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    Re: Blackfire Pro Ceramic Coating test

    Thanks for giving the update on the coating. Glad to be here in Houston and not that type of BRUTAL winter, brrr.
  2. Re: VIP Guests - Industry Experts - for the February 3-Day Detailing Class

    Wow, this coming class is going to be a great way to learn from Mike and some top industry insiders. As a former student all I can say to anyone interested, sign up NOW!

    If anyone wants to get...
  3. Re: Do stones "bounce off" PPF, and not leave a mark?

    I have PPF on both of my vehicles, car and truck. As Funx650 stated, it depends upon the size of stone and velocity it is traveling. I even have PPF over the headlights to protect them too!

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    Re: Review: GYEON Q2M Tire SiO2 Coating

    So the results are from a one coat application, once by foam applicator and immediately then with the drill brush? If so then is a great time saver ov other tire coating products.
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    Re: Looking for a no-dry wash

    Agree with both Mike and Skip on ways to help. I think you are looking for rinseless wash, wet the dry one section at a time. Your outside car is most likely getting some overnight dew which attracts...
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    Re: Happy New Year for 2021!

    I agree with Mike Phillip’s post, may we all stay positive in the year ahead. May the days ahead be filled with hope as we kick the COVID-19 to the curb. Until then a warm virtual hug to all my...
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    Re: Tuff stuff question

    The Guz is correct and I concur. Tuff Shine instructions state to only use normal soap on the tires.

    A respected YouTuber did a comparison on tire coatings and was disappointed in Tuff Shine...
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    Re: New Ford Explorer St Black

    I would suggest using the new 303 Graphene spray at this time considering your weather. Get it protected and it should give you time to apply a coating. Next easy choice is Dr. Beasley’s Formula 1201...
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    Re: cleaning blood from interior

    I use the P&S products for these and use them too on cleaning up garments when encounter blood. (Sometimes I get a few cuts and scratches).

    Renny Doyle Double Black Terminator Enzyme Spot & Stain ...
  10. Thread: PPF

    by Thomkirby

    Re: PPF

    Okay, I'll chime in and confuse all. I started with Suntek on the front bumper and about 20-inches up the hood. After about 3-years it started showing more color (yellowing). My original...
  11. Re: 2021 My Classic Car TV Commercials sponsored by Autogeek

    Thanks for sharing these Mike and Yancey.

    Shows how much work goes into the short and simple things most take for granted. I know you both are anxious to see these beauties and stress is a bit...
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    Review: 303 Graphene Nano Spray Coating

    This works exactly as shown by Mike’s review. A couple of weeks ago I had a customer that needed the protection on his RAM and I was partly completed with Plasma coat. Lost daylight and had to...
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    Re: DP Lightning shine tire spray.

    Does anyone that has used it report back a few questions?

    How long for it to dry before driving?

    With time how long will it maintain that level of shine?

    Looking for a shiny product that...
  14. Re: Wait time after PPF application for Ceramic Coating?

    I can only guess but based upon the process done at Chicago Auto Pros they would wait at least a day prior to doing the coating. It will depend upon the PPF recommendations by the manufacturer...
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    Re: What did you do today non-detailing related?

    Yes, it helps when she is out of the kitchen and I'm cleaning up. :xyxthumbs:
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    Re: Educate me on IK foam sprayers?

    If you want the best information on IK-products watch the dedicated videos on The Rag Company FQA YouTube channel.
    They recently did a live session in their TRCMA series with the IK USA office and...
  17. Now available - Dr. Beasley's Z1 Ceramic AIO Primer

    I used Z1 this past week and used less product each time after my first loading of the pad. I found it easy to remove with a short nap MF towel.

    I did most of the car with NSP 45 but then on the...
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    Re: 2018 Macan GTS

    It is kinda weird but I really enjoy looking at the cars in your driveway. Something for everyone and of course learn and have a goal to be as good as your talents and dedication is on display!
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    Re: What did you do today non-detailing related?

    Another 303 Muti-Cleaner use

    Mike Phillips has often shared tips of ways to use many products sold by AG.

    I took his advice and tested the product, a really non-detailing exercise

  20. Re: Flex "Pixie" PXE80 extensions and attachments?


    Read this in the forum Post #12
  21. Re: Any recommendations on a cordless blow dryer?

    I use a Makita cordless model (18v) for being very light and I was already committed to their other tools. They do offer a dual 18v model but it is a bit pricey and does weigh more.

    Like Spikey...
  22. Re: What's in the box? NEW Griot's BOSS 15mm & 21mm Polishers

    I grabbed the G15 during our last polishing session and gave it a try, Rod was packing it up at the end of Saturday for his return. Not leaving it for Mike Phillips to test out.

    Yes Spikey Mike,...
  23. Re: Mildew (?) on white paint, how to correct

    Correct me if I am guess incorrectly, but your 2016 F150 is the aluminum cab. My 2018 F150 has similar material in that body weld section. Look at other F150s and you should see the same material. ...
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    Re: Clear Coat Failure or Chemical

    Yes those were my exact questions.:xyxthumbs:

    Car was inherited over a 1-1/2 years ago, so they knew it was fine at that time.

    Sometime recently they noticed the trunk lid was distorted as...
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    Re: Touch up paint , questions

    I would not be so fast to blame the chip on the corvette given the photo. You have a straight line marring from a door above that and the chip has no linear marks. That chip does look like more...
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