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  1. Re: Pre-Production UDOS Polisher from LC Power Tools - First Look Pictures

    I think what they were asking is whether the 8mm Sanding mode is forced rotation like the FLEX 3401? That's what I'm wondering too.
  2. Re: Can you recommend a medium cut polish for production detailing?

    Does Correction Cream have any more cut than HD Polish+?

    I've tried removing light scratches from my paint with HD Polish+ and it doesn't seem to have enough cut. That leads me to believe my paint...
  3. Re: Drying towels , 1-2 towels enough? And MF towel detergent question.

    I have 2 large PFM towels and 2 small PFM towels. They're amazing. I use one of each to dry my mid-sized sedan. Next wash I use the other two, then wash them all.

    For cleaning microfiber towels I...
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    Re: Gas pedal cleaning

    I use a brush like this and OPC. The bristles are soft, but very densely packed.

    Large Multi-Purpose Brush
  5. Re: Economical and effective wheel/tire cleaner product recommendation?

    I love Meguiar's D143 non-acid wheel and tire cleaner. It works well, it's dual-purpose, and it's economical. I was actually looking for something comparable to try next, but there doesn't seem to be...
  6. Re: Optimum Opti-Bond still a relevant tire dressing?

    It's interesting that you mention this. I once tried D143 at 3:1 to try and save some product, but found that it's cleaning power on tires was severely reduced. I went back to 2:1 after that. I find...
  7. Re: Optimum Opti-Bond still a relevant tire dressing?

    I've been meaning to try this. How do you guys like to apply it? Straight, with a simple foam applicator?
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    Re: Swirl me please!!!

    Poor thing. They were just WHIPPING the buffer across it. Looks great now!
  9. Re: New PORTER-CABLE 7424XP from Amazon - Power switch problems?

  10. Re: New PORTER-CABLE 7424XP from Amazon - Power switch problems?

    Have you tried posting on the Amazon auto detailing forum?
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    Re: Ceramic coating after Headlight restoration?

    I coated my headlights with CarPro DLux after restoring them. They looked great for about a year before they started to yellow again.

    And it's particularity tough up here in Canada when during the...
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    Re: Protecting Winter Wheels?

    Fast FC04 are a copy of BBS CI-R.

    Wheel Details - Road Wheels - BBS USA
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    Re: Modern Alternative to Klasse AIO + SG?

    I used to use the Klasse twins, but I've since switched to Collinite 845. There's a really good thread on here that compared the two over the course of a winter, and they both performed about the...
  14. Re: Okay why has everyone been keeping the Jescar Power Lock Plus a secret from me?

    I've been using the same bottle of Collinite 845 for the last 2 seasons. When it runs out, I'm trying Power Lock next. I've always head good things about it. I'd like to try their abrasives too.

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    Re: Counterweight question when running 3" pads

    I use a 3" LC backing plate, and 3" LC Flat Pads on my 7424XP, and there's no noticeable increase in vibration or anything over the 5" BP and pads.
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    Re: Best Drying Aids-Choice

    Currently, I use ONR at QD dilution. It's dirt cheap. I think using anything more expensive is a waste of money as it gets so diluted by the water standing on the car.

    I was using UWW+, but it's a...
  17. Re: 3D ONE HYBRID COMPOUND & POLISH in one Ask us anything!

    I was at the 3D Products Canada store in Burlington, Ontario about a month ago and they probably had 20 bottles of HD Adapt on the shelf.
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    Re: Steering wheel cleaner

    I clean my leather steering wheel with Optimum Power Clean (OPC) at 3:1 using a MF towel and the twisting motion described above. I then wipe the wheel down with a second clean MF towel soaked in...
  19. Re: Microfiber Towel-Cloth Machine Wash Detergent for cold water best

    I too use Towel Kleen. I wash all my MF towels on warm, but they could probably handle hot water too.

    My laundry machine is a non-HE top-loader, so once it's full with water I add the detergent.
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    Re: AIO product Recommendations...

    I experienced the same thing with HD Speed on a trashed black Altima. Had to step up to an LC Flat orange from white.
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    Re: Interior cleaner protectant

    I've used CG Inner Clean and I liked it. Cleaned well, smelled nice, and didn't leave ANY gloss behind.
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    Re: Not that post count matters... but...

    Thank you for all of your contributions! We should all be grateful for them, your decades of experience are invaluable. I've learned so much from all of the advice and techniques in your posts and...
  23. Re: First time polishing - Okay to leave car outside overnight?

    I would wipe the car down with quick detailer or waterless wash in the morning.
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    Re: How many pads?: Discussion!!

    I use all 8 of my polishing pads to buff out my Honda Accord. Followed by a single finishing pad for sealant (I have one as a spare too). I also have 8 cutting pads.

    My brother recently asked me...
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    Re: Which MF towels should I buy?

    The PFM drying towel comes in two sizes: large and small. The small ones would be absolutely perfect for rinseless washes. They are soft and absorbent, and their small size makes them easy to handle....
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