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  1. Re: Anyone use the Wolfgang Uber ceramic coating

    There are several reviews of the product: Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating
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    Re: What is this?

    Here is a link from a few years ago which I hope will help you: *Yellow street paint on my car, No Idea how to take it off*
  3. Re: WHat upholostery cleaner is best for dog urine?

    Prevent the issue in the first place. Get neoprene seat covers, or water proof pads to cover the seats.
  4. Re: Milkshake on center console and controls WWAG Peeps do?

    Take it to the dealer. Too much electrical/electronic going on inside that console.
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    Re: Is this ppf film done right?

    It is up to you and the installer. I always specify I want the PPF wrapped around all edges. It is not a big deal or a challenge for an experienced installer.
  6. Thread: Uh oh

    by jsgntulok

    Re: Uh oh

    Old Girl, you sound like one feisty lady and someone I would love to meet.
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    Re: Need Advice: Melted Modeling Clay

    Looks like a great job to me. Don't forget to remind Mom to send the kid to military school.
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    Re: Newbie from Texas

    Welcome to AutoGeek. I moved away from Fort Worth in 2006. I miss it a lot, but sure do not miss the humidity or the mosquitoes since moving to Colorado Springs.
  9. Re: I know the SoFlo needs the rain but.......

    Don't know where you live, but looks like you are a candidate for rinseless wash. I don't have water restrictions in Colorado Springs, but ONR rinseless is my go to 95% of the time for our two...
  10. Re: Cleaning bugs out of microfiber without washing?

    I clean my microfiber towels by scrubbing them on my husband's washboard abs.
  11. Re: How to pay employees?? Really no idea on this

    As I read your original post, all sorts of "red flags" went up in my mind. You say you are new in the business. Do you have an accountant? If not, I suggest you consider getting one. When you take on...
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    Re: Hard decision made tonight.

    How are your other dogs doing? They also grieve, not as long as we humans do, but they are aware of this absence. Be kind to them. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to your wife and the rest of your...
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    Re: Hard decision made tonight.

    I know all too well what you family is going through. My husband and I are still grieving the death of our Sheltie companion. He adopted us in 2003 and gave us 14 years and 2 days of incredible...
  14. Re: 1977 Lincoln, stored in a cat-infested garage for 22 years, please help with this project!

    Hi, and welcome to the forum. What a car!!! From your list of products, I note you to not list polishing clay or other paint prep mitt/towel. Consider adding that to your list. Add blue painter's...
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    Re: European random orbital polishers

    Check out the FLEX 3401. It is forced rotation rather than random orbit. Since FLEX is manufactured in Germany, they should have 220 volt machines.
  16. Re: Ooooh that smell: Favorite smelling products

    Wolfgang Fuzion
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    Re: Detailing 71 Nova-beginner

    I just looked over your selection of pads on-hand. I suggest you get some white pads and use them first, rather than an orange pad. The white pad is less aggressive and you might find that the white...
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    Re: Detailing 71 Nova-beginner

    Welcome to AutoGeek.

    Mike Phillips has an extensive write up on restoring old paint. You will need t do a search to find it. I would do that, but I am in the middle of finalizing taxes so just...
  19. Re: My First Production Freebie Detail - 2007 Jeep Rubicon

    I am a detailing hobbiest too. It is so much fun for me I don't charge either. Instead, I ask the vehicle owner to make a donation to a local non-profit.
  20. Re: Very strange scratches after application of Opti Gloss and bungee cord contact

    Or, you can use this: Tracwrap 4?x20? Temporary Protection Film - XPEL
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    Re: Faint Scratches on new Vehicle

    Where do you live? If by chance near Colorado Springs, I will be glad to help you and even let you get experience with both my FLEX3401 and PC. Send a PM if interested. By the way, if you never get a...
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    Re: Money being no object......

    But not as pricey as this: DIVINE - bespoke wax creation for an individual car or cars, 2x 200ml
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    Re: Clear Bra rubber mark

    Looks like the clear bra did its job protecting the paint. Since you have tried several products/methods to remove the scuff, I agree with pdqgp, time to replace.
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    Re: Cleaning Crevices

    An expired credit card wrapped in a microfiber towel is my "go to" tool.
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    Re: What should I do?! Need new car advice!

    Run from the dealer's offer. If you read the warranty you will probably see that regular "maintenance" by the dealer is required to keep the warranty in effect. This usually translates into more $$$...
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