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  1. Re: Durability Test: Wolfgang SiO2 Paint Sealant

    The time period I used it really isn't that dusty in my area. During the fall harvest time we do get a lot of dust and plant debris in the air and I don't recall the noticing it was any worse than...
  2. Re: Finishing glaze - how large is working area each time ?

    Like many other's already posting here, I'll use the 2'x2' as a starting point and from there I'll let the panels on the vehicle be my guide and adjust to roughly the same amount of square area. ...
  3. Re: Thanks to Mothers for Sponsoring Commercial-free Formula One TV Coverage !

    What network is Formula One showing on these days. I only casually follow the series these days, but wouldn't mind seeing a commercial free race. That's huge.

    Someone needs to do the same for...
  4. Re: CanCoat Maintenance Product Cure vs Wetcoat

    I liked Cure and didn't notice it having any real effect on the water behavior of CanCoat; beading and sheeting were still excellent after it was applied. My only advice would be to dilute it 1:1 to...
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    Re: I did a thing

    From my perspective, you did the right thing. I have the mindset that cars are to be driven and enjoyed. If aren't doing that because you're happily putting on miles in something else, then it is...
  6. Re: Blackfire Pro Ceramic Coating, "Black Edition".

    I can't speak for anything with graphene in it, but I do think the addition of ceramic ingredients to products does provide some benefits. I saw this first hand with my winter test of Wolfgang's...
  7. Re: Best Carnauba wax for shine/gloss red car !

    I'm surprised no one mentioned Poorboy's Natty's line of carnauba's. They used to get quite a bit of discussion years ago.

    If I had a garage queen it would get waxed and I'd probably either go...
  8. Re: Blackfire Pro Ceramic Coating, "Black Edition".

    I wouldn't let this experience keep you away from coatings. Not all are created equal.

    From my experience CQuartz UK has fantastic sheeting and beading; the best I've ever tried. Keeping my car...
  9. Re: Prepping for Ceramic Coating after NXT 2.0 Application

    I missed your mention of correcting the paint. I see that now.

    The Meguiars 205 should work, but I'm not familiar at all with the Mother's products. As long as you use a light polishing product...
  10. Re: Prepping for Ceramic Coating after NXT 2.0 Application

    The only way to be completely sure the sealant is totally gone (especially a recent application) and the surface is ready coating is to mechanically polish it off with a light finishing polish and a...
  11. Re: Griots G9: Griots 5" backing plate vs the one Autogeek includes (yellow one)

    I haven't compared the two backing plates on the same polisher, but I have used the yellow AG backing plate on my old polisher and the Griots one on my G15. Both are 5".

    The G15 backing plate...
  12. Thread: G9 gets hot

    by Desertnate

    Re: G9 gets hot

    Where are you feeling the heat? What was the weather like, or how warm was your garage?

    I used my G15 a couple weeks ago to polish out my car and never felt any heat at all, granted it was only...
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    Re: G8 as my next tool?

    Thanks. That looks great!
  14. Re: What compound do you use on Hard audi paint?

    I've used Blackfire's compound on my black metallic Mk6 GTI while I owned it, and DP's compound on a neighbor's black metallic Porsche Cayenne. Both probably have the same paint as your S4, it was...
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    Re: G8 as my next tool?

    Any place I can find more info? Understand you probably can't put a link here due to forum rules, but a quick Google search didn't find anything.

    This becomes a real rabbit hole. Other than...
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    Re: Forum Nicknames - I still don't get it?

    At the time I joined, it was more for personal security reasons more than anything else which are no longer quite as important today. In some ways I still prefer the anonymity, but a few folks on...
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    Re: G8 as my next tool?

    Thanks. My car alone has enough strange curvy areas I can see it being helpful. Glad to hear you found it to have plenty of power.

    Great advice! Thanks. I hadn't thought of that, but now...
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    Re: G8 as my next tool?

    Thanks, Mike. Headlights will be a no-brainer if I get the G8. I've never been all that thrilled when using a 3" backing plate on my electric drill. Sadly I don't have enough cars needing lights...
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    Re: G8 as my next tool?

    Thanks. Overall I think it will be a big help with areas I struggle to reach/get/properly polish with any normal polisher and a 5" pad, but it sounds like I'll still have to resort to a few tricky...
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    G8 as my next tool?

    Happy Monday!

    I'm looking at a way to better polish small areas on vehicles and wondering about the effectiveness of various tools and wondering if the G8 will meet my needs.

    I know it will...
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    Re: Getting wax off of Black Trim

    I admit to using peanut butter and a tooth brush many years ago (early 2000's) to clean up some black trim stained by the carnauba wax I used at the time. :D I liked it better than using cooking oil...
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    Re: Recommended Products

    Sadly marketing departments have completely blow up the definitions which make it really hard for people trying to find out what they want to use. The whole "Coating" term is getting really bad.

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    Re: Hide scratches on Black SUV

    I just saw this question with the revival of this thread. Hopefully Kneel will see this...four months late....

    From my experience Black Hole has significantly more fillers than Amigo. Amigo I...
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    Re: Gyeon Wax...B.O.'d for how long?

    Isn't Gyeon a Korean company? That was my only thought as to why it might be hard to get. Even if they have the materials to produce the product there could be cases of the stuff jammed up in a...
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    Re: Considering coatings

    For a Lincoln Navigator I'd probably get the 50mL bottle just to be safe. Since you're new to applying coatings you'll probably put it on a little too heavy and having the extra product will save...
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