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    Re: Eldorado2K, checking on you...?

    I'm glad to see you are ok and up getting around,,,I wish you a speedy recovery and good vibes towards finding a new ride
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    Re: Turtle Wax Seal and Shine

    And to think I've just been ignoring it because it says Turtle Wax on the bottle,,,I have a couple of other off the shelf at Walmart products I use so why not another :D
  3. Re: The COMET Technique by Mike Phillips - 1965 Cadillac - Original Single Stage Paint - Slam job by Mike Phillips

    In the early 90's I did a lot of cars this way that were destined for the auction house,,a quick Comet job and then a quick polish and ship it,,color didn't matter but speed did ,,most of these cars...
  4. Re: Harbor Freight DA polisher N/A. Alternatives?

    I like the idea of upgrading your own DA and giving her your old one,,I have a HF DA also and it has become a good go to polisher for light work I want to do and nor grab my rotary or long throw
  5. Re: Crane Polishing with BLACKFIRE One Step

    There is a local crane company here that has a few cranes this size and some smaller and some bigger.
    They are always absolutely flawless all the time as well as all of their trucks,,,at least the...
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    Re: Back from the Bodyshop (swirls)

    It's not just the east coast but everywhere,,,The insurance companies have absolutely ruined the Autobody repair industry and nobody wants to work in a dirty low paying pressure ridden industry,,,or...
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    Re: Happy Birthday PaulMys!

    Happy Birthday Paul Mys,,,,hope you had a good one! :bestwishes:
  8. Re: Dealership Work - 2019 Ford Raptor - Holograms

    insane,,,it only takes a little bit longer to proper 2 step even with a rotary,,some dealers just don't care.,,,actually most,just as long as the vehicle starts busting bugs on the highway,,it's...
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    Re: Dealer washes

    My SIL quit having her vehicle serviced at our dealership because we don't give washes to service vehicles unless we do a motor swap or some other large repair and get it dirty,,we also only do our...
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    Re: Top Coat F11??

    F11 is a miracle from the gods,,,,it can make scratches disappear forever,repels bird poop from a 1,000 yards away and will even get you a date no matter how ugly you are.
    F11,,,it works everytime...
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    Re: Dealer washes

    I try to maintain a strong role in preventing this kind of stuff in my wash area at work,,for the most part I have them only using the brush on roofs and across windshields and areas they cannot...
  12. Re: Bodyshop sanding technique when using clay mitts to decontaminate paint during the washing step

    I once wet sanded an entire 38 Chevy using a a similar technique,,for some reason the clear wouldn't lay smooth on it.,,,this of course was after I spent 3 or 4 days sanding the primer coats by...
  13. Re: Wait, WHAT? What do you NOT like about your polisher??

    when my Makita cord took a dump I bought a good quality 16 gauge (I think,been a long time) extension cord and wired that in instead of a replacement cord.
    It worked great for a long time until one...
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    Re: What did you do today non-detailing related?

    so do you eat those or use them for removing the paint off of your car??,,,,lol,,that'll make damn hot chili or salsa
  15. Re: Bumped black satin trim with DA polisher, now glossy. How to fix?

    I have done this as well,,not being to familiar with Mustang trim is that metal or rubber?

    either way I usually use a wax and grease remover,window,or rubbing alcohol dilluted with water

    if it...
  16. Re: Single Stage Black Paint on Vintage Race Car.

    Great Video,,,that looks like a ton of fun and the engine sounds great and like Mike said I couldn't imagine shifting with my left,even being left handed it just feels weird,,I have driven a few RH...
  17. Re: Single Stage Black Paint on Vintage Race Car.

    thats a super cool car,do you guys actually race them and push them hard,,,if you do don't you worry about wrecking?

    ,I did a 53 MG TD for a friend of my dads a couple years ago,,I turned out ok...
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    Re: Protecting your car during servicing?

    tell your service advisor to pass a long the "keep my car clean of paw prints info" but if it fails maybe have a waterless wash and some good clean MF towels to clean it up proper
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    Re: Brand New 2019 GMC Sierra AT4

    nice truck,,our dealership just sold one identical,,I had just enough time to slip a quick coat of wax on it (Megs Gold Class) before the customer picked it up,,it looked good but not nearly as good...
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    Re: what's your weather currently like?

    last time I posted on this thread it was bitter cold and snowing.......nothings changed :(
    ,,,I'm ready for spring
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    Re: New Guy From Michigan

    Welcome to the Forum Eric,,I'm over on the west side near Silver Lake,,,you'll enjoy it here,,a ton of good people and good advice.
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    Re: Newbie single stage paint restoration

    What a great thread and a great car!,,,I love everything,,the car,the motor swap and most of all the great write up.

    I think sometimes a restored original or original type of paint beats a show...
  23. Re: Pro Detailers that started later in their careers

    I have detailing since I was 18 or so,,,I'll be 47 this year.

    Detailing can be tough on your body,especially your neck and shoulders,,or at least mine,but I'm in pretty decent shape otherwise and...
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    Re: Show us your pet.

    beautiful poochies,,,I love that serious look even though it's all for show,,,mostly
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    Re: what's your weather currently like?

    it sucks,,we are stuck in a bitter cold,snowstorm,warm up and melt and repeat pattern the last couple of months,,,due for for a blizzard tonight to conclude our rain and meltdown from yesterday

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