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  1. Thread: Flex 3401

    by Dr Oldz

    Re: Flex 3401

    Don’t be so hasty buddy. I just got the new Supa Beast. It’s definitely more ergonomic, quiet, touch smoother and no hot metal shroud to deal with.....I miss the extra power from the Beast. While...
  2. Re: The proper procedure to top with Pinnacle Liquid Souveran or BLACKFIRE BlackICE after a one step polish

    Don’t sweat it. I use BF One Step a lot. I often top with a BF true LSP right after and have never seen any issues.
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    Re: Newsletter going out today!

    Got mine.

    Thank you!
  4. Re: Removing Swirls in 1 Step - Pinnacle Jeweling Wax - 1957 Chevy Pickup Streetrod

    Some really impressive results here. Nice work, Mike.

    Itís well know that Iím a huge fan of BF One Step but these results make me want to try the Jeweling wax out.

    Outstanding photos.
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    Re: Can I use any sealant over BF One Step?

    I agree with this 200%!!!!

    I even use an AIO like BF or 3D speed in my one step polish options then top with a wax or sealant. With some of the current AIO products being so user friendly and...
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    Re: White Corvette...

    Polish properly. Mote important.... maintain carefully. I know everyone will give a bunch of answers here for coatings and the newer technology..... but if it’s a garage queen, try Pinnacle signature...
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    Re: Can I use any sealant over BF One Step?

    I put BF sealant, BF Midnight sun, BF hybrid liquid wax and BF Black montan wax all on top of One Step with great results.

    Durability was also lengthened considerably over the month or so over...
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    ATTENTION Mike Phillips & Yancy!!!

    Can you guys slow down on the videos please. I need some sleep!!

    lol. Jk guys. Some really great stuff and certainly a cool way of dealing with a pandemic SEMA.

    Great work and I...
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    Re: Restore black trim after polish

    Blackfire wax remover works really well.

    This Mother’s product also works amazing and comes with a really nice brush.

    Mothers Back to Black Heavy Duty Trim Cleaner, best car wax remover...

    Skip the foamer. Save up for a Flex Beast variant. Especially for suburbans ;)
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    Re: Help! What am I doing wrong?

    The swirl o matics are the culprit. It’s transfer from the guides as you drive in.

    Try some polish to see if it can be removed.
  12. Re: What Level Of Finish Can I Get With the LC Orange CCS Light Cutting Pads And BF One Step

    A few comments:

    A one step is just that. A ONE STEP! You don’t follow up a one step. If you do it’s more money and called a multi step.

    You can get generalizations of what pad may work on the...
  13. Re: What key features would you like to see in a new tire dressing?

    In order of importance for me:

    1: Water based. It must be water based. Sick of solvent based messy goopy products thru the years. Plush clean up is easy if you get it on a rim or need to clean an...
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    Re: Looking for an after wash topper spray

    Too add: Optimim car wax as suggested above has always been a proven winner.
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    Re: Looking for an after wash topper spray

    So far, I find it to play really well with any wax, sealant or coating.
  16. Re: SONAX PNS on Black Powder Coating Paint - Bass Shop Pro Boat Trailer

    Really good tip. There are a lot of vehicles on the road now with powder coated parts. Generally I coat them with CarPro DLuX with fantastic results. This is a much quicker and cost effective...
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    Re: Looking for an after wash topper spray

    Sounds like 3D Bead it up is perfect for you. I have been really enjoying this product. It’s protection is truly top notch even as a stand also. Can be used as a drying aid also!!!
  18. Re: Creating A Mirror Finish On A Luxurious And Beautiful Lexus 460 Sedan

    Nice write up. Car looks great!!!

    If I read this correctly..... you spent 18 hours on this for $250?.????

    If so you are selling yourself wayyyyyyy short.
  19. Thread: Pad cleaning?

    by Dr Oldz

    Re: Pad cleaning?

    I use Microfiber Cleaner. 3D to be specific.

    3D Towel Kleen
  20. Re: The FLEX BEAST, Supa BEAST & CBEAST - 8mm Gear-Driven Orbital Polishers

    Cool video! I enjoy watching these with a bowl of popcorn!

    I myself love the Beast and the CBeast. I couldn’t be without a forced rotation DA machine.

    Soon will be adding the Supa Beast to my...
  21. Re: Will Poorboys Professional Polish Clean panels well?

    Pro polish is great stuff. I use it a lot. Also a fantastic metal polish.

    Sounds like it’s perfect for your situation here.
  22. Re: Looking for a spray and wipe that works well on ceramic coated dark colored cars

    I’m still a fan of Ultima Waterless Wash Plus concentrate.

    Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ Concentrate, concentrated waterless auto wash, waterless car wash
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    Re: 2017 Shelby GT350 and the Dr Beasley's NSP Z1

    Interesting. Thank for the reply. Kinda makes me want to not try it.... but the results look so great from people who have used it thus far that I’m going to have to try it. Especially if the...
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    Re: 2017 Shelby GT350 and the Dr Beasley's NSP Z1

    Nice work Tommy!!! Looks freakin awesome.

    May I suggest the Forrest green (or any color in that lineup) towels Mike always suggest for removal. The 530’s are a great towel but they don’t have...
  25. Re: How to machine clean a dry erase board by Mike Phillips

    Mike, May I suggest purchasing BF One Step in the more economical value based 32oz version! Trust me, you will use it often. If you donít like it, Iíll even buy the bottle from you!!! :laughing::D
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