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  1. Re: FLEX XFE7-15 150 Unboxing/FLEX picture comparison

    Dear Mike, congratulations on your acquisition! Definitively a Mike Phillips Signed Tool performs better than an unsigned, I can attest that! ;)

    It's also a great match you did with the thin...
  2. Re: Detailed: 2013 BMW M5 - Black Sapphire Metallic - HRE Wheels

    Looks Amazing my friend! I've finished the exactly same car on Friday, hard work but very rewarding! I could live vicariously through your incredible work, congrats!

    I also enjoyed the way you...
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    Re: Facebook users start "like"ing our pages

    To ease up things I've associated my Detailing Studio with my Personal Profile, you can please Request a Friendship then like some of our work, if you like:

    Rafael Senzi...
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    Re: Dear AGO Friends - I'm Now On Facebook!

    Thank you James. Not enough, he damaged 70-80% of my material including brushes, pads, microfibers, liquids and others, passed a car over a Flex polisher (no damage, luckily!, that tool is a Tank!),...
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    Dear AGO Friends - I'm Now On Facebook!

    Dear Friends,

    First of all, I'd like to say I miss you so much.

    Once upon a time I had the Privilege to stay here more often, following, liking and LEARNING A LOT from all you guys. Nowadays,...
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    Re: Product Review: Kärcher Underbody Chassis Cleaner

    Thank you for detailed review and honest opinion, this is exactly what I was looking for.

    Nice work, indeed!

    Kind Regards.
  7. Re: Dedicatedperfection: 2005 Dodge Ram (fresh paint)

    Dear Mike,

    It's an impressive talent you have for making sophistication with such simplicity. Perfect approach, and as always, very nice showdown.

    Thank you so very much for sharing your...
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    Re: Dedicatedperfection: Paint transfer removal

    Wonderful save to say the least! Thanks a lot for sharing your technique, process and results, it's always great to hear from you. Keep on the nice work my friend.

    Kind Regards.
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    Re: Flex 3401 vs 4inch backing plate system carnage

    Dear friend, sorry to hear about what happened to you.

    Short story,

    This never happened to the vast majority of people who owns it, but this issue already happened with more than enough...
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    Re: E46 M3 in for paint correction

    Congrats on your work, it's always a pleasure to follow.

    Thank you for sharing including your thoughts and insights regarding ESSENCE, will be useful in near future: I just can't wait to try this...
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    Re: Renault Megane RS RBR Detailed by Etiennè

    Very nice work, wise decisions and intuitive walkthrough, congrats!

    Thanks a lot for sharing,

    Kind Regards.
  12. Re: Heavily modded Corvette Z06 multi-step correction

    Very well done, nothing I say here will be enough to adjective such transformation.

    Thanks a lot for sharing,

    Kind Regards.
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    Re: 2016 Audi S4 Supercharged

    Tremendous work, truly professional detailing. I'm Definitively Jealous of you doing such nice work, mate! :drooling:

    I enjoyed reading your description regarding paint 'hardness', this adds a...
  14. Re: 1941 Buick Super Convertible Detail with Pinnacle

    Pristine work, very, very, very nice job, Frank!

    What a stunning result you got on whitewalls, congrats.

    Thanks a lot for sharing,

    Best Wishes.
  15. Re: Black Dodge Hellcat - Full Correction & CQuartz Finest - Gilbert,Az

    Great thread, I love your new shop setup, car is beautiful and your work is top notch. Keep up, mate!

    Best Wishes, from Brazil.
  16. Re: Initial Impression: Wolfgang Über Ceramic Paint Coating

    Looks brand new. Thanks for this intuitive walkthrough,

    We are looking forward to hear your thoughts regarding coating application.

    Keep on, Michael!

  17. Re: Happy Birthday Mike aka Mike@DedicatedPerfection!

    What a nice surprise should be to wake up and find out this thread started by Mike Phillips, totally deserved !

    This act definitively demonstrates the 'Human Factor' existing here, rare to find...
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    Re: Flex Visit - Bob Eichelberg visits Bob McKee

    Dear Mike,

    Feel assured we are counting on your lens!

    Have a wonderful day,

    Kind Regards.
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    Re: RUPES BigFoot Mk.II vs. Ferrari Daytona

    Dear Todd,

    What to say, I went through your thread once, twice, 3 times in a row to ensure I haven't missed a line from this lesson.

    Results are impressive, perfect to say the least. By...
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    Re: Dedicatedperfection: 2012 Jeep Compass

    Dear Michael,

    Truly a masterpiece;

    Specially when we're talking about 8h spent. I like the way you share small details, this enriches our (at least mine) judgement while working towards...
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    Re: Sneak Peek: PBMG's new products for SEMA

    'Super hydrophobic/Self-healing' coating is my shot, I'd love to try it out!

    The above picture makes my saliva water beading,

    Congrats PBMG and thank you for keep innovating so we can keep...
  22. Re: Dedicatedperfection: 2008 Toyota Highlander Limited

    Dear Michael,

    You've been incessantly demonstrating how dedication leads to perfection, this thread is no exception.

    Detailing involves a lot of hard work; and capturing the details on camera...
  23. Re: [VIDEO 4K] 2009 Black Mercedes C63 AMG >> Full detail and coating

    Wow, can't believe I've missed this at release... Luckily thread went up again and I could see this wonderful video.

    What to say, you are constantly raising the bar my friend, and this time you...
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    Re: Hello from RUPES USA, Inc.


    It was nice to briefly read about you and I wish Rupes and the new members nothing but the best!

    Congratulations, and keep us updated.

    Kind Regards.
  25. Re: The First 3 Months of my new Detailing Business in picture format

    Thank you my friend, wish you all the best!

    Thank you for opinion Mike, definitively means a lot. You know better than anybody else how much your tips and polishing technique (Smack's) made a...
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