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  1. Re: Autogeek Weekend MEGA SAVINGS! 20% OFF + $6.95 Flat Rate Shipping

    THANK YOU Tommy for all your Time and Help over the phone Saturday and Monday!!!!! My order also shipped via FedEx (w/o request), Yes!
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    Re: Updated FLEX XFE7 -15 aka The Finisher!

    Mike, Do I see a 5 1/2" pad??? 5" Backing Plate?? If so YES!!!!!!! :buffing:
  3. Re: The 12 Days of Elf on the Shelf and Gift Certificate Page

    Same here!! And had more minutes left? Elf changed early????
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    Re: Free Klasse AIO / Sealant

    That is very kind of you Custmsprty! You can't beat the detailing community kindness and generosity. Someone will be very happy with that duo.
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    Re: Grit Guard Washboard

    I'd also order.
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    Re: Buff and Shine 5.5 Inch White Pad

    Thank You Dakota I'm glad this thread was started. I've been for a couple weeks going back and forth between the B&S site and PBMG sites trying to figure out myself. There should be an option for the...
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    Re: Autogeek's Roadshow Class Schedule - 2016

    Thanks Mike, Like the idea of posting a schedule. Subscribed to thread.
  8. Re: FLEX in the house! FLEX Free Spinning 15mm XFE 7-15 150

    Would like to know also about BP option, Also, is there an HD version????
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    Re: Where do you guys put your stickers?

    Eldorado2k - Thanks for the info on the Megs. sticker. Everyone over at Megs are Really Nice and Helpful. I have been looking forward to going to open garage for a while now, have to get my...
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    Re: Where do you guys put your stickers?

    WOW! You toss them, please send them my way. I treat them like gold (I am always paying for and adding some to every other order it seems)I know I could use a sharpie for all of the description, but...
  11. Sticky: Re: Official Autogeek 11th Annual Detail Fest LIVE Feed thread

    Can't wait! Thank You. On west coast, wish I could be there, I know it is going to be GREAT! Will be the first time trying to watch live. Hope I can figure and configure mobile devices before it all...
  12. Re: Collinite Wax Visits Autogeek & Autographs Some Wax To Give Away!

    Ding, Ding, Ding. So when Dave wins he can send his Daughter in North Dakota (what a perfect place for the product to be used) some of what he has left in his collection. Talk about a Win Win...
  13. Re: 2015 RAV 4 Polished with McKee's 37 & Coated with Crystal Serum Light & EXO

    Frank, Very Nice Work!!!! Your pics show how much passion and attention to detail you have, Thank you for sharing. Looks like I will be purchasing Cquartz Dlux coating in the near future, really like...
  14. Re: Mystery Box is BACK and BETTER Than Ever! (Now with 3 Boxes!)

    Thanks wing commander, now I know I'm not the only one, and won't think my computer is doing something crazy. During x-mas I had no problem buying them, thought it was neat they brought them back.
  15. Re: Mystery Box is BACK and BETTER Than Ever! (Now with 3 Boxes!)

    Have been Trying to add and check out and order mystery boxes and I am getting msg. 1aumyboxfcor ($100.00), or any others, could not be added. I now I am on west coast so makes it harder to get...
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    Re: LIVE video feed of Detail Fest!

    Heck yeah!
  17. Re: Pictures from February 13th, 2016 Cars & Coffee

    Really Nice!! Thanks for posting all the info and pics.
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    Re: Merry Christmas!!

    A Very Merry Christmas to all!!!!
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