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    Re: Customerís Truck Arrives Muddy

    OP made $50 extra doing extra.
    and just a greenhorn at it even!
    maybe you should try it
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    Re: Customerís Truck Arrives Muddy

    my suggestion is always do a little extra even if it isnt noticed. doing a little extra isnt about the customer-its about how you feel when the job is done.
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    Re: Customerís Truck Arrives Muddy

    relatively new to detailing and $400 for the work done seems reasonable to me.
    i dont find anything wrong with doing a bit extra for free.
  4. Re: Small garage and just got new car HELPP!!!!

    the best gauges to see where youre at:
    back your car in where you want it. then get some some of them paddle ball things. cut the rubber and ball off, tie to some string, and hang em from the...
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    Re: Opinions on Window Tint?

    i went through a serious 2 1/2 year battle with melanoma. i love driving but dont like the sun blaring in on me much any more.
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    Re: Paint Correction Products

    i used to use the twins. now i use M100 followed by 205. m100 is designed to be used with a rotary and wool pad but it works great with my DA and orange lake country pads. with both my rotary or DA,...
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    Re: forgot to wet sand paper, what to do?

    i have done quite a few paint jobs and wet sanding. i havent ever gone beyond 1500 grit. i used to use megs M105 and an orange lake country pad on a 7424. took some time but always worked.i dont use...
  8. Re: Switching to High Mileage Oil made a huge difference..

    i believe that has the 4.6 northstar? if so, they are rather notorious for the lifter tick-too! theres a few GM engines that are notorious for. GM specifies 5w for a lot of engines but i personally...
  9. Re: Switching to High Mileage Oil made a huge difference..

    switching to a 10w 30 might even do more. 5w is pretty thin and for colder climates. switching from 5w to 10w stopped a lifter tick in my 08 grand prix.
  10. Thread: What is this?

    by tomsteve

    Re: What is this?

    3rd the solvent pop. it would be hard for me to believe a beemer left the factory lookin that way. i also lean to repairwork having been done.
    check the edges/jambs of panels.doors, etc around that...
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    Re: Show us your pet.

    dont know if i contributed here yet, but this is pete thedog("thedog" is his middle name). the grass was reallyreallyreally tall in this pic.;)

  12. Re: Any suggestions on how to fix these deep scratches/chips?

    depends on what the end product is that you want. if you want it to look like it did before, its going to require some repair knowledge. best to know what material that is to use the proper filler....
  13. Thread: Wurth Paint

    by tomsteve

    Re: Wurth Paint

    i would suggest using a wax and grease remover prior to painting over the acetone. spray it on, let it sit for 30 seconds for the WAG to lift any contaminants,wipe it off. let surface dry for 15...
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    Re: Running water into an attached garage?

    i did it quite some time ago in the attached garage of the house i was living in but i have some plumbing experience. its simple- find exisiting line to tap into( i ended up tapping into main feed...
  15. Re: How many here are still using the Porter Cable DA?

    the only buffer i have(other than rotary). ive had it for 14 years now,still running strong, and helping make paint shine.
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    Re: Rotary polisher jumping...

    it reads like it could be too much product on the wool pad.
    i have a spur i used to clean and break up my wool pad occasionally.
  17. Re: Remove deep wetsand marks with DA on hard paint

    looks like when it was wet sanded the sanding scratches didnt get refined.if those marks were in the base then the metallic would show it. the metallic looks to have been sprayed pretty good. you can...
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    Re: Clear coat failure

    yeah,not CC failure. gonna need a little paint work to fix that.
  19. Re: Bad results using Meguiars cleaner wax on single stage

    in gonna reply reading what i read here:
    Noob looking for advice, tips and tricks • How to Paint Your Own Car, Auto Body Discussion Forum & Videos •
    you used the summit single stage...
  20. Re: Need advice to remove 2000 grit sanding marks

    machine sanding is nice but nothing beats wet sanding by hand. i can hear when there is a piece of grit between the sandpaper and surface,stop, and not make too much of a mess to correct.. when wet...
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    Re: HELP!!!! Clearcoar failure or oxidation

    if its CC failure(and looks like it) and its on the hood, roof ,trunk top, and along the top of the doors, thats just about a complete repaint at a body shop. i couldnt see a shop wanting to do...
  22. Re: How to get paint off of trim, bumpers and emblems?

    most definately.those galaxies wouldnt look the same without the chrome running front to back down the middle of both sides.
  23. Re: How to get paint off of trim, bumpers and emblems?

    on the chrome, aluminum, and stainless, id suggest- with the parts off the car- paint stripper. aircraft paint remover has worked good for me. just dont use anything abrasive like steel wool to work...
  24. Re: Thinking of wet sanding my whole car - advice wanted

    when body repair work is done, typically a complete panel is cleared because it is next to impossible to blend clear. if a panel isnt completely cleared the edges of the new clear will show now...
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    Re: New Car Paint Defects

    that sounds like a bubble- adhesion issue with the paint.
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