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    Re: How to avoid germs - Gas Station

    In addition to the recent news of the two hairdressers who tested positive and had 140 clients not get sick because both hairdressers and clients wore masks. I came across this bit of common sense in...
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    Re: Bmw x3 2019 steering wheel scratch help?

    I don't think there is anything you can fill with (and probably wouldn't use the product if there was).

    I would give it time. A well conditioned plastic, a few hot days where the interior heats up...
  3. Re: Should I be looking at a sealant, wax, or coating for PPF? I don't want to have to polish off in the future.

    Yeah, my experience is PNS will go over old PNS just fine.

    I haven't used the products Guz suggested. But, he knows his stuff and those come from two great product lines.

    So, you have three...
  4. Re: Marks on front glass where rubber wipers sit. How to remove and keep from coming back?

    Have you tried a melamine pad (more commonly known as a Magic Erasure)?
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    Re: Tree sap!!! How to remove it?!?!

    AG forum is haunted by the ghosts of posters past. You sir have awoken the dead!

    You may be forgiven since it's your first post. Welcome to the forum.
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    Re: Paint cleaner before Klasse AIO

    I'd just like to add one more thing.

    On an older vehicle like that ( By 'that' I mean a low cost model with 8+ years of UV hitting it.), I would be very careful of doing any mechanical abrading....
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    Re: Bmw x3 2019 steering wheel scratch help?

    I don't have a solution for you.

    Do you know the material that's on the wheel? Maybe coated leather or coated synthetic of some sort?

    I would be hesitant to try too many methods of fixing it...
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    Re: Wolfgang Uber All-in-one disappointment.

    I didn't like their AIO either. Maybe try 1-2 quick passes on a cool surface in the shade. Just go for the chemical cleaning and sealant properties until its used up. Then stick with OneStep (an...
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    Re: Replacement for cleanse-all?

    Have you ever tried P21s Total Auto Wash. Works on all the exterior areas you would use Cleanse-All. Does an excellent job even diluted down to 30(Distilled):1. Plus is very safe to use on all...
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    Re: Paint cleaner before Klasse AIO

    Klasse AIO is your paint cleaner.

    AIO means different things to different products. Klasse AIO is an older (but very good and still relevant for paint cleaning) product for cleaning paint...
  11. Re: Daily sap on car...the war is on, could use some advice!

    LOL. Just drove by you today on the way to CA. Flagstaff weather is nice in the Summer.

    You're doing it right. The only way to live in AZ.
  12. Re: Question for mobile detailing guys with small vans?

    There was a guy who used to post here a lot awhile back - GSKR or something like that. It was those four I initials, but I'm not sure the order is correct.

    He had owned at least one Transit...
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    Sticky: Re: BLACKFIRE One Step Proficiency Tips

    Do you have a suggestion for a good bottle (brand or top style) to transfer the product to ?
  14. Re: If you could only use two or three product lines for all your detailing needs, what would you choose?

    CarPro - Too many standout products to not be at the top of my list.

    Griots - I'm big on all their newer stuff I've tried.

    McKees, Meguires, or Optimum - All three have more than one specialty...
  15. Re: How not to scratch interior plastics and nav screen, does that exist?

    Remember to use a light touch on anything that will scratch. Also, a damp towel is less likely to scratch than a dry one.

    You could also consider using a fine duster (or fine brush) with an air...
  16. Re: Dilution products- distilled water or purified?

    Since you know some pretty good chemists. You might want to have them show you the difference in performance distilled can make with some of their creations.

    I used to think it just kept products...
  17. Re: Are there any foam cannon type wash systems that do a decent job without touching the vehicle?

    Just remember when you research it, that basically all it is, is a car wash that you don't need to rinse off with a hose. It doesn't clean as well as good car washes. But, it gets the surface dirt...
  18. Re: Are there any foam cannon type wash systems that do a decent job without touching the vehicle?

    "Never saw that coming when I bought it."

    I would say that applies to how hard it is to keep a black car looking clean more than needing to use a ladder. Buuut... you own it now.

    Seriously, a...
  19. Re: Prewash/Tires/Wash/Dry/ceramic wax: How long to complete?

    I don't think there is a right time. The more experienced you get; the more educated you get; the better shape you get physically (Regarding the muscles you use to do the job in addition to stamina)...
  20. Re: Quick and easy tire detailing - Use water-based all-in-one rubber & vinyl cleaner/conditioners instead of tire dressings

    A different take. But it might be of use to some.

    First, thanks Mike. Your article led me to try this.

    I have a gallon of OptiBond. I love the way it looks on a tire. I hate the way it applies....
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    Re: Best way to get Sap off

    Isopropyl alcohol will easily take it off.
  22. Re: Is there any clear coat left?? What to do?

    Best alternative.

    Watch some Justin Pate videos ( Pay attention to 'getting glass' and how to work concave areas).

    Go to BuyWrap and get some Avery Supreme Wrap. Wrap the tops, including the...
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    Re: Pouring from large to small container

    When you pour, try holding the gallon with the open spout up on the top side instead of down. It will give you a better angle when the liquid starts to flow.
  24. Re: How to remove Nasty Film on Interior Plastics?

    I think this is the best guess I've seen so far. Sunscreen can be nasty to try to remove. I've had better luck with CarPro Inside than general APC. But even after you clean it, sometimes you have to...
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    Re: Ed's Shop Build Thread

    If you get tired of that OSB surface. Get some MDO plywood to cover it. You can seal it up and it would take getting wet pretty well ( They use it to paint exterior signs on.)

    If you ever do that,...
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