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    Re: What would cause this?

    Looks like someone has tried to correct scuff marks with something that was more aggressive in the first step than what they used to clean up that was not effective enough. Maybe someone have seen an...
  2. Re: Please help Identify staining/clear coat failure!

    If the plastic trim or and rubber seal above the stain. Is oxidized or maybe a residue from some kind of product. It looks almost like it's follow the bodyline from the run off from that part. And if...
  3. Re: 2016 Mustang GT - aka "Ms PURRRDY", get's the Business

    Awesome work and write up and pictures and a nice start up video!
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    Re: Sealant comparison

    If you experience a slow down on the beading it can be the DG car soap 901. It claims to have glossenhancer as I understand the description of it. And it also seems to have something in it that makes...
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    Re: 2019 Shelby GT350

    Awesome work Scott!

    Cool story with the stripes. And man that was a lot of iron particals and industrial fallout on a new car! Must have been sitting near or transported by train. Now the...
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    Re: Car washing mistakes

    Back in 2001 I bought me my first nice car. It was beater cars before that. Was an Audi S4 92' with the 5-cyl turbo engine in it. A dark blue color and was a very nice color. The condition of the...
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    Re: ‘95 Dodge Viper Kiwi Style.

    Just WOW Aaryn! Awesome work and write up and pictures as always. And what a beauty and cool car!

    / Tony
  8. Thread: New here!

    by SWETM

    Re: New here!

    Welcome to the forum!

    If you get rain just after the detail you could do a waterless wash or rinseless wash. And if don't have been to dirty you could just use the QD to do a wipe down with it....
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    Re: What do you use for a Detail Prep Wash?

    Interesting Mike with the BF Glass Cleaner as a prep wash.

    I saw an article when Renny Doyle was visiting Norway. He used a synthetic clay block and Sonax Glass Cleaner as clay lube for extra...
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    Re: Clay mitt cleaning

    Blackfire has released a clay mitt cleaner. To be safe on if it's not to harsh of a cleaner that will ruin the synthetic clay. I would give this a shot.

    BLACKFIRE Synthetic Clay Mitt Cleaner
  11. Thread: Bird poop

    by SWETM

    Re: Bird poop

    Have you tried a glass polish or claying?
  12. Re: Bucket List Buff - 1968 Shelby Mustang GT350 - Original Paint by Mike Phillips

    Awesome Mike!

    Will be fun to follow your work on these beutieful cars!

    I was at a car show a couple of weeks ago in my hometown. It's called Nostalgia Festival and is a magazine behind it...
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    Re: The Best Product Ever!?

    Carpro Reset car soap as it's gives you lubrication and the cleaning ability is top notch.

    Bilt Hamber Auto-Foam. No other prewash comes near this in cleaning ability. I often wondering if after...
  14. Re: Remove Orange Peel - Wetsanding by hand and machine - Time Lapse Video

    Awesome Mike!

    And no one is near of charing the information you put out. On the domestic webshops I can see some of them are putting out guides in videos. The quality has variations of both ends...
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    Re: Turtle Wax Seal and Shine

    Do you have the newest version of Cosmic Spritz? Where they added to it with whatever makes it to bond harder with the Invicible Primer or Invicible Primer Spritz. It's very new IIRC and may have...
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    Re: Deep etching in new silverado

    Could you try to get a picture of it in close up?

    Has it gone in the clearcoat or is it like it's over it?

    If it has etched so you feel the it's gone through some of the clearcoat. It's going...
  17. Re: Sonax BSD Application - Why is it so difficult?

    How often do you use the BSD?

    If you like to spray it on the paint I would get a Flairosol fine mist spray bottle the one that builds up a pressure in it. This you get a even and less product...
  18. Re: Mother's CMX/ Meg's hybrid ceramic wax VS. bottled sealants

    I would ask what are after to get from your LSP?

    Is it most bang for the buck or the looks from it or a high protection or longevity or rate your top to down importance from these or any other...
  19. Re: What products to use with no-rinse wash, and spray on protection that lasts at least a month.

    Wolfgang über SiO2 Waterless Wash would be a choice in this I think. If you just are going to be useing 1 product. And if you use a spray on wipe off product after the wash you have a lot of options...
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    Re: Meguiar's D120 turning brown

    Do the bottle and the gallon jug have sunlight on them where you store them during some time of the day? It's a common reaction to some dyes to change colors if it's gets exposed to sunlight. Even if...
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    Re: Turtle Wax Seal and Shine

    We got some more rain today. And when I looked into this thread I remembered that I was going to take some beading pictures LOL. It has just cleared up from the rain this evening in Sweden.
  22. Re: I Bought The Dirtiest Car On Facebook Marketplace And Made It My B.....

    Awesome save and a great video!

    / Tony
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    Re: 1967 Morgan Plus 4

    Awesome work on a beutieful car!

    / Tony
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    Re: What did you do today, in regards to detailing?

    They used to send a syringe with it before. To easly get it out and the right amount. Could be a thing to get. It's amazing to wash the classic cars if you useing bucket wash. As you often have some...
  25. Re: KILLER CAR WASH - Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Coating Wash

    Carpro Hydrofoam and Gyeon Bathe + would fit this range maybe also. Hope you get Sonax Wash and Seal soon as it's a combo with the Sonax Spray and Seal or synergy. Have not used the Sonax Wash and...
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