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    Re: When to replace microfiber towels

    All good tips from Fly and Tex...

    Another thing you can try right now after you soaked them in APC is to wash them with a cup or 2 (depending on the load) of white vinegar but dont dry them bone...
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    Re: Griot's G8 Polisher

    Questions to OP...

    Are you finding the stalling happened more on the vertical passes or the horizontal passes ?

    How big was your working area when using the G8?
  3. Re: Can a foaming waterless wash handle dirtier cars than regular waterless wash?

    I agree with you. A few years back, I was prepping a bucket solution of Meguire D114 to do a rinse less wash. I noticed that the solution would foamed when I introduced water to it via a pressure...
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    Re: #&$#@& high spots in coating

    I normally apply coating indoor vs outdoor. I use low nap towels as well but with a twist. I have them in different colors. Blue for initial removal, green for second wipe, and I follow up with a...
  5. Re: 24" deep x 36" wide shelves, looking to store my pads and gear

    I had a leak in the garage this last winter and moisture got in to my bins. Some of my less used pads got molded. Since then... I put each pad in a stretchable zip lock bag with a Rechargeable...
  6. Thread: CAR Dryers

    by psnt1ol

    Re: CAR Dryers

    Metro Master Blaster and metro sidekick. The side kick is great for wheels and small areas. Master blaster is a beast. it can blow a gallon container full of liquid across a table. Both unit...
  7. Thread: G9 gets hot

    by psnt1ol

    Re: G9 gets hot

    The G9 could get warm but nothing like the Flex 3401 with the metal shroud. For those of you who worked with one knows what I am talking about. LOL

    I use a set of anti vibration gloves for all...
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    Re: Is CarPro Hydro2Foam as great as it looks?

    I use a mist sprayer like the one they have here on AG. I generally use a dilution ratio of 1 to 9 and one panel at a time. It is important to rinse thoroughly and I tend to rinse adjacent panels...
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    Re: Is CarPro Hydro2Foam as great as it looks?

    I totally agree. I use both Hydro2 as well as Hydrofoam. I prefer Hydro2 because I use a dedicated car soap with no gloss agent and polymer to wash. I follow up with Hydro2 while its still wet. ...
  10. Re: Help me keep it quick and simple with my PC and Subarus

    I would use a panel wipe prior to LSP to maximize durability. Most companies invested resources to ensure their products have a synergic ties across the line. 3D Proxy over 3D One should be no...
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    Re: Blackfire Site 40% Off

    I told myself that I would stop buying stuff but I simply cant resist... Thanks Guz!!!
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    Re: 2021 BMW X5 Competition

    That interior is awesome. Its not like most BMW performance vehicle interior. You always does a good job so no need to say more.

    BTW... I hate the new grills on the new BMW cars. They are not...
  13. Re: What's the most utilized pad size you are using for small areas?

    3" for sure. Years ago LC made a 4 inch pad for the flex 3401. I hardly ever used them.
  14. Re: First time out ever: impressions and questions

    If this is a daily driver then the decision should be ... live with it or go after it a little further. I dont like to go after rids with a pad due to excess of material being remove on the...
  15. Re: Help me keep it quick and simple with my PC and Subarus

    The answer is... it depends. If there are no defects like bird dropping etching, hard water spots, or marrings then I will just reapply the LSP.

    There are so many car washes in the market that...
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    Re: Newb with questions about Subaru paint.

    Glen is absolutely right... The paint on cars these are much thinner than their predecessors. Repeated polishing will remove materials but its not anywhere like compounding repeatedly. Its very...
  17. Re: Help me keep it quick and simple with my PC and Subarus

    Longevity of any LSP is relative, subjective, and environmentally conditional. 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 1-2 years, or 2-5 years. A daily driver that sits outdoor will unlikely see the durability...
  18. Re: Help me keep it quick and simple with my PC and Subarus

    Not familiar with Meguiar's foam pads but from the description... they are low profile. Yellow is their polishing and red is their cutting. I seldom go beyond a light cutting foam pad for an AIO. ...
  19. Re: Help me keep it quick and simple with my PC and Subarus

    Thin low profile pads works better with a Porta Cable. 3D Speed is my goto for an AIO but I am getting some BF AIO as well since I like the idea of a sealant in an AIO.
  20. Re: Streaking & Spotting With Panel Wipe When I Was Preparing To Put On Ceramic Coating

    How many towels did you use during the wipe off and how big of an area did you do? The spotting and streaking you mentioned... were they only on some panels or is it all panels?
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    Re: BLACKFIRE One Step - I'm a Believer!

    OK...OK... I was going to wait but I am putting BF on the cart now. LOL
  22. Replies

    Re: Rookie DA compound/polish questions

    You are bang on !!!!

    To OP... Many of us that had some time behind a polisher developed their own style of buffing along the way but it really doesnt vary too far from the basics. Learn the...
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    Re: Wheel coating ?

    you hit the nail on the head. most dedicated wheel coating has a higher heat tolerance. Paint coating's goal is to shine and protect. Wheel coating is more gear toward heat and adhesion for...
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    Re: BLACKFIRE One Step - I'm a Believer!

    nope... I just went right in to applying 303
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    Re: Detail over multiple weeks?

    I am happy to hear you finished your project. Just rinseless wash or a regular wash after the rain stop and you should be ok.
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