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    Re: What should I use for salt

    Salt away boat rinse for when you don't have time to wash. Not knowing how much time you are willing to invest on protecting, Mike's recommendation of the spray would be the easiest of all options....
  2. Re: Meguires Hybrid Ceramic on Gelcoat... is this an option?

    I did not like the hybrid ceramic spray on gel coat. Not enough gloss. Also be careful with it on your car there is such a thing as using to much and it will attract dirt like metal to a magnet.
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    Re: Polishing aluminium outriggers

    When it comes to out riggers 99% of what has been on the market for the last 30 years is anodized. Rupp or Lee brands for sure if it is an older boat. Flitz will take the anodize off as it is to...
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    Wolfgang 3.0 for gel coat

    Hi All,
    I’ve been detailing my personal boats and some for friends for about 25 years . We tried a lot LSP’s in the early days but decided early on that Collinite 925 was the go to product for us....
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