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    Re: McKee's 37 Sio2 Auto Wash

    Heavy dirt and contaminants should be rinsed off prior to washing the car. Then, wash the vehicle as you normally would, except don't feel obligated to rinse off each panel after you wash it. ...
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    Re: 10 Year Autogeek Anniversary

    Congratulations, Mike! :applause:

    Thanks for showing me how a clay bar worked 9 short years ago - that 30 second tutorial in the Show Car Garage transformed my life! :righton:

  3. Re: McKee's 37 Hydro Blue on Exterior Trim

    Great question!

    Hydro Blue won't stick to a quality trim protectant/restorer, so there will not be any "interference" between the two products.

    You can remove Hydro Blue from plastic trim using...
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    Re: McKees 360 turned plastic bumper white

    Send me an email with your information and I'll ship a care packing containing our Wax Remover For Plastic and Plastic Trim Restorer. :) Email is in my signature below.
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    Re: NEW McKess 37 pollen X

    I'm glad to see so much excitement over this product. :righton:

    To answer a couple common questions....

    1. Yes it is compatible with the entire McKee's 37 line, including our ceramic coatings....
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    Re: Foaming wheel cleaner

    The crystals are a by-product of the manufacturing process. They are supposed to be removed before the product is poured. Unfortunately this did not happen! Fortunately only a small batch was...
  7. Re: Applied Ceramic Coating then it rained...

    Ceramic coatings are very susceptible to water spots during the curing process. If moisture is present, it will become trapped in the coating. This is one of the reasons water spots can be very...
  8. Re: Mckees 37 si02 spray coating leaving streaks

    To add what Don said...

    From my personal experience, it appears too much product was used and/or it was not rinsed off soon enough.

    Hold the bottle in one hand, and the hose nozzle/pressure...
  9. *NEW* McKee's 37 Krystal Vision Foaming Glass Cleaner

    Happy Friday. I trust everyone is ready for winter to be over. :cheers:

    While most of you have spent winter freezing your butts off, Stuart Florida continues to be a tropical paradise year...
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    Re: New Home for McKee's 37, Coming Soon!


    We were finally able to break ground the week before last. Projected completion date for the new building: July 2019. :righton:
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    Re: Toyota Supra

    I guess I'm the exception, because I love it. :rolleyes:

    What's important to me is styling, driving dynamics, and comfort. Toyota could have easily slapped the Supra badge on a re-skinned Lexus...
  12. Re: Video: Hydro Blue Application Guide (Updated Summer 2018)

    Thank you!

    Most MATTE wheels have a clear coat, meaning it will be fine. :xyxthumbs:
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    Re: McKees tire coating turned tires brown

    Mike ("The Guz") hit the nail on the head.

    The only other suggestion I would make is to omit the APC from your tire cleaning process. Use the tire cleaner, and only the tire cleaner. :props:
  14. Re: Tire/rubber cleaner that won’t stain matte/satin wheels

    Couple tips for cleaning tires that are mounted on aftermarket wheels.

    1. Contact the manufacturer to see what types of chemicals they approve or disapprove. They (should) know their product...
  15. Re: McKee's 37 MK37-200 Paint Coating vs regular coating

    Hello. :)

    Last year we re-introduced our Paint Coating (MK37-260) with an entirely new formula which provides up to 3 years of longevity.

    The longevity of a Paint Coating is dependent upon...
  16. Re: New Formula Xtreme Iron Remover | McKee's 37

    Great photo. Thanks for the support!

    I see that you're on the opposite side of the state. If you can please email me today I'll make sure you receive a replacement bottle on your door step by...
  17. Re: New Formula Xtreme Iron Remover | McKee's 37

    The only time I've seen an iron remover turn "chalky" is under the following conditions:

    1. Paint is hot.
    2. Product is left to dwell too long.
    3. Combination of 1 and 2.
    4. When applied to...
  18. Re: Hydro Blue CONCENTRATE is Now Available! Video Inside....

    Cool, enjoy! :righton:

    Great advice. :dblthumb2:
  19. Re: McKee's 37 Paint Coating v1 and v2 shelf life concern?


    V2 does have a shorter shelf life than V1, that's for sure. The reason why is because the amount of solids in the updated (V2) formula.

    When I say solids, I'm referring to the...
  20. Re: Hydro Blue CONCENTRATE is Now Available! Video Inside....

    It may *seem* expensive, until you realize that it's a concentrate, meaning you dilute it with water to create a ready-to-use spray on, rinse off nano coating. It's less expensive per ounce when...
  21. Re: Hydro Blue CONCENTRATE is Now Available! Video Inside....

    Great question. Using distilled water will definitely yield a longer shelf life. Yes you can use it on fabric tops.
  22. Hydro Blue CONCENTRATE is Now Available! Video Inside....


    It brings me great excitement to announce that Hydro Blue SiO2 Coating is now available as a concentrated form that you dilute with water. This makes Hydro Blue an even better value than...
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    Re: Mckee's 37 Foaming Wheel Cleaner

    Thanks for the continued support, despite the recurring issue you’ve experienced. This happens occasionally with the sprayers. Future batches are not affected.

    I’d like to send you a gallon plus...
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    Re: SEMA 2018 Roll Call - Who's Going?


    Where's everyone staying? My wife and I will be staying at the TRUMP.
  25. Review: Dual Action Trim & Tire Applicator Sponge | McKee's 37

    I'm excited to announce that Autogeek now carries the McKee's 37 Dual Action Trim & Tire Applicator Sponges. :righton: This is another cool item that I spent months perfecting. Simply put, it's the...
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