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  1. Re: Cool tool that should make detailing much easier

    If you do, you have to come back and let me (us) know how you like it. Im so happy this may help many others!!!
  2. Re: Cool tool that should make detailing much easier

    Ooo, doors too. Ill have to try that!!!
  3. Re: Cool tool that should make detailing much easier

    LET ME KNOW HOW YOU LIKE IT!!!! Im so glad I can help some others!!
  4. Re: Prevent morning freeze on the windshield

    Seems as though we arent going to get an answer to that. lol
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    Re: Topper for Liquid Souveran

    Totally agree with Bob. Sealant first then wax. Wax usually dont last as long so sealing over a wax that isnt bonded to the paint will waste the potential of the sealant. I also agree that I wouldnt...
  6. Re: Cool tool that should make detailing much easier

    I know, but it reminded me that I left out a pretty important part.
  7. Re: Cool tool that should make detailing much easier

    Except there are a couple things I didnt mention that make this better.
    #1 It locks into the latch of the car not allowing the trunk/hatch to move down OR up so it is much safer.
    #2 This when...
  8. Re: Prevent morning freeze on the windshield

    Ive got the Pinnacle glass cleaner with rain repel in it and the ice that does form while Im at work is sure much much easier to scrape off.

    Id like to hear your reason for not being able to idle...
  9. Cool tool that should make detailing much easier

    A friend of mine told me about these like 6 months ago. Last week I finally decided to spend the $ on it and give it a shot.

    I used it this morning for the first time and decided I should let all...
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    Re: Explain something to and old dummy!!

    Yeah me too, maybe that makes us the bigger dummies? But it makes it easier.
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    Re: Winter cleaning options/products

    I dont have a drain in my garage either. My floor is pitched 4inches over the 28foot back to front. What I do when I have to wash inside (winter time) is get my old shop vac out and just put it near...
  12. Re: Help!!! Are these Holograms in my paint (2010 Audi S4)? Used FG400 and G21 w/MEGs MF Pad

    Yeah, before you chalk it up as a fail you must polish. The white pads and your 4500. Let us know
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    Re: Pricing of Coating packages

    Im not Mike so maybe you dont care but ball park is probably $150-500. Im sure in CA it is more expensive than in my area. That ballpark takes into consideration every sized vehicle and every paint...
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    Re: Embedded Hair

    Didnt know AG had these. I LOVE MINE very much.
  15. Re: New Graphene product from IGL and maybe carpro?

    Oh good something to make everyone not talk about ceramic coatings or SiO2. LOL. Now Im gonna have to see graphene everywhere. lol lol Just being a negative nancy today
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    Re: Shout out to Griot's

    Another GG customer service success story. They are simply #1 !!!
  17. Re: Griot's Garage PFM Terry Weave Towel, not exactly that soft ?!...

    While they may not feel the softest the POINT of them is that they soak up water so well you dont have to put any pressure down into your paint so...
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    Re: Best way to apply 303 protectant?

    Couldnt have said it better. Exactly what I do
  19. Re: Tesla Paint is interesting. What is your take on it?

    I did a black Mod3 and a tan/gold whatever ModS. Neither had any major paint defects or scuffs. Both came out 80-90% with just a white pad with M205.
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    Re: Gauge Cluster Plastic Cleaning

    So yer basically just asking what is the best MF towel to use cause you already understand how not to scratch the gauge plastics. I dont know if I can recommend a brand but if you use anything that...
  21. Re: Buff & Shine Euro foam vs regular Lake Country flat pads?

    I dont think there is much difference with them really. Im sure you will get great results with either. Why not go with the Griots pads?

    Are you detailing just your own cars? Cause I wouldnt go...
  22. Re: Keeping Newly Coated Car safe from Morning Dew Until Cured?

    I would say to coat it as early in the day as possible so it has more time to cure before the dew the next morning. I would think 8-10 hours should be plenty
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    Re: Picked up a new car!

    Do the 2014's have that SHITTY "carpet" in them that you can barely vacuum anything out of? Its more like trunk liner than carpet in some of the less expensive Toyotas (Yaris, Corolla) in the vintage...
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    Re: Stupid idea, clay bar 2.0 and wax

    Why dont you just use a CLAY LUBE? lol or a Quick Detailer. Where did you ever hear/read that spray wax or especially POLISH were a good idea for claying a car?
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    Re: Carpro vs Gtechniq

    I dont think there is a reason to switch. Try that bottle of UK on a small section of another vehicle to see if it will come off ok. IF its good then use it. If not just get yourself another bottle...
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