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    Re: Hello from the Motor City!

    Welcome to the forum and best of luck on the next venture. Expect to see and read your future posts!
  2. Re: Slight rust on very bottom of fender. Does this need a repaint? :(

    From these pictures, that 'rust' is surface rust on those sections without any paint left. It is easy to clean up but yes your best action plan is to get a quote on a repaint of those lower...
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    Re: Using D/A to Rotary Adapter

    Just a wild guess but you might be too much pressure on those pads with the long-throw DA. All of the machines designed for small intricate pads are light weight and speed is rather slow. So a...
  4. PE 150 - Cordless FLEX Rotary, start-up tip

    I wanted to pass along my 'learning' moment I experienced opening my new FLEX rotary!


    Unpack the unit from the larger FLEX box, this is a way to keep damages at a minimum in shipping...
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    Re: Post Your Unpacking Pictures

    Finally cutting the cord
    Unboxing after waiting for FLEX to ship these out!

    The PXE kit was nice way to have some...
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    Re: Filthy Ford F150

    All of this just shows up of a new type of organic coating, farm grime! ��

    Does not look factory fresh, but neither do we after working in the fields on long days. Such is the life of an...
  7. Re: My experience w BF Ceramic Pro Black Edition

    I recently was able to witness using this new BF coating and you waited a bit too long given your temp and humidity. The 5-minutes statement to sit was one extreme but can remove much earlier (less...
  8. Re: Now available - Dr. Beasley's Z1 Ceramic AIO Primer

    Okay, I called Dr. Beasley's main and spoke with Customer Support.

    NSP - 150, 95, or 45
    Complete your polishing steps as need and can coat immediately.

    Z1 (Similar to using CarPro Essence but...
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    Lightning Deals - Confused

    Autogeek and Forum Members

    I missed picking up some great deals these past few days in the 'Lightning' offers.

    Why? I do not want to buy an item and then pay for the shipping of a single...
  10. Re: Now available - Dr. Beasley's Z1 Ceramic AIO Primer

    If you are wanting to apply a coating over this then best answer is to call the Dr.Beasley's support number. I called them and they answered a similar question promptly. I looked on their website...
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    Re: Filthy Ford F150

    Hi Mike,
    I just have to comment on how long it has been that the truck has had a good bath, not that long I suspect. If a farm truck, then it could have been a week or just a few days of wet...
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    Re: Best Ceramic for Wheels

    As updated by AL D, I suspect you are on the best path with the coating over the clear coat on the wheels. I too use CarPro, but use the dedicated DLUX for trim and wheels. I have it running over...
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    Re: Dr Beasley NSP polishes.

    Sharing this before and after results of sanding a hard scratch and polishing out using 95. Used 2500-grit to quickly knock off hard edges of scratch
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    Re: Dr Beasley NSP polishes.

    First go to their website and it confirms these contain no oils!
    Nano Surface Primers

    I was working the "95" on the black Maserati and it was a touch different in the wipe-off than my Griot's or...
  15. Thread: Speed Typist

    by Thomkirby

    Re: Speed Typist

    You need to tell me more about what steps you did to the Eldorado! It is a beautiful road hog, made me remember all the years being driven around as a child by my Mom in her Cadillacs!
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    Dr Beasley NSP polishes.

    Luckily, after the class Dr. Beasley's was kind let the class take the partially used bottles home, thanks Jim L!

    Anyway I had a car to do for my cycling buddy's wife as they left town for a few...
  17. Re: LC Power Tools UDOS 5 in 1 Polisher - What's in the Box?

    The UDOS is really impressive with all capable modes, period. Heavy yes, but using it on flat panels it was not a problem. This was very smooth to operate but is a typical DA unit. Like all machines...
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    Re: Water Beading - How does this look to you?

    Great! They look to rise above surface rather than lay tight to surface yet still clump the water bead
  19. Re: Managed to burn headlight plastic a bit - but I didn't see that coming

    What pad were you using?
    Also SONAX does make a headlight restoration kit, or we can buy it in the USA vendors, assume you can too!

    Your polish is good choice but only as a final step to remove...
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    Re: Removing Oily spot from cloth seat?

    Try doing a search on Google for dealing with oil stains on clothing. Heat is not what you need to use if you want it out (from my readings). Here was a good read on various types of stains, I was...
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    Re: 2019 Porsche GT3RS

    Superb work once again! The pictures show the care you give each customer's vehicles.
  22. Re: The GLASSY look - Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Paint Coating - My F150 test

    I recently posted pictures of my 4-product testing I started on my F150.
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    Re: Pricing for interior detail

    If you want the work then give that a try, the $1000 price. Me, I would offer to do the truck cab as normal but call in the cleaning lady to do the living quarters. LOL

    See you at the 3-day...
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    Re: The Post a Picture of Your Ride as it Sits Thread

    Okay, testing out ceramic coating products on my truck. I applied four products on the drivers side this past Sunday and pulled it out of garage to take the photos. One of the 4-products is a Brand-X...
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    Re: September detail class?

    With a large class this September, what personal protection gear should we bring?

    Assuming mask and latex gloves?

    With a full class, I know it can be noisy, do you provide ear plugs?
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