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  1. Re: Clay before winter protection?

    Honestly, I would just put reload on it to keep it protected until spring unless you want to really invest some time in it now.

    If you want to clay the surface thats fine but I would polish the...
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    Forum activity

    I have noticed the activity has really slowed down from what I remember in years past. All aspects of the forum have declined from the amount of Show N Shines, Product reviews, etc. Even when these...
  3. Re: Speed Master Utility Cart Review

    Beautiful review Pat. Very well written.

    That cart looks top notch for sure. Looks well suited in your your garage. Plenty of space to house all you equipment needed for a detail while being easy...
  4. Re: The Post a Picture of Your Ride as it Sits Thread
  5. Re: Detailed: 2010 Roush 427R

    Thank you Meghan! What a difference in the outcome. The blue paint glows.

    I can not believe I didnt take any during pictures. I performed a test spot and then got into the zone and continued on. ...
  6. Re: Please forgive my absence!!!

    Beautiful country down there Aaryn!

    Glad to have you back.

    If I ever make it down there I will surely look you up!
  7. Re: Public Service Announcement!!! BEWARE!!!

    Watch out Florida! Crazy KIWI incoming! Lol

    Have fun Aaryn!
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    Re: Audi A6

    Beautiful work Scott! I always enjoy seeing the B pillars getting some love.

    Back in shape now
  9. Re: Detailed: 2010 Roush 427R

    Thank you :xyxthumbs:

    Thanks Scott! The blue really came to life. It should!

    Thank you Tony! Looks proper now eh?
  10. Detailed: 2010 Roush 427R

    This was brought to my attention from work. Previous owner of the car traded it in for a new truck a while back. Since then it has sat inside under a car cover and not really disturbed much other...
  11. Re: NEW FLEX XCE 3401 Corded and Cordless Polishers!

    First stop... PBMG.

  12. Re: Center cooling hole in foam pads

    On the short stroke DA machines such as the Griots, PC, etc its not really necessary.

    It becomes more of an issue with the long stroke machines. Yes you can run pads without the center hole on the...
  13. Re: slight "grittyness" on paint of just acquired '93 fleetwood

    Did you clay after washing and before polishing?
  14. Re: Product Review: Pinnacle Black Label Ceramic Trim Restorer

    Thank you Bobby! Very much so.

    Im thinking this as well. Very sturdy premium bottle.
  15. Re: Newb and new enthusiast detailer checking in from Nashville area.

    Welcome to AutoGeekOnline!

    You got started off on the right foot with Mike's book. Plenty of valuable information. You will soon find out that you dont own black, black owns you.
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    Re: Tree leaf damage

    First needs decontaminated. Start with a tar remover and then on to claying. After that perform a test spot with a polish and polishing pad and check your results.
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    Re: Bueller.....Bueller.....

    Nice work Gary. Looking good.
  18. Re: Happy Birthday Red Lehr!

    I messaged him on FB and wished a happy Birthday as well. He mentioned he has been working on a 64 Comet pro street.... Mentioned he hasn't picked up a polisher all summer. He's pretty close to me....
  19. Happy Birthday Red Lehr!

    Happy Birthday Red! Enjoy the day!
  20. Re: Offline a few days - hold down the Cyber Fort

    Holding down our fort Mike. Following along on the pictures you have been posting.

    See you back Monday
  21. Re: New Renegade Trailhawk - Sting Gray

    That looks great! Nicely done. What did you use on all the black plastic?

    I recently reviewed the new PBL Ceramic trim Coating.
    Product Review: Pinnacle Black Label Ceramic Trim Restorer
  22. Re: Pinnacle diamond paint coating

    How long has it been on the surface will determine what is used to remove it.

    BTW, Welcome to AutoGeekOnline!
  23. Re: Audi A8 as my first paint correction patient :)

    You didnt mention which pad was used with M205 on the finishing step... It it were a black or red pad that is too soft and will not allow M205 to remove the hazing from M105.

    Another thing, I...
  24. Re: Product Review: BlackFire Waterless Wash Updated Formula

    Thank you!

  25. Re: White or Orange Lake County Hybrid pad w/HD Polish

    Have you performed a test spot? I think you will be served pretty well with just a 1 step. HD polish on a white pad will be the starting point.
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