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  1. Re: What's everyone's thoughts on the Covid-19 situation?

    With GA being open again I was finally able to get a haircut! Something we take for granted. My hair was longer than it had been in 40 years. The barber wore a mask, I wore a mask. He sanitized...
  2. Re: What's everyone's thoughts on the Covid-19 situation?

    Here in Georgia our governor decided to open the state tomorrow. Pray for us.
  3. Re: Review: 3D Paint Coating and 3D One Cutting Compound and Finishing Polish

    It does contain Silicone Dioxide and Titanium Dioxide. Doesn’t one of the Polish Angel products have similar ingredients? It’s hard to claim it’s a “true ceramic coating” if it does not contain...
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    Re: Software Experts? - ZOOM is Malware?

    From what I hear about Zoom one major problem is how you invite folks to your conference. It seems some people are just putting the link out in the open for anyone to join in. When you do this you...
  5. Re: Review: Pinnacle Black Label Waterless Wash and Protect

    How long does the “protection” last? Like a QD?
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    Re: Precious metal investing

    Personally I would not buy precious metals unless it was by way of mining stocks. A precious metals ETF is a good way to go as a hedge on falling stock prices or a downturn in the economy or a...
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    Re: Precious metal investing

    Not sure the Hunt Bro’s were investing or trying to corner the market, which they found out was really dumb. I sold my silver coin collection way back then at a very good profit.
  8. Re: Customer never used floor mats, do you charge more?

    You are missing out if you don’t use Mike Phillips pre inspection checklist. Using the checklist allows you to go over the entire car and then give the customer a price. If you run into a problem...
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    Re: Facebook Detailing group?

    I know AG uses Facebook to win friends and influence enemies (make money), but I wonder if revenue has increased by any measurable percentage since AG started it. I know this forum makes them some...
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    Re: Ceramic Pro Cure Time and Salt / Brime

    I’m assuming they don’t want any water on the coating to keep it from getting water spots. The salt should not effect the coating. If they say 2 weeks then I would wait two weeks. I would get some...
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    Re: Ceramic Pro Cure Time and Salt / Brime

    Are you saying the installer told you there was a 2 week cure time? Call them back and ask them again. 24 hours is the norm. If you are really worried buy a bottle of IGL Premier and apply it over...
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    Re: Facebook Detailing group?

    I was on that Facebook page for a few days, but it was just too toxic for my tastes. Facebook and Twitter just seem to bring out the worst in people. I guess it’s just the anonymous factor. Ok,...
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    Re: cracking paint?

    I’ve seen a lot of this on reprints of this age and for whatever reason especially red. I could be many of the muscle cars of that era were repainted in red. Like others have said, not too much you...
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    Re: Did I get a deal?

    Great deal. Polisher is worth at least $250 alone.
  15. Re: Ceramic coatings application vs ambient temperature....

    Humidity can be a larger problem than temperature. The higher the humidity, the longer the drying time. 50 degrees is about as low as I would want to go when applying a coating. Wait until Spring.
  16. Re: Optimum Glass Coat over pitted windshield?

    Using my “googlefu” I found some places nearby me (I live “way out”) surprisingly that use a windshield PPF. There was many pictures of expensive cars with PPF on the windshields. I guess I’ll have...
  17. Re: Optimum Glass Coat over pitted windshield?

    Never heard of glass specific PPF! Google here I come!
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    Re: 4K HDMI cable

    Expensive HMDI cables are a rip off. People have been falling for this forever. The only time to step up to a better cable is when you are running lengths of over 30 feet. The difference between a...
  19. Re: Protecting Headlights - Clear coat & PPF Film?

    Since headlights come with clear coat already on your headlights I do not understand what would be affected by installing PPF over the clear coat. This is a new one for me. I do not see the...
  20. Re: PBL ceramic trim sealer as topper for Solution Finish

    Before we start topping SF with PBLhas anyone proved that PBLlasts longer than SF alone? I emailed the maker of SF and he said that the amount of “ceramic” substance in PBL is negligible and in his...
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    Re: 3” polisher purchase

    I’ve got two Rupes Nano’s and they both work fine in rotary and DA mode. You can’t apply too much pressure, but using a microfiber pad to cut and the yellow Rupes pad to finish works great for me. ...
  22. Re: Recommendations for a Drill Set and Attachments (For Tire Cleaning)

    Check Amazon. You can get a set of drill brushes cheap. They come in different colors/hardness. The green or yellow should fit the bill, or just buy both since they are so cheap and can be used...
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    Re: Waxing Black Car

    FUNX650 beat me to it. Try the TW Color Magic Jet Black Polish which will (supposedly fill in light swirls and scratches and leave some protection. Turtle Wax also used to sell a “chip stick”, but...
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    Re: Rupes LHR15ES Question

    Buy Mike’s book on the Rupes System approach. Money well spent. And buy extra yellow Rupes pads.
  25. Re: For those who have done many interiors, has anyone seen fabric like this?

    Looks like a mid to late 60’s MG or other British car. I can name that tune too...

    It’s really hard to tell by the pictures. What are you trying to do?
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