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    Re: new business help

    Yes I can agree to this. Those are interesting growth rates. What was your marketing techniques that you used in order to reach those rates?

    Small time business that would be a part of a...
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    new business help

    So I am your typical detailing enthusiast. Do friends and family cars when not pampering my baby.

    So the big question that is probably asked a lot. What does it take to get a detailing business...
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    Re: Electric Pressure Washer

    I second the greenworks. I have had my green works 1700PSI for well over a year and it is very strong and reliable. It also doesnt have that high pitch winding sound from the gears like most brands...
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    Re: Got Pressure Washer - What Products?

    Megs Hyper Wash foams like you wouldn't believe it. Plus, all you have to do is put an inch of it in your foam lance and fill the rest with water and u will have one thick foam for ultra cheap. Also,...
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    Re: What pressure washer?

    If your worried about a pump, you have two options. Put the hose at the bottom of the tank and allow the weight of the water to push it. Or maybe hook up an air pressure supply. So that u can...
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    Re: What pressure washer?

    Small portable generator. Honda has a lot of great ones. They use very little gas. As a gas pressure washer will go thro a tank in 20 minutes. Plus you have the constant starting and stopping it to...
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    Re: What pressure washer?

    In all honesty. Buying a gas pressure washer is a waist. You have high maintenance. Hi gas prices. 2700psi is 100 more psi than u need.

    Get a greenworks 1700psi electric pressure washer. Thing is...
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    Re: Waterless wash

    Are you crazy? Waterless wash plus waffle weave :nomore:

    That will scratch your car like crazy. Use long plush nap MF, followed by another long nap or medium nap.
  9. Re: Video Review/How-To: Pinnacle Liquid Gloss Rinseless Wash w/Carnauba

    nice video, im excited to see the new pinnacle products. Thanks nick!
  10. Thread: Bogo

    by GoldBl4d3

    Re: Bogo

    I only found 1 thing useful to me, thats the MF towels. But it all depends on what your in need of. There have been way better ones in the past.
  11. Re: Speedy Surface Prep Towel: So much easier than clay!

    Nice thank you, I have been contemplating to buy one. Will now. Than you again!
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    Re: Sportbike Detail w/ New Wolfgang Products

    Ray.... Superb job on that bike. She is a beauty.
  13. Re: Wolfgang "New" Deep Gloss Liquid Seal & "New" Pad Werks Polishing Pad Cleaner

    Nice over view of the products. Im dying to try the new wolf gang products.

    Thank you.
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    Re: Removing tire scuff from interior plastic

    use APC diluted to ehavy, it wont just wipe off, use a MF with a short nap and scrub.

    Otherwise let it wear itself out, im sure you can still cover it with a better protectant. I know DP Series...
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    Re: Never Detailed a Boat Before… Help?

    Check out the meguiars new marine line. Other than that its relatively the same, just read the directions on the products.
  16. Thread: MF linting

    by GoldBl4d3

    Re: MF linting

    1. make sure your using a HQ microfiber cleaner and restorer, the one from blackfire is incredible. NEVER use normal detergent, this will cause the fibers to loose there softness and pull apart real...
  17. Re: AG you sent the wrong order, need help fast

    Yes nick! Thank you for you help. You guys are truely some of the best customer service I have ever talked to, and to overnight me was fantastic. I was worried about doing this detail thursday, but...
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    Re: I hate letting other people touch my car!

    Took my car to get an oil change, usually I do it, but I didnt want to get my garage floor all dirty again. So i washed the car before she went in. Came out spotted to hell and you can see how dirty...
  19. Re: AG you sent the wrong order, need help fast

    Thanks, ugh I just really need this gun for thursday.

    Thanks everyone, feel a lot better now haha. Will they ship it to me that fast though? I think its fair but I hope so.
  20. Re: AG you sent the wrong order, need help fast

    Okay you all make good points, but I actually sent an email before I posted this, I was just hoping this would be an extra thing because sometimes emails take a few days to respond to. Plus I was...
  21. AG you sent the wrong order, need help fast

    So today after 8 days of shipping I was finally excited to try my tornador cleaning gun.

    This one:

    Detailer's Z-010 Tornador Car Cleaning Gun Free Bonus

    UPS guy drops off the package, I...
  22. Re: What are the products around for car detailing?

    Bad advice. I wouldnt put a penny into any of the auto stores around my place. They are cheap consumer, silicone filled products. I only buy the top brands here at autogeek.

    But if money isnt an...
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    Re: After/between washing

    DP Waterless Wash is the best. I use a qwazar sprayer with mine. Havent found anything I like better.
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    Re: Pinnacle crystal mist

    cool, try menzerna:

    Menzerna Paint Refresh Professional Grade Detail Spray, quick detailer, QD

    its even better.

    Or try miglore endurance spray, it is awesome.

    Migliore Endurance Quick...
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    Re: tornador question

    Yes I know what your point was. I just want to hear the opinions of other people too.
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