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  1. IGL Window - Glass Coating Application Help

    I had my first experience with applying the IGL Window to my truck. While in bright sunlight the results looked perfect as the glass was clear. 36-hours later while in low light and high humidity I...
  2. Re: Pictures - Allentown, Pennsylvania Roadshow Car Detailing Class

    I think I see another former student, good turnout!

  3. Re: Audi A8 as my first paint correction patient :)

    Looked at the first video and the photo. Marks do not move, you light moves and reflections move but not the paint.

    Your clear coat is less than the thickness of a stick-it note, that reading you...
  4. Re: Window care - sealant/wax? Stone chip repair?

    I just replaced the windshield this past weekend and asked the same about some minor rock chips on my other vehicle. Installer suggested to try filling them with resin and then let them cure. Once...
  5. Re: Audi A8 as my first paint correction patient :)

    Those do not look to be halograms, but you might have overheated with too much pressure or dirty pads. Never do any wet sanding on factory paint is my suggestion for most general purposes. You can...
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    Re: Did I wet sand through my clear coat?

    I agree with PaulMys observation. You use 3000 grit to slightly haze the surface and most of the time that is only the clear coat. You must have a section that is not original paint or you kept...
  7. Re: Video: Cleaning my car in real time (ASMR)

    Thanks for doing the video, I started watching and then stopped it. I had to go out and do my ONR wash on the wife's car! I was wondering what happened to the sound.
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    Re: Something better than aquapel?

    I have used Aquapel on my Lexus windshield and rear glass. Never a problem in the application except in theory it only does a single windshield and must wear protection to your hands. From that...
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    Re: What's the last form of exercise you've done?

    Finally did my annual bike ride (36-miles) in support of American Diabetes Association and raised $400 thanks to my supporters....
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    Re: Microfiber Hot Wash Ok / Safe ???

    It depends upon your setting on the hot water tanks. Per The Rag Company and other MF-companies anything over 140-degrees will hurt the fibers (some say 160-melts the finer strands). So yes you can...
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    Re: What's on the glass?

    Looks like smoker's film on the glass
    From this article
    How to remove Smokers Film off inside of windshield - Review: BLACKFIRE Glass Cleaner

  12. Re: Review: Griot's G9 Random Orbital Polisher by Mike Phillips

    Thanks Mike that answered my questions, yes we all like or truly love power in our tools. It will not replace the new Cordless Beast on my want list but this one is going to be coming into my toy...
  13. Re: P&S brake buster: will remove wax/coat/dressing on wheels?

    I use Brake Buster on my ceramic coated wheels but I am running it diluted either 3:1 or 5:1 the past few months. If you keep your wheels cleaned at least once a month and NOT a German brand the BB...
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    Re: They’re back! Love Bugs!

    I was wondering about this topic, the Love-Bug hatch. I am in Houston, TX and was washing cars this weekend and they kept landing on the cars. Guess time to order some of that Bug Blocker as will...
  15. Re: Review - CarPro Skin PPF & Vinyl Wrap Coating

    I finally have some time to open my bottle of SKIN and try in on my PPF. Does anyone use the Essense polish on a soft pad to the PPF prior to applying SKIN? I have already did chemical...
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    Re: Is this a clear coat failure?

    If you want to keep it simple, Mike's suggestion using the Optimum wax is solid advise.

    If you want to try something else I would give Optimum's newest product a try!

    Optimum Clear Coat...
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    Re: Best topper for CQuartz3.0?

    Wow, that is a lot of steps to perform just to add something back on a very good coating product. Almost think that is a solid reason why most daily drivers are better off with simple spray sealants...
  18. Re: Blackfire Pro Detailers Choice Mat Cleaner and Protectant Review

    Thanks for the post, I think this was in the interior detailing kit offer I received in an email this weekend. Looks like it works well, just wished something would make those scuffed marks...
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    Re: Happy Birthday Nick McKees37.

    Belated Birthday Wishes Nick!

    Keep the McKee's line moving another 30+ years
  20. Re: Class Schedule for 2019 - 3 Day Classes at Autogeek

    I can say yes as a former student to your question. Mike covers so much in these classes, it really is an A-to-Z hands on experience.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Re: Which Montana boar brush

    Instead of the brush concept you might like this from Griots Garage, I use it all the time on my F150 with sunroof. Plus great to hit the windshield and glass as I walk around the truck.
    Wash Mop...
  22. Re: Help match my pads to my polishes for new GG 6''

    BSoares is correct and great advice. If you are only using one pad you will be stopping often and cleaning it out. Think of doing a panel and then cleaning out the pad. Repeat for each panel...
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    Re: Introducing Autogeek Reward Miles

    Some of you have been buying for so many years that they must have been before computer records.

    Thanks Megan, at least it is a start and I look forward to the new incentive. But not at the...
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    Re: Interior - mouse in vehicle. Help!

    Stop feeding the rodents in the car, set out a trap outside the vehicle so they have no more need to steal from the kids' area. LOL

    I truly understand your frustration with rodents but thankfully...
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    Re: What do for this scratch on new truck??

    I agree with Rsurfer on best method and this will take time and patience. I have done this many times on my older Camry with the same type of OEM paint. Do not use that brush from the device, it...
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