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  1. Sticky: Re: How to use the Dr. ColorChip Paint Chip Repair Systems

    I've tried the Dr Colorchip 4 separate times now, 2 on my own vehicles and 2 on a customer's. I wanted to incorporate this more into the business, but it seems like it takes so much longer to clean...
  2. Re: Spot cleaning fabric convertible top

    Whatever cleaner you use, hitting it with a steam cleaner may help. I just got a bunch of black grease stains out of a light tan colored headliner last week. I used my smaller steam cleaner with...
  3. Re: Cleaning Between Model Number Lettering

    That's the one. It's like having a tiny nanoskin tool. One pass around the border of emblems is about all it takes. Haven't found an emblem it couldn't reach the interior corners either. I'll...
  4. Re: Cleaning Between Model Number Lettering

    Hard to tell in the pic, but it's not a cone. The tip is essentric, and it has a sort of blade edge (pointing directly at the camera). The profile is kind of like a spatula for spreading icing....
  5. Re: Cleaning Between Model Number Lettering

    I use a rubber tipped detail tool and a quick detail spray. They sell a kit here, but the brushes are AWFUL and the reviews show it. They are gray, and one is a dual sided dash vent tool, and the...
  6. Re: Can you recommend a medium cut polish for production detailing?

    WG Uber Compound finishes off nice enough to go straight to LSP. This was with a rotary, so of course I did go over it again with a DA next.I already hit the other areas in the pic, working towards...
  7. Re: Post Your Most Uneducated Comments Ever Received In Detailing History

    Was he about 7 feet tall?
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    Re: Steam cleaner for detailing business

    I spent big money on the Dupray Hill Injection steam cleaner and really haven't put it to much use. It cleans interior surfaces really good, but it's not a huge time saving over just using an all...
  9. Sticky: Re: Share your best business card design tip?

    I kept the front simple because I have two different addresses for the different services, even though they are right across the street from each other. I'm going to be making some pamphlets also...
  10. Re: Time saving tips for drying after foam wash?

    I saw that one but was going to settle on the DI Rinse Pro 100. I'll check on getting it delivered, but this is a tiny plot and a very funky intersection with heavy traffic, so it could be pretty...
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    Re: Applying Cockpit Trim Sealant

    Thanks for the feedback. I may still try it out for the ones I do at the shop.
  12. Re: Time saving tips for drying after foam wash?

    I actually was looking at DI systems earlier and will probably get one. I was actually talking to my buddy/housemate/business partner today telling him I'll probably just do the rinseless instead,...
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    Applying Cockpit Trim Sealant

    So I'm a big WG fanboy now, but mostly just using their LSPs, moved onto Uber Rinseless Wash, and keep getting impressed. I haven't tried any trim dressings because I bought gallons of CG Silk Shine...
  14. Re: Time saving tips for drying after foam wash?

    Noise won't be an issue at all. There is a Jiffy Lube that has the building built right up to the property line, and the other two borders (triangle shaped property) are streets, one being Main St,...
  15. Re: Time saving tips for drying after foam wash?

    I went ahead and ordered a couple water sprites and just picked up a Ryobi leaf blower. It's battery powered so not the strongest, but I already have a bunch of Ryobi tools with a 6 pack charger and...
  16. Time saving tips for drying after foam wash?

    I just found a good lot to rent to have a small hand wash setup going. All of my previous experience as a business has been doing high end mobile detailing using a waterless wash as a basis. I have...
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    Re: Sanding Headlights Help?

    I do the same thing. Doesn't even matter if the pads aren't designed for wet sanding, though most of the finer grits usually are. I find you don't use the heavy grits long enough for the water to...
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    Re: Garage Heater

    It wouldn't take much to insulate the garage doors yourself, but you would need to get heavier duty springs installed. I used to do garage door servicing and repair so if anyone has any questions...
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    Re: Porter Cable 7424xp problems?

    If I have to try correcting with a PC, I always put it on 6 and not a lot of pressure to allow it to keep rotating. If I'm just doing a final polish, I don't worry about it spinning. I use mostly...
  20. Re: Ceramic coatings that require certification or licensing

    I'm slightly familiar with their products. I use the Opti-Lens as my headlight sealant and was pretty interested in trying it their Opticoat, but by the time I was ready to try it out, other...
  21. Re: Ceramic coatings that require certification or licensing

    So I sent an application to Optimum and got a reply with an agreement form to fill out. It looks like more of a partnership/advertising agreement and not anything along the lines of being "certified"...
  22. Re: Ceramic coatings that require certification or licensing

    I agree completely, but this company fully intends on doing Ferraris and Lambos and the like from the sound of it. So every cert or warranty that can give the customer a warm and fuzzy is probably...
  23. Re: Ceramic coatings that require certification or licensing

    I really appreciate this info. I do want to get on one of the training courses for some certifications. I wasn't originally planning on making this a full lifelong business, but this opportunity...
  24. Ceramic coatings that require certification or licensing

    I've been doing some searching but it's hard to differentiate between the paint coating and high temp ceramic coating when trying to look up information. I've come across an opportunity to be an...
  25. Re: First detailing experience + questions for next one)

    If you don't already have a pad cleaning brush, you should get one. I put my porter cable on about speed 3, turn it upside down, and brush the dried polish off the pad, going light enough to try to...
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