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    Sticky: Re: How to clean an engine compartment

    I've found Sonus Motor Kote to be a great dressing after a serious under the hood detail job. It does out let off an odor when the engine gets hot for a few operating cycles.
  2. Re: Help - What am I doing wrong or is my product not good enough - Leather cleaning interior

    You might want to try Leather Honey. I've found that it rehydrates and "heals" old, dried out, leather. I cleaned with Lexol Cleaner, applied leather stain (like shoe polish) and used the Leather...
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    Re: Microfiber Opinions and Thoughts

    Awesome information! Thanks!
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    Re: Microfiber Opinions and Thoughts

    Great write-up! What do you think of the edge "finishing" on the towels? I have tended to stay away from MF towels with stitched edges due to the perceived potential of scratches.

    Am I being...
  5. Re: whats the best way to prep and clean weather stripping and protect the weather seals and the moonroof seals

    The Gummi Pflege is great stuff. Really seems to protect newer weather stripping and brings older stuff back to life.
  6. Thread: Crappy water

    by gobygred

    Re: Crappy water

    You can try to call the Culligan man. They have replaceable RO canisters that you can rent and change out when they need to be recharged. I don't know the exact cost but I know we found this to be a...
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    Re: What should I use on underhood plastics?

    Sonus Motor Kote will keep it looking nice for a long time. Very easy to use and you get a beautiful matte gloss finish on everything under the hood.
  8. Re: What is the best product/technique for restoring faded rubber window seals/mouldings

    gummi pfledge!!!
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    Re: Restoring/maintaining rubber window seals

    Gummi Pfledge is an effective maintenance material. I apply it 3-4 times per year. Works great!
  10. Re: What leather Cleaner & Conditioner do you use for Daily Driver and why?

    I discovered Leather honey as a great conditioner for older, dried out, leather. Used it on the seats of my 1994 Corvette and it soaked in and really seemed to bring the leather back to a fresher,...
  11. Re: Sakhir Orange/Black Extended Merino Leather

    I use Lexol Leather Cleaner and Lexol Leather Conditioner. I think you want to use something specifically designed for leather to keep it from drying out and cracking.
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    Re: Cleaning and polishing powder coated rims?

    Scratches in powder coating can be addressed with wet sanding/compounding. Start off as least aggressively as you possibly can. Deep scratches can be tough to get to.
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    Re: Polishing Powder Coatings-not cleaning

    Orange peel in powder coating can be reduced/improved with wet sanding and compounding. It would be complicated by non-flat surfaces of a wheel, however.
  14. Re: 303, KAIO, Poorboys Wheel Sealant, Griot's Wheel Cleaner etc...

    Great write-up! Thank you!
  15. Re: Wheel Coatings: Plastic Specific vs Paint Specific

    I have some experience with powder coating. I would guess that the clear coating is a matte gloss level.
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    Re: What are these?

    Tree sap?
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    Re: Roll Call! Who drives a MANUAL transmission?

    Manual in my toy car. Automatic in my daily driver. The manual can tire me out in city driving but it's the fun way to go for a cruise!
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