to share/publish the work your doing. Be sure to include some before and after shots to show the customers what you are really doing for their...
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    Re: Iron remover for wheels

    +1 for Sonax Wheel Cleaner Plus
  9. Re: Detailing and Polising Boats in the water.... Is anyone doing it?!?

    I appreciate the feed back guys! I'm thinking this is business I'm best to turn down, or at least pass on for this year. I don't like the idea of my Flex polishers in the water, and feel like...
  10. Re: Detailing and Polising Boats in the water.... Is anyone doing it?!?

    He wants it buffed down to the water line and heavily scrubbed on the waterline edge

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  11. Detailing and Polising Boats in the water.... Is anyone doing it?!?

    I'm looking for some insight.... is anyone detailing and polishing boats in the water? Yes, in the water! I take care of a lot of boats in my area, but never in the water. I have been requested by...
  12. Re: Looking for a safe but effective wheel cleaner

    Try Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner - SONAX Wheel Cleaner, all wheel cleaner, chrome wheel cleaner, aluminum wheel cleaner, full effect wheel cleaner

    This wheel cleaner is safe on all wheels and...
  13. Re: Leather Conditioner for Seats with tiny holes

    Check out Sonax Leather Foam.... it's specifically designed for perforated leather.

    SONAX Leather Foam Leather Cleaner & Conditioner, Sonax leather cleaner conditioner, sonax leather care
  14. Re: FLEX 3401 not working right, erratic speed... Please diagnose!

    I have to agree with Mike on this! When I heard Chris Metcalf speak about best practices when working with Flex Polishers at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the power cord was the top problem...
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    Re: Autogeek's Roadshow Class Schedule - 2016

    Autogeek is always welcome in Indiana!
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    Re: Flex XFE Owners, What's The Verdict?

    I had the first XFE and experience the over heating.... Flex and Autogeek warrantied it with the new design... so far I'm loving it! We have been abusing the XFE the past few weekend and it just...
  17. Re: 2017 Jeep Wrangler Ceramic Coated all around

    I actually think I saw this Jeep yesterday... was this near the Fairfield, OH area? I was up that way for business with Toyota(my day time job)
  18. Re: Specific question about Yukon Denali wheels with inserts

    These rims can be cleaned with the insert on, however for a deep clean my recommendation is the same as @waterman's. I would deep clean them twice a year with the insert off. Also when washing be...
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    Re: Updated FLEX XFE7 -15 aka The Finisher!

    Mike - any update when they will be in stock at Autogeek?!?
  20. Re: Up up up...and away! A Goodbye Note to all my Friends & Family

    Dang.... hate to see you go Nick... but congrats on the new adventure with Bob McKee and the McKee's 37! I appreciate all the help over the past few years! Your knowledge of products and people first...
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    Re: Big Blue Drying Towel Giveaway!

    "Big Blue"
  22. Re: BLACK FRIDAY AND CYBER DEALS - Amazing Deals!

    Microfiber detergent / cleaner / restorer in bulk size would be a great cyberbuster!

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  23. Re: Big announcement today!

    Wow! This is Huge! Tony George is a class act guy! I'm sure Bob McKee has left the company in good hands! Congrats to Bob McKee and the team at Autogeek!
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    Re: Anything new from Flex? SEMA 2016...

    From what I've heard a new and improved Flex XFE will be launched!!! I've also heard from a source or two there is a chance for a new tool being added to the line up!
  25. Re: SEMA Show 2016 - Win With Yancy Contest + Bonus Contest for those who attend SEMA

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