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    Re: What did you do today, in regards to detailing?

    Finally got to wash my Kia cee'd SW. My injuries and I don't have good standing with each other LOL. Last wash was little over 3 months ago. Crap it's a long time and when washed the road salt was...
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    Re: Swedish Beauty Get's her tail Waxed

    Awesome work and write up and pictures!

    Pearl paints is hard to get to pop like a solid or metallic paint. Be cause of of they function with almost like 2 paints in 1. And even more harder to...
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    Re: Gyeon quick detailer

    The information is from 2 UK sites and the US distributor webshop where Carpro 2face mf towels is listed as 80/20 blend. What does it says on the og package?
    The 80/20 blend can use a high quality...
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    Re: Gyeon quick detailer

    Where did you got the information about the Gyeon Bald Wipe is a 80/20 blend?

    As far as I know all Gyeons mf towels are of a 70/30 blend. Except for the Silk Dryer Towel. But that's is pretty...
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    Re: Fastest working polish?

    SMAT non diminishing abrasives I think does diminishing in the way when you have come to a point the edges of the abrasives gets rounded and less effective. DAT is shaped or in cluster and is...
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    Re: What's better than Rain-X?

    Great when you can compare 2 side with how they behave. And to see which you like. A lot of highway driving and the coatings is what I go for. And when driving in the city a lot and the sealant/...
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    Re: Post Your Unpacking Pictures

    Hope this is okay to post. I think it's one product that you may find in the US but it's a product that I have not find to do from another product on AGO. And the rest is only to be found in the EU. ...
  8. Re: Switching to High Mileage Oil made a huge difference..

    Did you do a completly oil change or just started to top it up?

    If you topped it or not. I would do a completly oil change with switching the oil filter. If your new oil cleaning up if it was a...
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    Re: Longest lasting slickness LSP?

    I also use SiO2 toppers and sealants as LSP. What's important for me is to use something that don't mask it's behavior. So another application or a topper that goes good with it. If you use something...
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    Re: Mercedes Benz C300 Questions

    Do you have access to an air compressor to blow clean your pads. It's a great thing to have with both mf and wool pads to blow out the excess and residue left in the pads. The first use with at least...
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    Re: Ceramic coated maintenance advice needed

    The first thing I would get if you don't already have it. Is a PW to use the water pressure from the it to clean with. Every part of the paint is to be hit with the water pressure from the PW. It's a...
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    Re: What's better than Rain-X?

    My 2 cents is that it depends on what kind of roads you are driving on. If you drive on mostly highways I would go with a glass coating. And if you drive on lower speed roads I would go with...
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    Re: How to make a White BMW X3 Pop?

    I like how PNS and BSD looks on white paints a lot. So I would go with what you have. And sure the polishing will do the most to get an awesome finish. Protection just gives you a slight difference...
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    Re: 2020 Jeep Gladiator

    Great work and write up and pictures Ryan!

    Was that white spots in the before pics water spots from washing?

    I thought it would be a very hard clearcoat. As there are different hardness of...
  15. Thread: 3 inch polishers

    by SWETM

    Re: 3 inch polishers

    Do you meen the difference between the Rupes 75E mini polisher and the Rupes Nano ibrid polisher?

    The mini polisher is with a 3" backing plate. But with the pads from Rupes it's 4" on the paint...
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    Re: Incredibly Cheap Finds

    I have thought about this too. That they have gotten a so awesome product for way cheap vs what it delivering. But seems a little strange to pull the plug on such as product as well. The marketing it...
  17. Re: Updated - Blackfire One Step makes a newb not feel like a newb...amazing product

    Awesome work and write up and pictures!

    That is an amazing finish you got on your car! And liked your thorough write up and pictures to tell the great story.

    And for what it's worth I have...
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    Re: Hello from the Pacific Northwest

    Welcome to the forum Donovan!

    Nah you won't be annoying. This is an awesome forum to get friendly answers and learning to get detailing done. If you just get it done properly and you take your...
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    Re: Can you convince me?

    Would be interesting to see a side by side test with 3D Speed and BF One Step. With a finishing foam pad on a either wet sanded or a panel with lots of different kind of swirls and scratches. To see...
  20. Re: "Acid baths" for ceramic coatings that have been on for 6 months plus???

    I don't know the exactly claim from the ph levels it holds up to. Most of the prewashes I use is on the alkaline side between ph 9-12 depending on the dilution of some. Generally speaking the...
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    Re: Gas pedal cleaning

    If it's a rubber pedal cover. Why not try the Tuf Shine Tire Cleaner or any other rubber cleaner.

    I have found a rubber and plastic protection that is not sold on AGO sadly. But awesome to use on...
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    Re: Black Z06 Corvette...

    Great work and write up and pictures Tom!

    That black looks a mile deep!

    / Tony
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    Re: Once you go black.....XXX Truck Pics Inside

    Awesome work and write up and pictures as always!

    That's some cool truck. Maybe it would be unpractical but the plastic front lip seems of some how. Would be nice if that was chromed too or if...
  24. Re: "Acid baths" for ceramic coatings that have been on for 6 months plus???

    Do you spritz on the paint?

    It can be a little too much of product that way sometimes. Spritz in the mf towel and spread it out and then remove it can be easier to buff it off. And this way you...
  25. Re: "Acid baths" for ceramic coatings that have been on for 6 months plus???

    How long did you let the Cosmic Spritz sit before wipe it off?

    I'm not sure about the acid bath would fix this. If it's dried on Cosmic Spritz. Or is it that you think it was not clean enough...
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