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    Re: New Guy out of St. Louis

    I used to think that. Then Hi Pointe opened...
  2. Re: Recommend Paint Finishes for Daily Driver Off-roaded Trucks/Vehicles

    You're not going to get anything good enough to make it look show quality if you're wheeling it.

    I've resigned to polishing my truck in the spring, after hunting season, then putting a good...
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    Re: New Guy out of St. Louis

    Greetings from St. Peters. There are a few from the area on here.
  4. DP Interior Surface Cleaner and Protectant

    Had some nice weather and a little time to wash the truck. I decided to pick up the new DP Interior cleaner/protectant combo. I'll do a quick review of both.

    The inside of my F150 is filthy...
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    Re: Need Some Advice on Claying

    I've never used a mitt. I have one for the next time I do my truck (hopefully next week).

    1) Personal preference. Mitt with a high-lube wash seems to be a good alternative to clay.
    2) Any...
  6. Re: Looking for AIO recco for fiberglass travel trailer

    Can blackfire be worked in sunlight?

    Here's my AIO experience. Product is no longer sold here, but I was happy. Now for something different (Travel Trailer Detail)
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    Re: BF Paint Sealant suggestion you AG

    The big bottle is why I haven't tried it. I only do 4-5 cars a year and a 16oz bottle is usually more than enough.
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    Re: Rubber trim around windows

    The best thing I've found for black streaks is simply to not let them get started. Get some sort of protection on the rest of the surfaces that allows the streaks to be wiped off.

    I didn't even...
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    Re: How Much Polish and Sealant Do I Need?

    I can easily get 2-3 vehicles worth out of a smaller bottle of McKees 360 and that's full size trucks and SUVs. The 32oz blackfire should be good for quite a few applications to your truck.

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    Re: Solutions for odors that won’t leave

    I've started using Ozone from a generator I use on my hunting clothes. It's good enough to take the poopy diaper smell out of my son's room.

    One caution: I understand that it can degrade...
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    Re: Craftsman plant in texas

    Unfortunately the "globally sourced" part is par for the course now. Additionally, these plants are mostly in right to work states and rural areas where they can pay significantly less. Still...
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    Re: Need Some Help with the Waxing Process

    And for a large truck, I wouldn't mess with an actual wax unless you really like spending time waxing. I'd go with one of the better All-In-Ones like Blackfire or HD speed so you can knock it out in...
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    Re: Touchless water wax removal

    The stuff that's coming out of the nozzles there is equivalent to spray wax, if even that. It's usually gone after the first hard rain. I wouldn't worry about it.
  14. Re: Griot's Garage G15/G21 Long-Throw Orbital Polisher *Ground-Up Redesign*

    I'll gladly pay more for something made in America. If I can't, I'll try to find it made in a European country when possible.

    Problem is, there isn't a level playing field. China doesn't have...
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    Re: Silly question- the roof?

    I don't get as intense with correction on the roof of my truck or SUV, but they get clay, and some sort of protection just like the rest of the vehicle.
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    Re: Had a visitor to the garage today

    This is why I live where the air hurts my face.
  17. Replies

    Re: Polishing in sub 50F ambient?

    There's frost on my roof when I started this one and I don't think I took my fleece off for...
  18. Re: Pre-Production UDOS Polisher from LC Power Tools - First Look Pictures

    Looks like a very well thought out machine. I like the idea of having all of those tools in one machine but I can't help but wonder if it's sort of like a futon. It's ok at all, but not great at...
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    Re: Polishing in sub 50F ambient?

    I wouldn't bother with the heat gun. You may cause more harm than good. As for the cooler weather, your product won't dust as quickly.
  20. Re: Now for something different (Travel Trailer Detail)

    In many ways, I found it easier than cars. Yeah, it's a lot of square footage but it's flat and you can work pretty big sections so it went quick. I broke it into two days because it gave me...
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    Re: What product would you use on my new RV?

    Hey fly, I just did my travel trailer and posted on the "show and shine" thread. I used white CCS pads with McKee's RV AIO (no longer sold on AG). I've had the trailer 1 year and it sits outside. ...
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    Re: How much work is it worth?

    From someone that is strictly a hobbyist, and has daily drivers that don't get pampered I don't think you can go wrong with an All in one. They're simple, straight forward, provide decent...
  23. Re: Now for something different (Travel Trailer Detail)

    Also, I appreciate the kind words from the guy running the show, and the guy that makes me jealous of his work on a regular basis.
  24. Re: Now for something different (Travel Trailer Detail)

    I agree. My uncle has a beautiful 72 Monte Carlo I've been trying to talk him into doing.

    As for the PC, it does what I need it to do and I'm happy with it. I'd love an upgrade, and to switch...
  25. Re: Recommendations on polishing products to start with?

    Keep it simple. Pick a line, and stick with it for now. All-In-one's (AIO) are I think a great place to start. They are basically a mix of polish and sealant. You're going to get some correction...
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