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    Re: What are you eating?

    Sadly NOT a Greenberg Smoked Turkey. Their shipping and freezer facility caught fire on Nov. 6 and 87,000 smoked turkeys were destroyed. But we will order from them next year when they are up a...
  2. Re: Fading paint on plastic bumper, need advice

    Yes, you can maintain it with the LSP (Last Step Product/Protection) of your choice - wax, sealant, etc. But I would not polish again.
  3. Re: Stupid question, rinseless wash alternative?

    Why not use an Interior Detailer? It will do light cleaning and leave behind some protection. I use a non-AG brand for all the cars I do (including my own) and that takes care of +90% of what I...
  4. Re: Fading paint on plastic bumper, need advice

    First off, Welcome to Autogeek Forums!

    To me that looks like clearcoat failure, and would need to be repainted. Since it can be removed that may make it easier to have done in a shop.
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    Re: What are you eating?

    A 'meat and 3' (or 2 in your case) is my favorite type of place! In the south we don't know much about northern-type diners, but every town has a 'meat & 3' place that is open for breakfast and...
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    Re: What did you do today non-detailing related?

    Congrats to the family for reaching that milestone! Beautiful campus.

    Our friends daughter attends College of Charleston, and I was blown away at their campus. It is in the historic district,...
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    Re: What did you do today non-detailing related?

    Ha! I will wait a while before upgrading to the PS5. Still plenty of PS4 games for me to play, and still new releases coming of my favorite - Assassin's Creed.
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    Re: Overspray removal

    I use plastic razor blades or a plastic putty knife with APC to remove road paint from those areas. It may take a while, but it does come off.
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    Re: Do you NEED to prep before waxing?

    I am lucky enough to help maintain a 1912 race car (built from period parts over 14 years - so it is more like a pre-war hot rod). The car is BC/CC, and I have only corrected it 2 times in the 6...
  10. Re: Review: Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Ceramic Coating Pro

    Excellent advice Mike!

    Another tip is to use a 2nd Grit Guard - place it upside down on top of the towels, to help keep them down in the water. Work really well for soaking pads, but helps...
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    Re: Evolution of a process - Wheel soap

    I clean non-maintained wheels and tires with dedicated products. For maintained wheels I use a car wash soap with SiO2 premixed in a bottle with a foaming sprayer, but no wheel 'bucket'. As others...
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    Re: Toyota Highlander

    Ohhh, slumming on the product/tool department, but the same fantastic results! Enjoy the trip, and 'hey' to Mrs. Sizzle.
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    Re: Wash mitt you like...

    These are great mitts! I have several similar ones from another vendor, and they clean great with no swirls.
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    Re: What did you do today, in regards to detailing?

    I washed and sealed both vehicles, partially just to prove I could do it!

    The Accord was easy, is it was mostly clean to start with, and still had some protection on it. For both cars I did a...
  15. Re: Do you coat (or dress) both sides of your tires?

    Yes! But not on daily drivers. I will clean both side of my DD tires if I have them off the car.

    I have been able to work on several pre-war/brass cars, and I always clean and dress both sides...
  16. Re: Unique Situation Considering Ceramic Coatings and Detailing!

    I will propose a different solution - Sonus ION Paint Sealant. The maker claims up to one year of protection, and it goes on more like a sealant/wax, instead of the a more finicky coating.

    I had...
  17. Re: Using Solution Finish to Restore Running Boards - 2018 Chevy Silverado

    I took a page from Mike's book (literally? not sure, I haven't read the whole thing yet...don't tell me how it ends!) and picked up some brushes for my tools. A set for the drill, a set that...
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    Re: Cheapest waterless wash?

    Your best bet is start with a good rinseless wash and dilute it to it's recommended waterless wash ratio. If you use distlilled water you could mix up a gallon and will be good for a long time.
  19. Re: Car wash process that hasn't been washed for over 3.5 years

    Is it a modern car (after the 1980's)? If so I am with Mike, just clean it and the polishing will take care of any marring that was done. I would use your regular car wash soap, but add a few...
  20. Re: Pictures: 2020 September 3-Day Detailing Bootcamp Class

    Great write up (as usual) Mike!

    It is always easy to pick out 'Dr Beasley' out of a crowd of detailers - He is usually the best dressed! (Unless Ivan is there).
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    Re: Hardened construction adhesive

    If you don't find the plastic razor blades locally, try a plastic putty knife from the DIY store.
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    Re: Griots has a rotary!

    PM sent.
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    Re: Using wool pad for first time

    For wool, I have only used the Rupes yellow wool pads and 'yellow' polish with a Rupes 15 MKII, and it worked GREAT! I did not have to use a finishing polish on the red Infinity Q60 I removed the...
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    Re: Griots has a rotary!

    I like that it allows for different side backing plates. But there are similar polishers available that are cordless, for less money.
  25. Re: Review: SONAX Insect Remover - How to avoid getting a new paint job

    Excellent tip Mike!
    I have been using this method for removing love bugs for several years - it works great and does not remove the LSP.

    I dunk MF towels in my rinseless wash solution (I...
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