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    Re: What did you do today non-detailing related?

    Took the hounds out and went bear hunting this morning.
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    Re: Anyone here save soap/wash water?

    I have never even thought of this. I guess it’s not a bad idea if you want to be extra thrifty. The cost of an ounce of soap is so minimal. Even if you wash your vehicle say 3 times a week how...
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    Re: New - McKee’s 37 Krystal SiO2 Paste Wax

    I think that’s exactly what it is, a need to apply something. There truly is no need to apply wax over a coating at all.
    Why go to the time and expense of applying a ceramic coating, only to...
  4. Re: Can't get this gunk off steering wheel - Help!

    Once you wear the coating off leather it will never be the same. Without coating the lather absorbs everything and is very difficult to clean without being so aggressive that you make things worse. ...
  5. Re: Maintaining means doing something frequently - Touching the surface

    Great advice, as a well as a great analogy Mike!!!!!
  6. Re: Which approach to address Orange Peel?

    As far as sanding block. Same thing test out both and decide which one gives u the best results. I use a medium density block (when I use blocks) for pretty well every application.
  7. Re: Which approach to address Orange Peel?

    Do a test spot starting with the least aggressive grit you can and go down from there.

    That small test spot will 100% answer every question you have my friend.
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    Re: Touch up paint

    :iagree: :whs:
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    Re: Detailing Class Down Under!

    Incredible job man!! Well done. I’m glad it went well for you. That’s a pile of work on top of all the work you already have.
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    Re: Hydro Blue Health and Safety Question

    Wear a mask and gloves. I use a mask for every job. Spraying a fine mist of pretty well any product we use, or creating dust/particulate while polishing/buffing off puts particles in the air that...
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    Re: ONR 1st timer - speechless!

    Awesome!! Welcome to the club. I absolutely love ONR. For us mobile guys it’s a game changing product. You can wash a car (if not ridiculously dirty) in a quarter of the time for less than a tenth...
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    Re: Almost Bit Off More Than I Could Chew ...

    Happy Father’s Day!!! You rock man!!
  13. Re: anyone use the Autogeek Autospector (IOS)?

    Ya you have to fill out all the blanks. It’s sort of a pain but I just put in 123 for any ones I don’t need or want to fill out and it works just fine.
  14. Re: anyone use the Autogeek Autospector (IOS)?

    I actually use it daily and have for the last 4 months. Works great for me. Sure saves a lot of paper inspection reports that need to be organized and filed every day. I have not had one issue...
  15. Re: Proper procedure for detailing a car help

    You can literally do it it whatever order you like. Polish trim first or after paint doesn’t really matter. Depending on what products your using you could even do it all at once. No matter what...
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    Re: HELP! Can't get rid of haze

    Polishing with a compound and aggressive pads will haze a lot of vehicles I’ve found. I’ve never had an issue polishing the haze, or rotary holograms out with a good fine polish and foam polishing...
  17. Re: Glass Polishing Tip - Passenger Side First

    Great tip Mike!
  18. Re: Polishing Plexiglas to be as clear as glass using Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish

    You’re the man Mike! I’ve been looking for a way to clean up the plexiglass windows in my barn. I replaced all the glass with used plexiglass years ago because the cattle kept busting the windows...
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    Re: Hiring New Employees

    That’s another issue. I can pay pretty decent if the person was worth it. As far as paid vacations I doubt it.Lol.

    Paid stat holidays and such of course, that’s labour law here. As far as...
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    Re: Hiring New Employees

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer. Everything you said is exactly what I’m worried about. Lol.
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    Hiring New Employees

    Hey Guys. To be honest when I started my mobile business a year ago +/-, I never thought I would get to this point, but I’ve just got to the point in my business that I need to hire an employee or...
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    Re: Chemical Guys Leather Ruined my steering

    I believe most of us on this forum are beyond that. I use 2 CG products on a daily basis and that’s because they work well and they are cheap enough to be profitable. I have had no need to try any...
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    Re: Chemical Guys Leather Ruined my steering

    I use CG leather conditioner faithfully in my mobile business. I have used it on countless vehicles with every type of leather including aniline, and it has always performed beautifully. I can not...
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    Re: What are you listening to...?

    Positively 4th street blues.
    -Bob Dylan-
  25. Re: For those using coating saver applicators

    The foam core inside the applicator after you cut the microfibre outer layer off.
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