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  1. Re: CarPro Reload as Standalone Sealant - 2 Massive Fails...Any thoughts?

    I know how Reload is marketed towards a sealant however, I feel its more of a "topper" type of product. It will certainly add lots of gloss to any vehicle but for me personally I don't think there...
  2. Re: Sonax interior cleaner vs Sonax Sonax Multi star all purpose cleaner

    I have and use both products and I can say that with The Dashboard Cleaner ( love the smell) I use that more for cars that are well maintained or not too dirty. For most of my customers vehicles I...
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    Re: Sonax Glass Cleaner How To with My Method

    I have had few people reach out to me lately about my glass cleaning method and products. I figured I would bring this back from the dead and let those new to AGO see this as well!
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    Re: Sonax engine cleaner

    If you like Sonax Engine Cleaner you need to try Sonax MultiStar a go for engine cleaning.
  5. Re: P&S/Renny Doyle Double Black Interior Products (Terminator, Carpet Bomber, Finisher) - Feedback?

    I used both Terminator and Carpet Bomber mostly on the lighter side unless I have a carpet that is heavily soiled. What what will do is spray terminator and let that sit for 3-5 then work it in....
  6. Re: P&S/Renny Doyle Double Black Interior Products (Terminator, Carpet Bomber, Finisher) - Feedback?

    Just as a reminder that when suing the Double Black line its best to use all three as a three stage process. Terminator will be your step 1 followed by carpet bomber as step 2 and finally Finisher...
  7. Re: Seems like a scary email, how much would you charge....

    There must a certain line one must draw when it comes what jobs to pass on. First and foremost you should always keep health and safety in mind at all times. When dealing with bodily fluids I would...
  8. Customer Interactions & Setting Clear Expectations

    In order to set yourself up for success in the detailing industry starting off on the right foot with your customer interactions will allow you to have amazing customer feedback and keep them coming...
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    Re: Flex 3 inch polisher

    If you have the Flex 3" then get the Flex pads as they would very well with the polisher. Be careful with the small one inch pads as its very easy to put a hologram or get the pad on edge.
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    Re: Collinite 845 not working

    Pollen is an absolute beading and sheeting killer even after a heavy rain. Try washing the vehicle and seeing if the beading and sheeting return.
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    Re: B&S urotec blue foam pad on flex 3401

    Nope those are not made for forced DA like the flex 3401. Should only be used with the longer throw machines like the flex XFE or the Rupes line
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    Re: New Rupes pads and polishes?

    Hmmmm a forced DA like the Flex 3401 this will be interesting to see the comparison. My 3401 is an absolute workhorse and is my usual go to machine for my daily polisher. I have always been a huge...
  13. Re: 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport - HD Speed and HD Poxy

    Nice work!
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    Re: Question about paint protection film.

    Protect what your budget will allow. The more the better imo.
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    Re: Rupes 21 Speed Selector Not Working

    It could be the brushes need replaced. I would wait to hear what rupes says but does sound like the brushes
  16. Re: Difficulties with Meguiar's D151 PRC application/removal by hand

    Don if it's gumming up on you try using less product or prime the pad with a spirtz like you have on the pad.
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    Re: Prepping PPF for Cquartz UK

    My suggestion for the film is to do an eraser wipe down of the film. Do a small test spot to make sure you don't have any adverse effects on the film. Also ask the customer if they know what kind of...
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    Re: Hazy/Cloudy paint with M201

    Sounds like you have some soft paint in this car.

    My question for you is what kind of white pad are you using (make &model)?

    Can you bump down the speed even more like 800 or lower?
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    Re: Favorite correction compound and polish duo?

    Ill give my vote to Sonax CutMax and Ex 04-06
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    Re: Buffing very hard clear

    As you found out faster isn't always better when it comes to machine speed and that can also be said for arm speed.

    glad to hear you wee able to get great results
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    Re: Ceri-glass pad size?

    Personal preference.

    With the smaller pads it will take a bit longer but you will have no problem getting to the edges of the glass
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    Re: what is your favorite paint coating & why.

    9h and Crystal Serum would be my top two.
  23. Thread: Washers

    by Evan.J

    Re: Washers

    Short answer is yes

    Here is a write up all about the compression washer

    The Compression Washer
  24. Re: Pro Detailer Wanted in Wayland, Boston area - Single stage paint 1953 Jaguar project

    What about Jim Goguan
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    Re: How the hell do I Vac the carpet?

    Try a pumice stone on the carpet. This is a great tool for hair removal so it may just work for you with the mulch.
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