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  1. Re: Audi A8 as my first paint correction patient :)

    This may be way off, but it kind of looks almost like you didn't get all of the product off. Did you do a dedicated panel wipe after you polished?
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    Re: Black Friday Sale and Metro Vac

    Just buyvthe gift cards
  3. Re: one-step M105 polish with the new Griots G9. Fusion Sport

    My brother snd dad have Fusion Sports. Do have any go fast goodies? I think tune only puts those in the 12s
  4. Re: Finding a professional detailing shop

    Where are you located?
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    Re: carnauba wax / cleaner spray polsih?

    Last week i went to my local Ford dealer, and started telling everyone there that the Camaro was a much better choice than the Mustang. The dealer was nice enough to get me a table and chairs for the...
  6. Re: Looking for Paint Scratch Correction - Denver/NoCo area

    You have a PM
  7. Re: My First Detail Job Other than my own cars! ( Long Post)

    Great turn around. And great story.

    I loved the 2 day class i took with Mike in Denver a few weeks ago. But you point out what is very typical in the car show/cruise night/cars and coffee scene....
  8. Re: Pictures: New FLEX PXE by Mike Phillips

    It looks just a bit smaller than the GG 3"......
  9. Re: Pictures: New FLEX PXE by Mike Phillips

    Andy chance to see a side by side with the ibrid nano?
  10. Re: Griot's Garage G9 Random Orbital Polisher - What's in the Box?

    Thank you for the details Mike. Let me ask a dumb question... Most tool manufacturers know that for 15mm and smaller throw machines, we prefer the 5'' pads. The Boss 15 comes with a 5'' backing...
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    Re: Griots New G9 Polisher

    Hey. A much better deal than Ford gave to 2010 Mustang GT buyers when the 2011 base V6 had only 5 less horsepower... i think it's a great gesture.
  12. Re: Struggling with Product Selection After Ceramic Coating

    Just top it with BeadMaker. It is cheaper and just as glossy
  13. Re: Thoughts and ideas required for upcoming car show

    How much time do you have? How is the paint?
  14. Re: How does my product list and order look for detailing my car?

    If this is a daily driver, Blackfire One Step will get you amazing results, and eliminate 3 products and steps. If you want added protection, add BeadMaker. There is a thread about long term...
  15. Re: Renny Doyle Beadmaker Revisited - 2month Standalone Review

    I wonder how Beadmaker would react to being worked into the psint with a DA and a finishing pad....
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    Re: Diving in! Shopping list critique.

    I have used all mentioned. I het mediocre results with HD products co.pared to the other 3. Plus HD stains your pads. Its not necessary to make a product that stains
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    Re: Diving in! Shopping list critique.

    Or Sonax compound/04/06 polish
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    Re: Diving in! Shopping list critique.

    Swap out the Porter Cable with the Griot's 6" DA plus 5" backing plate. Get rid of the HD speed. No need for an all in one if coating. Also ditch the polish. Go with Gyeon compound/ polish or CarPro...
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    Re: What did you do today, in regards to detailing?

    I mixed in some Shine Supply Flat Top with my Blackfire One Step to get better cut. It was successful on a LC one step Microfiber Pad. That is what I did today detailing related. Oh and I smelled my...
  20. Re: The Graphic Equalizer Analogy to Polishing Paint

    Mike, I love the analogy. And in your class last weekend, I appreciated the fact that you teach each system as designed. I think of that as "Factory Settings" At the end of the second day, I fell in...
  21. Re: Pictures: Colorado Roadshow Class- Denver Auto Shield

    Hey Michael. It was really great to meet you. Glad you made it here. I still feel guilty that Michelle did the towels :)
  22. Re: Turtle Wax ICE Seal N Shine - after or before?

    I'm being sarcastic. Forum rules ask that you discuss product sold by AutoGeek.
  23. Re: Turtle Wax ICE Seal N Shine - after or before?

    Maybe log on to the Turtle Wax Ice forum and ask there.
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    Re: The New BEAST????

    We got a chance to use the new Beast at the Denver Roadshow class, and yes, it is what all of your Flex dreams are made off. :)
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    Re: One-Step Polish/Wax

    BlackFire One Step. I have used it on a black and white car. On the softer black paint it was awesome with LC blue light cutting pads. On white Kia, it cut and finished very well with HD purple...
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