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    Re: Road Paint Removal

    I have had good luck removing paint with XENIT cleaner.
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    Re: spot strip washing

    You can do a rinseless or waterless wash on that section, then use a coating prep cleaner (I like the Otimum one) to remove anything left.

    Also, leaving some sections of the car unprotected for a...
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    Re: Post your vacuum cleaner

    I have a Metro Vac N'Blo, with 2 6' hoses. I purchased the less expensive Hand Vac from another site, and then got a call asking it I would like a returned Vac N'Blo for the same price (around $70)...
  4. Re: Preventing Swirls and Scratches on Soft Black Paint

    Mostly rinseless washes, with an occasional foam gun/2BM wash. I quit trying to chase the swirls and just kept it clean (mostly). But I don't have to do that any more, as an impaired driver totaled...
  5. Re: Preventing Swirls and Scratches on Soft Black Paint

    I know that feeling - my black Frontier would scratch from a hard look.

    I would suggest adding Grit Guard(s), and making it a 2, 3, or 4 bucket wash. The more you clean the mitt, the less chance...
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    Re: What Polisher should I get? curvy panels

    Like others have said - go to a Flex forced rotation.
    I have a Rupes 15 MKII and a Rupe Mini, and they always worked fine...until I did a few Porsche cars & SUVs. The curves stalled the 15, so I...
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    Re: Good Luck Yancy!

    I was lucky enough to meet and chat with Yancy at several Detail Fest cocktail hours (he was too busy to talk during the actual event!). Best of luck to you moving forward!
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    Re: Transportable Cordless Polisher

    Yes, I have their 16v rotary and a new d/a. The rotary is fantastic for headlights and small areas, and I picked up their flex shaft polisher use with it.
    I have only used the d/a twice, once...
  9. Re: Meguiars Headlight Coating - innitial application results.

    All the coating folks I spoke to at Mobile Tech Expo about this said you need to remove the factory coating (usually requires sanding it off) to get the best results on headlights.
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    Re: Removing Insects After/Wax

    I just soak the bugs with my wash solution - take some thin MF towels and dunk them in the wash solution (car wash soap or rinseless) until they are very wet. Now drape the towels over the 'buggy'...
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    Re: How to remove tree sap

    I have used gel hand sanitizer to remove pine tree sap - The alcohol helps dissolve the sap.
    Just apply a big blog, let it sit for a few seconds and wipe the area with your finger. Keep working...
  12. Re: Detailing Classes at Southern Detailing Conference - Lexington, Kentucky

    Safe travels Mike! I know from experience that anyone that attends your class will not leave without gaining some knowledge. Hope to see you at MTE 2022.
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    Re: Nano: luxury or very useful

    There are other 'cordless micro polishers' available waaay below the Rupes price point (I have a rotary and a DA version). The rotary is fantastic for doing headlights, but am planning other uses...
  14. Re: 1972 Cutlass - Wet-sanded and Ceramic Coated - PBL Diamond Paint Coating

    Great write up from Mike and follow-up info from John!

    My sister-in-laws 66 GTO clone had these pigtails in the paint. I tried for a long time to get them out before realizing they were in the...
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    Re: Best Paint Prep Solution?

    I would recommend Tide Free and Gentle liquid for this. I soak my sealant pads in a small tub (I found some food containers that are just big enough to hold a 5.5" pad) - add enough to cover the top...
  16. Re: Controlling pigment removal using Mirror Glaze #7 - 1953 MG

    Wow johnnyo, great work!
    Thank you for this writeup, and all your hard work. So much good information here from the original poster and contributors.

    I have a client/friend that likes pre-war...
  17. Replies

    Re: Struggling getting results using LHR15 MK3

    The Menzerna polishes can 'eat' the Rupes pads. I tried an aggressive Menzerna polish with the Rupes blue foam pad for headlights, and mentioned to Dylan that I was seeing bits of the pads coming...
  18. Re: What is your favorite microfiber towel for waterless MAINTENANCE wash?

    For cleaning/damp wipe The Rag Company 16x16 Creature Edgeless

    For drying The Rag Company 16x16 FTW Premium Twist Loop
    or Griots Garage ...
  19. Re: Paint Correction - George Harrison's 1966 Ferrari 275 GTS - Pinnacle Jeweling Wax & Souveran Paste Wax

    Thanks for taking the time to document and share your work on this fantastic car! It is a cool car no matter who owned it, but even cooler knowing who did.

    When working on older cars I feel I am...
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    Re: Leaving microfiber towels to soak over weeks

    I will soak towels that have products which could cause them not to work well if left (spray coating or SiO2) for a day or so, then put it in bag with the other detailing laundry.
    Before I start...
  21. Thread: 2021 Trim Test

    by mc2hill

    Re: 2021 Trim Test

    Thanks for this Guz!

    I am almost at the end of my Ultima Tire & Trim Guard (old formula) and will soon purchase a replacement for this great product.
  22. Re: How to Clean Pads After Using Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant

    Since someone else revived this thread I will share my process for cleaning sealant out of pads.

    I put the pad in a small container (I have some round plastic food containers that are a perfect...
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    Re: How many pads do I need to buff out my car?

    I have found 4 microfiber pads are enough for most cars, and I use them 2 at a time. Polish a section, clean the pad, put on the 2nd pad while the 1st pad cools, and repeat until 1/2 the car is...
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    Re: Headlight restoration tools/kits?

    Excellent advice Mike! And if you do wetsand, when you tape the area, make sure you tape a larger area than you think you need, and you may need to retape after a round or two of sanding, as the...
  25. Replies

    Re: Headlight restoration tools/kits?

    I started polishing headlights with a corded drill, and they came out fine, but be sure to put lots of tape on the paint and trim around the lights. Just keep the drill moving, and add more polish...
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