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    Re: Happy Birthday, Richy!

    Happy birthday Richy!
    Haven't seen any of your posts for a long time, but I did enjoy them over the years.
    Have a good day, brother!
  2. Re: Cleaners For The Cheap & Lazy - Interior and Tire

    My favorite interior cleaner is Optimum's Opti-Clean. Advertised as a waterless wash, it is approved for all non-fabric interior surfaces by the owner of the company, including touch screens. Diluted...
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    Re: Not enough duct tape...

    I think they need "Jelly" from "Analyze This" to open a duct tape repair shop in Florida, since Paul Vitti is still serving his time.
  4. Re: Other hobbies or past times outside of detailing

    We've been winding down our schedule as we all get older and less energetic, but I spent much of the last 30 years of my life as part of a local Dirt Sprint Car team. After being fans for many years,...
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    Re: Quick tip regarding wet/dry vacuum filters

    Thanks for the tip, Eldo.
    I've been doing the same thing for years, using "Plus Size" Women's "Knee Highs", kinda a much shorter version of ladies stockings. You're right in that it drastically...
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    Re: Wash Mitt Battle

    Personally, my favorite is the white Meguiars MF mitt. It's thick enough to be safe and releases dirt more easily than any other one I've tried. I also have one of the Griot's MF mitts. It's much...
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    Re: Rinseless wash question

    I've been doing 90% rinseless washes for the last ten years or so, using ONR, Meg's D114 or Duragloss rinseless. My favorite tool is a Meguiars Microfiber mitt. I wipe in one direction only, which...
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    Re: SAMPLES (original post updated)

    PM Sent

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    Re: Unknown Bubbling in paint

    Is it only on the roof?
    Z06's from that era had a recall for failing adhesive that required removing and replacing the roof panel, so it possibly could have been repainted by the dealer doing the...
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    Re: Some Oldz Blue Coral

    Here ya go:69450
    Still have these buried somewhere on my shelves. Back in the early 80's, a local store was going out of business and clearing all their waxes out. I bought out everything on the...
  11. Re: The Coronavirus Explained & What You Should Do

    Thank you for sharing, Mike.
    Of all the things I've heard and read, this is the most factual piece I've seen.

  12. Re: Spray wax streaking .. solved & Collinite 845 diluted

    I remember reading here a few years ago about some similar problems with Aquawax after multiple frequent applications. Apparently, AW has a higher solids content than many spray waxes, so it can...
  13. Re: Finally going to start doing/using RW and WW's... Here are my options

    I'm not a fan of waterless , except for my garage queen Camino, which never sees rain. I do much more rinseless than soap 'n bucket for the DD's in the fleet. All of the ones you mentioned are good,...
  14. Re: Tenkor Apex Zero -G Water hose. (Or other choices)

    I've had a Zero-G for over 5 years as my backyard hose the wife uses to water all her plants and flowers. She loves it since it's so lightweight and it's been faultless so far. About the only...
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    Re: Non abrasive cleaner wax

    In the DG line, both 501 and 105 have some good cleaning properties, with 501 being the more aggressive of the two.

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    Re: Regular wax on rims. ??

    I've been using FK1000p on wheels for a few years now. I agree a dedicated coating may be better, but I've been very pleased with the level of protection and longevity. I've tried Collinites, both...
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    Re: Old Dog Looking For Something New

    Buy Renny Doyle's book on exactly that subject, sold in the Autogeek store.

    How to Start a Home-based Car Detailing Business, car detailing book, best auto detailing books

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    Re: Autogeek Indy Car

    It means Rookie

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    Re: Cleaning White Car

    I agree with using a cleaner wax or AIO periodically, especially on lighter colors. My favorite when serious correction is not needed is DG501. It never ceases to amaze me how it makes white paints...
  20. Re: The Secret to Removing Oxidation and Restoring a Show Car Finish to Antique Single Stage Paints

    I've done dozens of M07 treatments, but never had one rained on. How long was it outside? Did it get dirty or just get wet? If it just got rained on, I'd be tempted to just proceed with wipe-off. You...
  21. Re: Okay...whos done it? Polish a ceramic stove top with a DA?

    I've done my Bosch smoothtop a couple times. My wife normally keeps it up by hand, using the polish recommended by the dealer. When the stain level gets ahead of her, she calls for help and I bring...
  22. Re: Now here's a Black Car I'd definitely want to own! :-)

    For the benefit of those too young to know the origins.....
    The unofficial history of vinyl tops;
    Back in the "futuristic" days of automotive design in the mid-50's, automobile manufacturers...
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    Re: Thoughts on using waterblades

    You certainly won't regret your purchase of PFM's.
    Like others, I use my waterblade for glass to save both time and towels.

  24. Re: what jackstands to get so i don't get crushed

    If you've got good quality jack stands and firm level ground, I wouldn't worry. I've been in the car business my entire adult life and prior to the days when every mechanic had a lift, jack stands...
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    Re: Poor boys black hole glaze

    In my experience, yes, but not a night and day difference.
    I just recently prepped my El Camino with 30+ year old OEM lacquer for an annual judged show that I enter. Some of the panels have nasty...
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