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  1. Re: Time lapse paint correction with 3D ONE

    Glad I’m not the only one having problems with 3D One. The wipe off is horrible. I’ve tried it 3 times and every time it reminds me of trying to remove 1970’s Liquid Turtle Wax. Maybe we got a bad...
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    Re: what's your weather currently like?

    HOT and HUMID! Miserable weather. It rains in the afternoons so when the sun hits it the next day the humidity keeps rising.
  3. Re: Ech2o leaving film used as rinseless

    As ECH2O dries I usually have to wipe it down again. It leaves a film, but buffs off easily.
  4. Re: Fuzion paste wax help on black........

    If the humidity get to the 90 mark all kinds of problems pop up. Nothing cures right as everything stays damp. Heat is not too big of a problem, but that humidity can be a bear.
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    Re: Product Confusion

    Not a huge problem, but in the future I would remove all existing LSPs and start with a clean slate to get the best shine. Wash, iron-x, clay, wash, polish/correct, panel wipe, apply LSP.
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    Poll: Re: Best Rotary

    The Rupes Rotary is a fine machine. I’m waiting until AG gets the Rupes rotary polishes, they have the pads.
  7. Re: New to machine polishing, some questions....

    I would look into the Meguires Microfiber Cutting Pads and d300. By using this you ca remove most scratches that are not down to the primer and even make those look better. The HF polisher needs...
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    Re: New mid engine Corvette. July 18th.

    Can’t wait to see one in the wild. I wonder what price these will go for. $100k?
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    Re: The Best Product Ever!?

    Based on what I use the most, ECH2O or McKees 914 or Reset. I go through all three pretty fast. All great products that are hard to beat and in the case of 914, one of a kind.
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    Re: Introducing Autogeek Reward Miles

    This has been going on over on Autopia forever. I’ve got a $25 reward over there I’ve had for about a year. Glad it started over here. Makes my choice of where to shop easier.
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    Re: 10 Year Autogeek Anniversary

    Congrats on your 10 year anniversary! Keep on helping us and all the new folks that stop in and become Geeks for another 10 years.
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    Re: Blackfire SiO2 spray streaking

    Try spraying onto a damp microfiber and then applying or even a dry microfiber instead of spraying directly onto the panel. About half of the SiO2 topper directions tell you to apply it this way. ...
  13. Re: Is ceramic coating or paint correction necessary for me?

    If this is your first time coating a vehicle I would suggest one of the coating lite products like Gyeon CanCoat, CarPro CQuartz Lite, or TacSystems Moonlight. All of these have a forgiving...
  14. Re: Sonax BSD Application - Why is it so difficult?

  15. Re: swirl marks temporary or actually gone?

    Polishing will remove swirl marks and scratches permanently, at least until you install some new ones by improper washing or forgetting to tell the dealer not to wash your car.

    The Porter- Cable...
  16. Re: how often should i buy microfiber towels?

    The CG towels (yellow w/black trim) are some of my favorites. I’ve been using the same towels for 7 years now and they are still in good enough for paint condition, soft and absorbent. I’ve got...
  17. Re: Sonax BSD Application - Why is it so difficult?

    BSD has a reputation for being difficult to apply and remove. I mix it 50/50 with CG V07 and goes on and comes off easy. I picked up this tip from the guys on Detailing World and they have been...
  18. Re: Review: Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Coating Wash

    Try using Tapatalk to post pictures. You can easily do it from your phone after you take the picture. It’s the only way I ever figured out how to post a picture. Trust me it’s easy.
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    Re: Using Vinegar to remove water spots

    I’ve had a few instances of hard water spots and I’ve always wound up using a light polish to remove them. I saw the Rag Companies video where they used wheel brightener to remove hard water spots...
  20. Re: Product Review: Wolfgang "UBER" Si02 Waterless wash

    CarPro ECH2O has SiO2 added. If the Wolfgang SiO2 version was a concentrate like ECH2O I would try some. A 16 oz bottle would last me one car making it too expensive for me to use.
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    Re: Trim Restore on 14 year old Xterra

    Solution Finish customer support is excellent. I have contacted them twice and both times they replied quickly. Actually it was the inventor of SF who replied to me!
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    Re: Trim Restore on 14 year old Xterra

    Clean the heck out of the trim first. Prep-Sol with a stiff brush works well. Maybe go over it twice since it’s so old. The cleaner it is the less chance of splotches/unevenness will occur.
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    Re: Which Product Should I Use

    Just don’t let the Love Bugs sit for days. Nothing will keep their acid guts from eating through detailing products. I spray them off and add another coat of IGL Premier during Love Bug season. ...
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    Re: Headlight Film ?

    Just a good glass cleaner should be sufficient. An abrasive will wear away the UV coating put on at the factory or built into the headlight covers. There are some non abrasive AOIs like Klasse AOI...
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    Re: Turtle Wax Seal and Shine

    That video sums up my feelings about TW S&S perfectly. His opinion of Reload though doesn’t match mine. What is this Jet product he is using? It looks pretty good.
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