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  1. Re: 2017 Harley Davidson CVO Street Glide FLXHSE - Just another hog!!!

    And I thought I was the crazy one taking care of my bikes... You've got me blown away.

    The most time I've ever put into detailing mine is about three days and I've never done so much disassembly...
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    Re: Best Carnauba wax for shine/gloss red car !

    Whatever you choose, and I would throw Meguiar's 26 into the mix, I don't think you will find any additional gloss or brilliance over the Meg's Ultimate you already have. What you will find is a deep...
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    Re: Beware of Buying Carpro products from AG

    I used to work in the aerospace industry and just about every type of product used, i.e., adhesives, paints, sealants, even some greases and oils, etc., had an expiration date associated with it and...
  4. Re: Fully Detailed Vehicle But Defects Remain...Need Advice

    I'm not familiar with the products you used... Maybe they were simply not aggressive enough to achieve the correction level you desire, or you just need to get more aggressive with your process,...
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    Re: Foam pad life expectancy

    It really depends on how they are used.

    If you overuse them once they start to get saturated you could destroy a pad in a single use. OTOH, if you use some common sense and change your pad before...
  6. Re: Lake Country flat white, blue and green pad...which one when?

    Besides not doing a test spot, why would you use UC for the final step?

    Between the 105, 205, and Ultimate Compound, the 205 is the best choice for the final polishing.
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    Re: Happy Birthday Meghan!

  8. Re: New MBZ E63s Get's a Dual Layer Ceramic Protection Applied

    I like those carbon fiber mirrors!
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    Re: weird film on new tires

    I haven't had a problem like this in a while, but whenever I had "problem" tires, lacquer thinner has always come to the rescue for me.
  10. Re: Weave showing thru paint, wetsand or not?

    I don't think wet sanding is as bad an option as others have stated, but it does involve some risk. Being that the part was previously painted there is a pretty good chance that the paint thickness...
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    Re: My Next Great Adventure

    Two days without pain meds... I've turned the corner. Today is the fourth full day since the surgery and the pain/discomfort is on the downhill.

    In fact, I'm considering spending a little time...
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    Re: Wax safe windshield washer fluid?

    I live in Southern California so there's not much of a need for washer fluid. I can't remember ever using my washers... But it sure pisses me off when the car in front of me uses there's and the...
  13. Re: Started the disassembly last night - Deep Clean and Detail

    Can you imagine what this would cost if you were paying someone to do it?

    The process you are going through is a perfect example of why questions like "How much should a full detail cost"? or "How...
  14. Re: How do I finish off stone chip repair and bumper scuff ??

    After reading your recent posts and questions...

    Let me reiterate... Don't expect perfection! Keep your expectations "real". Being a metallic color complicates the issue as the color and metallic...
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    Re: Wheels and drums

    At a minimum, if you're dead set on not removing the wheels, I would jack up the vehicle one wheel at a time. Then you could rotate the wheel for more complete accessibility.

    But like others...
  16. Re: LIVE Detailing Class TODAY at 3:00pm Eastern Time

    Too late now! I would've been here except my schedule has been so screwed up the last few days... I didn't even realize it's Thursday until I saw this thread LOL.
  17. Re: How do I finish off stone chip repair and bumper scuff ??

    I can't comment on the abrasive pen as I have never used one (or even seen one).

    The smoother the better... But you need to balance any sanding with the associated risks. Don't get too carried...
  18. Re: How do I finish off stone chip repair and bumper scuff ??

    I watched some of the video you linked. At least you picked a pretty good one to follow.

    I've seen some touch-up videos that are terrible examples.

    For reference, here's a process I follow...
  19. Re: How do I finish off stone chip repair and bumper scuff ??

    This is a tough process to learn or provide instruction other than in-person.

    That said, if you want the repairs "leveled", that is best accomplished by sanding. As for the grit, I'd start with...
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    Re: TarX leaving a drip stain?

    I don't understand why UP would remove the stain and M105 wouldn't. Doesn't make sense to me as the 105 is the more aggressive of the two.
  21. Thread: CAR Dryers

    by 2black1s

    Re: CAR Dryers

    Here's mine...


    Pros: Inexpensive, Effective
    Cons: Bulky
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    Re: My Next Great Adventure

    Today's plan... Try to get through the day without any pain meds.
  23. Re: How can I clean these marks on ATV plastic?

    Clay bar followed by a non-abrasive AIO.
  24. Thread: G9 gets hot

    by 2black1s

    Re: G9 gets hot

    Any mechanical machine that has moving parts will get warm, some even hot, during use. And the higher the speed, the higher the temperature... It's basic physics.

    For your polisher, if you can...
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    Re: How to correct?

    I can absolutely guarantee that if you try to add clear you will wish you didn't. You're probably at the limits of what can be done with the polishing you've done.
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