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    Re: How many pads?: Discussion!!

    Maybe theoretically but..... I have used a ton of closed cell pads in my lifetime. They still become wet and less effective at the same rate as open called pads. Also closed cell pads wear out much...
  2. Re: I switched from Griots G9 to Flex 3401.. My thoughts..

    I use 6.5 inch hybrids a lot with the Beast. Love them.

    Here is one personal observation of the Beast.... after you get some time in with the machine, you learn to balance it. Obviously that time...
  3. Re: Okay, all pro's out me with a GOOD extractor - Mytee ??

    I have an older bigger one so I’m no help in that department.

    Whatever extractor you have, I highly suggest running distilled or filtered water thru it at the end of each and every day you use...
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    Re: Black fire sealant over BF one step?

    Yes it works great.

    Nice thing that I found about BF One Step is that its synergetic.... meaning any of their true LSP products work great with it. Im a huge fan of BF One Step with a layer of...
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    Re: Rupes 15 III vs. Gear Driven DAs

    I love the Flex cordless and use them as much as possible. No cords are amazing.

    That being said, I’m power hungry and sometimes their corded cousins just can’t be beat!
  6. Re: Review: Dr. Beasley's NSP Z1 - One Step Primer & Nanocoating with Ti02 & Si02 + Composite Engineered Abrasives

    This stuff looks amazing with some durability to boot!!

    Removing 5000 grit is pretty good in my books and I’m sure you can up the aggression with a different pad. Although bumping up from a white...
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    Re: Rupes 15 III vs. Gear Driven DAs

    A few of my thoughts here:

    First is the fact there are so many different brands and TYPES of buffers..... great for detailers. The best buffer is what you are comfortable with and works for YOU!!...
  8. Re: Right way of using wetsand to remove certain scratches?

    My suggestion: If you aren’t experienced at sanding, don’t do it ....especially on factory clear coat. You are better off living with some scratches that sanding thru clear coat.
  9. Re: Removing pine needles form carpeting in a reasonable timeframe

    Buff Brite Fur-eel Pet Hair Remover

    This works really good.

    You may need to get an adaptor direct from the company since AG doesn’t carry it. Think it’s called “the Fang”
  10. Re: A very big thank you to Mike Phillips for his gift!

    Very very very cool!!

    Mike has always been very generous......with his knowledge and also giveaways like this.

    Mike is a prime example of how great the detailing community is.
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    Re: One step recommendation for a newbie?

    Stick with an AIO product. I suggested Blackfire One Step. You can top with any of Blackfire’s protection protection products if you wish.

    It’s super easy to use and the results may have you...
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    Re: How To Use The Flex 3401

    To Add:

    From experience, if you are using an AIO properly, you should be using 6-8 ounces a vehicle depending on the size of the vehicle area. It is easy to keep track of how much I use since I...
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    Re: How To Use The Flex 3401

    Mike, at about 25:25 you discuss silly pea size drops in the how to buff you car out in one hour or less video.

    You already sent me some cool stuff recently so me need to do so. Just wanted to...
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    Re: New small polisher

    Spend the money and get a Flex PiXiE. Trust me.... one of the best tools out there.
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    Re: 3D Speed on 15 year old Camry

    Looks great!!! Speed is a great AIO. I usually like BF One Step but speed is equally as good.
  16. BUFFERS: If I had to do it all over again......

    After years of detailing, I have a collection of buffers that get heavy use thru dust collectors. I thought it would be fun to list my personal thoughts on machines I would purchase now and the order...
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    Re: Can you use a sealant with an all in one

    If I use an AIO and want to top it, I personally like to stay synergistic. Meaning I use the same brand wax or sealant as the AIO.

    For you, I would suggest Blackfire One step as your AIO. It can...
  18. Re: Review: P&S Play Maker All in One - 2016 Chevy Impala - Production Detailing

    Great turn around. Thanks for taking the time to post this review. I have been wondering how this product was since AG started carrying it.

    I must be honest here though.... I really think BF One...
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    Re: My bride is awesome!

    That is very cool. I always wanted a pinball machine.

    Very nice of your wife!!
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    Re: Car Interior Mold and Mildew Mitigation

    I just saw something similar this week. I have never seen this before.

    Had a rough time removing. I actually had to compound the inside glass to get rid of it. Was only on windshield tho. Tried...
  21. Re: Frustrated. Tons of swirl marks even after wet sanding, 105 and 205 with DA.

    Agreed with a rotary and wool pad. While you can(and I have proven) remove sanding marks with a foam pad, quality compound, DA and a foam pad, it just takes wayyyyyyyyy to long.
  22. Re: Top Turtle Wax Ice Spray Wax with Turtle Wax Seal & Shine

    Hybrid Solutions
  23. Thread: Mike is great

    by Dr Oldz

    Re: Mike is great

    Good to hear he got you up and running again!
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    Re: Happy Birthday Aaryn NZ!

    Happy Birthday!!!!!
  25. Re: Review: Cobra Forrest Green Edgeless Polishing MF

    12 packs on sale now for 14.99 plus 20% off of that. A buck a towel. Doesn’t get any better than that.

    Crazy good deal!
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