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    Re: Prevent morning freeze on the windshield

    A good glass coating or glass sealant makes it a little easier to scrape of the ice. The ice freezes on the glass in another way then. Otherwise it's finding a great cover. I'm not a fan of the...
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    Re: Ceramic coating detailing questions

    Test out how you like it with useing a drying aid. It may be something that you like. You don't know until you try it out LOL. I used Sonax BSD and another QD not sold here. For me it destroyed the...
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    Re: Biggest job I've tackled; happy with results

    Great work and write up and pictures!

    You got an awesome gloss on your beutieful M5!

    / Tony
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    Re: Ceramic coating detailing questions

    Your wash and waterless wash towels would work great with the multible wash media method.
    When it's under the freezing point I don't wash the cars at all. If we get a little warm weather conditions...
  5. Re: Help!!! Are these Holograms in my paint (2010 Audi S4)? Used FG400 and G21 w/MEGs MF Pad

    I'm with Rsurfer that you have both micro marring and deeper defects left. Also remember when you cut down the middle deep defects black paint shows the deeper defects very much more in sunlight.
  6. Re: weird substance on car hood and recommended removal techniques?

    Do you park inside of a public parking garage?

    Some run off inside them can get the water filled with minerals or the cement dust. If getting them very fresh a waterless wash may be enough to...
  7. Thread: 2018 Porsche GT3

    by SWETM

    Re: 2018 Porsche GT3

    Great work!

    Isn't that an uncommon paint color on a Porsche?

    I like it as it looking a little old school in some way and combo with the bodylines has been almost like this forever makes it...
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    Re: Microfiber towels streaking

    Most mf towels comes with an anti-mold in them. There are very few that don't have this in them. And to be certain to get it out it's a good way to wash them when new. There are some that have taken...
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    Re: Ceramic coating detailing questions

    Personally I like to use the multible wash mitts and mf wash pads when washing the car. Meaning you dunk it in the wash bucket and wash a section with flipping it half way. Put it away and I have an...
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    Re: New with questions

    The basic to get a high gloss is in the with polishing it. Pearl paint in general is great to hide the light defects on the paint. And the downside gets to getting that really high gloss finish some...
  11. Re: So its getting into the colder weather now, I need to throw on some protection... suggestions?

    If you just want something over the winter. And not especially want to try something new out. I would apply a 2 coats of Collinite 476s and done. If are able to down the road if you would notice a...
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    Re: Regular wax on rims. ??

    If it's just wax. Spray some APC on it after you have cleaned them and let it dwell and aggitate it lightly and rinse off directly. Don't let chemicals dry on and surface and you will be fine. If you...
  13. Re: Upcoming Project - Dealer Ruined Brand New Kia

    The detailer it self is not a problem. But again the dealership should have said this is not possible to detail the car before delivered. Then offered to take care of it at a later time or let the...
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    Re: What did you do today, in regards to detailing?

    Did take out the winter wheels from storage. It's fortunally that there is acid based wheel cleaner LOL. They cleaned up decent but man is the rims in bad conditions sadly. Not worth it though when...
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    Re: 2019 Fall Dragon Run, pics and stories

    Awesome stories and beutieful photos!

    Could put my car and myself in a shipping container and be there next year LOL.
    Would have been an awesome experience to ride along with you guys there.
  16. Re: Upcoming Project - Dealer Ruined Brand New Kia

    It's not going to change until the customer goes above the dealership heads and complain and more so cancel the buy. Especially when clearcoat is already so thin on vehicals now days. There is a hack...
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    Re: Used Sonax Cutmax for the first time

    It's an awesome compound the Sonax Cutmax. Combo it with a B&S Uro-Fiber 50/50 and whent after some deeper defects on my Kia cee'd SW with a silver metallic paint. And worked great and under the...
  18. Re: Sonax Profiline Actifoam energy might be a little misleading?

    The individual chemicals in the car soap can still be both acidic and alkaline based. It's usually mentioned as ph neutral balanced. And balanced is the key word here which is if they use something...
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    Re: Ceramiclear clearcoat

    Think Menzerna developed the polishes for the MB manufacturing plants. So the SHC300 and HC400 is the compounds. Then you have MC2400 which is made for the scratch resistant ceramic clearcoats. And...
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    Re: Best SIO2 infused wash soap?

    Wondering why you have not got the Sonax Wash and Seal yet over there in the US. And wondering the same why I have not used this Wash and Seal even as I have had it for a long time now LOL. Saw Sonax...
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    Re: Hybrid Solutions- A Brand of it's own!

    LMAO Turtle Wax does better chemical torture testing than the detailing youtubers channels LOL.

    They are definitely doing some cool things TW in their promotion of the new TW Hybrid Solution line...
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    Re: Getting Into the Little Areas

    If mean to clean these areas before you are polishing?

    Famous Detailing Brush and a good APC and a thorough rinse will usually get it good. If you are gentle and let the brush do it's work it's...
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    Re: Newb detailing advice

    Sounds like a great plan!

    When you are polishing painted plastic panels it's the heat build up that you need to be carefull with. Either polishing in smaller sections and varies the place where...
  24. Re: Looking for a carwash soap that DOESN'T have wax in it, sell me on YOUR favorite!

    Yeah the dwell time is the trick for the most cleaning ability from it. The longer dwell time from it you can get the better it will clean or release the dirt easier. When the temperature goes down...
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    Re: 1965 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2

    Awesome work and write up and pictures!

    Beutieful car and cause of you the condition looks amazing!

    Well done!

    / Tony
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