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  1. Re: Ceramic paint coatings care and Tree Sap!

    My experience with tree sap comes from the various hardwood trees in my region. If you have any trees overhanging or even upwind then the sap will find you vehicles. Oak trees always emit fine...
  2. Re: Weird discoloring on factory Tonneau, could this be from my Carpro products? Any fix?

    But if the color persist you might want to try Solution Finish to get that 'Black' back. Then if happy then I would use the DLUX if the top was coated previously.
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    Re: Griots polisher broke

    Agree with all, I did just that a few weeks ago on another model, G15.

    Tip, I you purchased direct from GG then they will give you instructions to return it free of shipping cost.
    If you...
  4. Re: Review: Griot's Garage G8 Headlight Sander

    This was a good refresher on how to do it correctly. I was hesitant to use my 500-grit discs on the headlights, I normally use the 800-grit wet dry paper only, as not fully sure how well the...
  5. Re: How to use 303 Aerospace Protectant to Restore Vinyl Seats by Mike Phillips

    That interior looks so nice, reminds me of my first 66 Impala. How well I remember sliding across on those vinyl seats. And those hot summer days burning the legs while wearing shorts. Yep, those...
  6. Re: Weird discoloring on factory Tonneau, could this be from my Carpro products? Any fix?

    I agree with Mike, that looks similar to a water shape rather than an application line.

    What brand is your tonneau cover? It looks like the hard Bakflip model by the tailgate. I use Bak Revolver...
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    Re: RC Pluffle drying towels.

    I think that Levi at the TRC suggest the Eagle Edgeless 365 for rinseless or waterless. Those are not too plush and do have a very soft touch, I use them in the 16x16. AG has them in single, 3-pack...
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    Re: Xtreme solutions mist and wipe?

    Nope, not sold from AG. Follow the links in the YouTuber. I would suggest that AG has a lot more options than those tested by Brian and others. And today is a great sale if you need to get a good...
  9. Re: Free Lunch on Autogeek and Smack Daddy Smokin Hot Sauce

    Now stop this guys, all this is making hungry and I cannot make the trip to Stewart anytime soon!
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    Re: Air Foamer vs. Foam Cannon

    AG offers both and my experience with a cheap Air Foamer was good but NOT what I would use to do any vehicle. I used it for wheels and did create tons of foamy solution but really used up the entire...
  11. Re: Real World Ceramic Coating Test by Mike Phillips

    Hey Mike, try this infrared type from Amazon or can find similar at Harbor Freight if you dare leave the house.

    Robot Check

    Larger readout and handy to on testing panel temps.
  12. Re: Review: Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Polish & Wax

    Agree, Professor Paint, yes that is the correct title, Mike has earned doing it all these years.

    This type of review is why I enjoy his writing and style. Unlike the YouTube experience, I can...
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    Re: Coronavirus - Covid-19 - Safe Detailing?

    How long does the COVID-19 last on surfaces?
    This article from USA Today is easy to follow and help give many key factors to consider as you detail your cars and homes!

    How long the coronavirus...
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    Re: Waterless/Rinseless wash options

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    Re: Happy Birthday PaulMys!

    Happy birthday to YOU and many more!
  16. Re: Real World Ceramic Coating Test by Mike Phillips

    Okay Mike,

    You have out done all of the YouTubers that test their panels! LOL,

    Doing the wet sanding with 4000-grit is absolutely the extreme method to prove you have a clean bare surface. ...
  17. Re: Constant battle against tar spots on doors.. sealants not working. any tips?

    Make it easy on yourself next time, use any brand of tar remover. If you do not have any, lacquer thinner works well. And yes suggest to reapply some protection over those areas. Save your clay...
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    Re: Buff & Shine Euro fiber pads

    Sometimes like that I have heard to mist your wipe down towel with water to help the process. I think I have seen that on some of the YouTuber testing.
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    Re: One of a kind ... the CBEAST in NZ.

    I am planning to buy Flex this summer, waiting on funding for that big purchase. I am curious to add the rotary "cordless" instead of a corded version. After watching Mike Phillips use the...
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    Re: Happy Birthday Dr Oldz!!!

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you...
  21. Re: Need advice - drying towel and car wash soap

    I have so many soaps and my next one to try is the 3D soap as the head Chemist/Owner at 3D gave a great explanation with Mike Phillips. That said my Griots Garage soap is solid buy, but then again...
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    Re: Big Pharma ads

    Agree, but when then pulled the tobacco ads, someone had to fill the void and pay for all that prime time slots.

    I am sure that most Doctors would agree with PaulMys, way too many things for...
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    Re: Tire shine for knobbys

    Griot's Garage aerosol tire products will spray on nicely but then using the brush will work it out in all those lugs.

    Griot's Garage Black Satin Tire Coating

    Griots Garage Black Shine Tire &...
  24. Re: Poor performance by optimum tire protection?

    I am not certain on Optimum Tire Protection but have used similar products from Tuff Shine and bottle of PBL Tire Clear Coat. Most similar recommend the use of only car wash soap on the tires...
  25. Re: Review: BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Liquid Wax

    Thanks for adding this to the chain on this product. I went back and read your review and sounds great for the one-step and seal for Texas heat. Sadly, the heat kicked in the past few days breaking...
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