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  1. Re: Blackfire One Step and Hybrid Wax or Pinnacle Polish and Liquid Souveran

    I've been using Pinnacle Liquid Souveran and Paintwork Cleansing Lotion since my vehicles were new. If you're going to use Advanced Finishing Polish I don't think the Cleansing Lotion step is...
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    Re: Topper for Liquid Souveran

    I've been using Liquid Souveran for several years on multiple vehicles and use Pinnacle Souveran Spray Wax as a topper to extend the performance and have been getting 5+ months of protection on daily...
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    Re: Mc Kess anti frost washer fluid.

    I used the McKee's Anti-Frost and mixed it with SONAX Clear View Windshield Wash Concentrate and made up two gallons of washer fluid a few years ago. It works great and doesn't freeze up during the...
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    Re: What the heck did the dealer spray on my car

    On the glass you can use a razor blade. I've had to do that before to remove clear coat over spray. I would suggest going back to the dealer and showing them the damage and file a claim.
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    Re: How to maintain my new detail ?

    I use Pinnacle Liquid Souveran Wax as well and use their spray wax as a drying aid after each wash to extend the life of the LSP.
  6. Re: Do I need sealant on top of Liquid Souveran?

    I have been using Pinnacle Liquid Souveran as my LSP of choice for several years now. Even on my wife's Durango that is outside 24/7 I'm getting good protection for 4 to 5 months. You can stretch...
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    Re: Spray Detailer Pinnacle Liquid Spray Wax

    I frequently have used Pinnacle Liquid Spray Wax as a drying aid after blowing off my vehicles, or for additional protection over Liquid Souveran wax. It helps extend the protection and keeps my...
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    Re: Mask Tires B4 Spray Coating Wheels ?

    I've been using Hydro Blue Sio2 spray on my wheels and have found no need to mask the tires. I apply about every month or so. My tires are coated with McKee's Tire Coating.
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    Re: Pinnacle Sio2 Spray

    I've been getting a good performance out of this product. I just clayed and coated the Durango in early June and it's holding up very well. Other that using Pinnacle Spray wax or Duragloss Aqua Wax...
  10. Re: Duragloss RW w/Aquawax vs Clean & Shine w/aquawax

    I've been using Duragloss Aquawax #952 as a drying aid and it works well with no streaks even when used in moderate sun. I've not tried the RW w/AW but have read reviews on the forum where it's...
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    Re: Removing tire coatings?

    The McKee's 37 Tire Coating is acrylic based. When I recently stripped down the tires on my wife's Durango I used McKee's APC diluted 4:1 and power scrubbed with a drill and brush as you did. I used...
  12. Re: Sponge or cloth app. pad when applying int. dressing

    I like using these microfiber applicator pad for vinyl, rubber, and leather conditioner.

    Microfiber Pads
  13. Re: I will be trying Wolfgang "Vinyl & Rubber Protectant" for 1st time.

    Wolfgang Vinyl and Rubber Protectant does not leave a sticky or oily finish. If you apply heavy with a microfiber applicator it will dry to a slight sheen. If you don't like the sheen you can go over...
  14. Re: Mckees Tire Coating: Thoughts and compare with Gloss Tire Gel

    I use the Mother's Wheel and Tire Brush Kit and a Speed Master Wheel Brush with my regular wash soap for maintenance cleaning of wheels and tires. When I plan on coating the wheels with McKee's 37...
  15. Re: Mckees Tire Coating: Thoughts and compare with Gloss Tire Gel

    I just stripped off the tire coating on my 2015 Durango today. I power scrubbed the tires with McKee's 37 APC diluted 4:1 followed by power scrubbing again with the Tire & Rubber Rejuvenator. These...
  16. Re: Mckees Tire Coating: Thoughts and compare with Gloss Tire Gel

    I had the same thing happen on my truck that had been treated for a year fairly regularly with Hot Shine the first time I tried McKee's Tire Coating. I had to use a strong APC full strength on the...
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    Re: need help with pf22 hookup

    I just purchased the MTM Hydro PF22 Foam Cannon with the spray gun and fittings. It says on Amazon that the Greenworks is the same as my Troy-Bilt and uses the 3/8” Brass M22 at the gun inlet. If...
  18. Re: Best bang for the buck trim restorer available?

    If the trim is faded and in need of restoration Solution Finish does a great job of restoring the color. Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant does a good job on just about any type trim and will not wash...
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    Re: Current Favorite Soap/Shampoo

    Have you tried Optimum Car Wash in a Foam Gun or Foam Cannon? I'm looking for a less expensive alternative to Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo since I started using both the foam gun and cannon regularly.
  20. Re: Cleaning Chocolate Milk from Perforated Leather Seats

    I would try a solution of diluted APC in the steamer. Again, test the APC solution on an area of the leather that won't show. If it's too aggressive it may pull color out of the leather or remove the...
  21. Re: Cleaning Chocolate Milk from Perforated Leather Seats

    You might want to try a diluted APC, but first test in an inconspicuous spot to make sure it doesn't damage the leather or pull up the seat color. There are multiple leather cleaners available you...
  22. Re: List your wax's / sealants what you like and don't like.

    My current wax is Pinnacle Liquid Souveran. I use Pinnacle Liquid Spray Wax as a drying aid after every wash and get 4-5 months protection. I just started trying DG Aquawax as a drying aid on one of...
  23. Thread: Large Purchases

    by vincec

    Re: Large Purchases

    You need a have a state and possibly a local business license, depending on where you live, and be a S Corp, LLC, or Sole Proprietorship. You need to establish a formal business entity and carry any...
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    Re: Can I remove curb scuffs from tires

    I would hit the tire with a stiff brush and APC or McKees 37 Tire Rejuvenator and then dress the tire with your choice of tire dressing or coating. I've had scuffs like that before on tires and this...
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    Re: Question on tires air pressure gauge

    I use an Accutire MS-4021B Tire Pressure Gauge to check pressure and as others have stated, the outside temperature has a direct effect on the TPMS readings and the tire pressure in general. I have...
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