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  1. Re: What to use on black wheels to polish after wash

    I just give them a quick wipe down with meguiars hybrid ceramic detailer. It is an excellent topper for coatings as well.
  2. Re: Review: Pinnacle Vinyl and Rubber Cleaner and Conditioner

    Any quality water based vinyl/rubber cleaner and conditioner should achieve similar results. Meguiar's has a decent one that is easier on the wallet;

    Meguiars #40<br>Vinyl & Rubber...
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    Re: Any durabilty reports on TW Ceramic Spray

    Loach aka WaxMode on youtube is doing a durability test between the turtle wax ceramic and the griots ceramic. He recently did a video providing a 3 month update and the turtle wax ceramic is still...
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    Re: Coating experts: I need your opinions here

    Was he washing in direct sunlight? Looks like the soapy solution dried on the surface before he was able to rinse it off. Even then in my experience with HW, it should've been reactivated when it...
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    Re: Which lc flats to get

    Personally I would just keep the ones you don't use. Reason being is, lets say later on down the road you buy another vehicle and need to perform some sort of paint correction. You do your test...
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    Re: Off label use of Solution Finish.

    That looks very sharp. Now are you going to top it with a coating or a sealant :laughing:
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    Re: Wheel cleaner as rust remover ??

    Yes the DUB wheel cleaner is safe to use on paint.
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    Re: New Wolfgang Ceramics vs DPGS hood test!

    Dang, WG CSC has some definite staying power after going through all that and still showing some signs of life. Thank you for sharing!
  9. Re: Wow seriously?!!!?! Home town making me proud (not really)

    I agree with this. In the end they did the right thing and gave him up to hopefully a better family.

    Just the other day I read an article about a florida woman who drowned her 9 year old autistic...
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    Re: Touchless Car Wash Safe for Coatings?

    Even the basic service is suspect at best. Who knows if even the basic detergent they use rinses away completely without leaving a film. Better off just going to a self serve pay and spray and just...
  11. Re: Need help finding replacement Sio2 spray coating

    303 Touchless Sealant
    GYEON WetCoat - 500 ml
    BLACKFIRE HydroSeal, paint coating, spray-on coating, sio2 spray
    DP Hydro Wet Seal
    CarPro Hydro2 Touchless Silica Sealant, spray on car wax

    Off the...
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    Re: Which wash should i choose?

    I've had some good results in the past with Stoner's Visible Shine Coating Wash. Cleaning power is decent for a wash & wax and lubricity is decent as well.

    The protection it leaves behind on the...
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    Re: Sonax bsd the most hydrophobic spray lsp?

    I read that using a sprayer that has better atomization really helps in the application of BSD. Haven't used BSD myself, so can't really provide any first hand experience. Just have to make sure...
  14. Re: Looking for a good interior detailer and uv protection spray

    If you're looking for a longer lasting solution then a coating like CarPro DLUX is the way to go, as OMGClayAiken mentioned.

    Another option is a sealant such as Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant...
  15. Re: Looking for a good interior detailer and uv protection spray

    I've had good luck using Optimum Car Wax on plastic trim. Patented UV protection is its "claim to fame". What don't you like about the 303 Speed Detailer?

    Optimum Car Wax is a spray wax made...
  16. Re: PFM Towel - anything "better" available in todays market for drying?

    This happened to one of my PFMs, I just snipped off the excess with some scissors and it was good to go.
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    Re: The Post a Picture of Your Ride as it Sits Thread

    Slightly dirty

    Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
  18. Re: Disinfecting car to kill covid reccomendations?

    Looks like IGL released a new product that is IPA based, sounds promising but it seems like it is more intended for home/office use? "This disinfectant is safe to use on all surfaces, such as,...
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    Re: Best Scratch Remover Combo for a DA?

    Wet sanding seems like the only option at this point, Apex Detail has some very good videos covering and demonstrating this exact topic. Good luck.
  20. Re: Looking for a good interior detailer and uv protection spray

    You raise a valid point about just how much protection an interior detailer leaves behind vs something like 303 protectant straight up. I usually just do a quick wipe down with the M37 detailer...
  21. Re: Looking for a good interior detailer and uv protection spray

    I've always been hesitant to pull the trigger on this because I was under the impression that it is just a cleaner and does not provide any UV protection.
  22. Thread: My GTI

    by SNP209

    Re: My GTI

    Nice GTI, love the stance! Any other mods? I see the 034 emblem...
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    Re: 1 year coating for Midwest winter salt?

    Harbor Freight has a light similar to scan grips. Google "Braun color match light", I wanna say its around $50?
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    Re: Your Best Reflection Shot
  25. Thread: 2018 GMC Sierra

    by SNP209

    Re: 2018 GMC Sierra

    Nice lookin truck, you got that blue to really pop. Nicely done.
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