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  1. Re: Is this calcium buildup? If so, how do I remove it?

    Yep, Aluminum corrosion. The main reason I hate the Ford idea of making the F150 out of it. Here in upstate NY that was never a good idea. Yeah it wont rust but it will corrode and do the same exact...
  2. Re: Hyundai Veloster R-Spec Vs. Ford Fiesta ST

    Id have to pick the Veloster but Im a GM guy so I have to hate Ford. lol

    I do like that Veloster, Im not sure it compares fairly to the Fiesta I would think the Focus would be more in its class no?
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    Re: Scratches in plastic

    Those scratches look like they are too deep to polish out, I would also assume that the "paint" on that plastic is so thin you shouldnt use anything heavy at all. You can try some really light polish...
  4. Re: Garage upgrades diy floating shelves and wall mount detail station

    You have a bunch of stuff in that garage and it looks like you still have some good room. Nice looking shelves man
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    Re: Griots Garage

    I knew anyone who has been here for more than 5 days would know how great GG, McKees, and PBMG are. I hope this thread helps some newbies pick one of these companies over another option they may have...
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    Re: Griots Garage

    completely agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Griots Garage

    Griots Garage

    This isnt specifically about a product review as much as it is about the company and their customer service.

    Back in June I went to the Chevrolet Nationals in Carlisle PA for...
  8. Poll: Re: Meguiars D115 vs Ultima UWW+ (Internal / External / Clay-lube)

    Never tried D115 but I sure have used UWW+ and really enjoyed it. I havent replaced the bottle since running out but I did like it very much.
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    Re: 303 vs Hyper Dressing

    Love HD on my engines. I will have to give 303 a shot, never thought about it cause of the UV properties, I usually save it for pieces that are exposed to the sun.
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    Re: Meguiars Hyper Dressing

    I do the same, let the engine dry first then use the mist setting and hold it well above the engine so it rains down on it. The HD seems to spread it self out really well. Very few times do I wipe it...
  11. Re: Please create a Coating(s) directory as a standalone topic

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    Re: It's Ok To Admit You Suck Sometimes...

    I dont have 5 kids so I cant judge there lol!!! That looks like pretty much every minivan I have ever seen. Great work as usual man!!!!!
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    Re: Beautiful SL500 gets made gorgeous

    Love the SL500!!! That one is now very beautiful.
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    Re: Confused about Interior Detailing

    If you are going to maintain it well then a Quick Interior Detailer will be your best friend. If not you will at least need an APC diluted down (like 10:1 or even 12-15:1) to clean first.
  15. Re: Meguiars D163 diluted into a spray form????????????????

    LOL! Thanks Bob. Always a thorough answer from you. I wish I wrote it down cause I certainly didnt make it so it was just the consistency of being sprayable and it works AWESOME!!!! Im sure being a...
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    Re: The Flex 3401 is really a time saver...

    I love them also on my 3401. And they happen to be on sale rt now here also. $9 for a 6.5 pad isnt bad at all.
  17. Meguiars D163 diluted into a spray form????????????????

    HELP! I remember finding it somewhere before cause I mixed myself up a 32oz spray bottle of D163 a while ago. Now I cant find the ratio I used any where online! Someone here has to have a better...
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    Re: Quick, time saving engine dressing tip

    I too use HD at 4:1 on engines but have not tried to blow it dry after. I will have to give it a shot next time.
  19. Re: NEW FLEX XCE 3401 Corded and Cordless Polishers!

    Thanks Mike for taking your time to answer everyones questions!!! That is greatly appreciated by many I am sure.

    I wasnt so much thinking about an old backing plate fitting on a new machine, I was...
  20. Re: NEW FLEX XCE 3401 Corded and Cordless Polishers!

    Right, so will the backing plates between the old 3401 be compatible with the new ones?
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    Re: Which to use to prep for Gtechniq CSL?

    I wouldn't chose either, I would chose to go to Walmart and get some Ultimate Polish from Meguiars and use that. No need to take more clear off than absolutely necessary with the D300. You didnt...
  22. Re: Drying towels , 1-2 towels enough? And MF towel detergent question.

    Ill second the Towel Kleen

    I can dry a full sized(?) car such as a Dodge Charger with 2 of the 16x16 Griots drying towels.
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    Re: Lexus ES350 - Filth be gone!!

    I just did a 2007 Pearl White ES350 with a cream interior. The thing I liked most about this vehicle is that it has REAL CARPET!!! What a pleasure it was using a vacuum and things actually coming out...
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    Re: Which APC to Buy

    Im not sure any of them would be too great on glass. Not my first or even 4th choice for glass at least NOR a Nav screen for sure
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    Re: OMG The OPUS foaming sprayer!!!

    I still giggle like a school girl reading it!!! ha ha ha. I like the "hangs out" part.
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