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  1. Re: Removing Deteriorated Duct Tape from Gelcoat

    WD-40 works pretty good as well
  2. Re: Pictures: New FLEX PXE 80 10.8-EC by Mike Phillips

    Looks like the ibrid will still give the option of getting into smaller places than the pixie. One more tool for the rack for me. Actually more than one, the cordless pe-14 & cbeast have me...
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    Re: Recommended clay substitute?

    I’ve been happy with the Nanoskin products which means I haven’t tried any of the other new mitts and such.
  4. Re: What am I looking for ? Rotary or orbital or flex?

    Are those scratched into the glass or on the surface?
  5. Re: Review: Pinnacle Black Label Ceramic Trim Restorer

    Yes, I missed the ceramic part, That might make it look like solution finish but last a lot longer. Sounds like a win.
  6. Re: Review: Pinnacle Black Label Ceramic Trim Restorer

    How does it compare to solution finish? Looks similar.
  7. Re: Ceramic Coated Gel-coat after 8 months on the water!

    The boat I work on had the hull ceramic coated before heading to the Caribbean in January this year. Stuff is really good, the exhaust soot from a 5 day delivery came off with soap and water. No...
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    Tuff Shine tire clearcoat & Prep

    I used the tire prep for 6 to 8 times to assure I removed all the previous products. Cleaned up pretty well. I recommend removing or covering plastic hub covers when using the prep. It almost...
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    Re: Exterior Plastics Detailer/Protection

    I take it the WETS is the Wolfgang product.
  10. Re: Will tire cleaner / coating prep remove wheel coating

    The cleaner is Tuff Shine as is the coating. The wheel coating is 22ple VM1 applied in December.
  11. Re: Topping solution finish / Delux still a good choice

    Sounds like a plan. If it doesn’t hold up, I will do it again and top with Dlux.
  12. Re: Topping solution finish / Delux still a good choice

    I have the black fire exterior sealant. How would that compare to the WETS as a topper.
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    Re: Not happy with headlight results

    I finish mine with 3000 then 5000 grit wet sanded, then polish to clear. Look brand new.
  14. Topping solution finish / Delux still a good choice

    I read here a while back that Carpro Delux was one of the better and longer lasting toppers for solution finish. Is that still the case or is there something better now? Also, how long should I wait...
  15. Will tire cleaner / coating prep remove wheel coating

    I would like to apply a tire coating. I have a wheel coating on my wheels and am concerned it will remove the coating if any of the prep cleaner drips on the wheels. Should I be concerned?
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    Re: Baked on plastic

    I would use WD-40 and a plastic razor blade
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    Re: First time snorkeling

    Johnsons baby shampoo works well as a defogger too. If you see a shark with a square head, get out quickly! It's a Bull Or Tiger and they are way too unpredictable. For the masks, if you only stay on...
  18. Re: How to remove Smokers Film off inside of windshield - Review: BLACKFIRE Glass Cleaner

    Wow, If the glass was that bad, imagine what the drivers lungs look like. Makes me happy to be a non smoker.
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    Re: Review - CarPro Tire Swipe Applicators

    Look good for smooth tires but will not work on my truck tires. I have to use a brush to get in all the crevices.
  20. Re: Flex 3401 counterweight rusting. Is this normal?

    Or hit it with wire wheel, coat it lightly with grease.
  21. Re: Removing 20+ year Old Trim - Adhesive Removal Question

    WD-40 and let it sit for a bit. You might need a plastic razor blade or spatula as well.
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    Re: Removing glue residue

    WD-40 or 3M citrus cleaner
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    Re: Porter Cable 7424xp vs Rupes long run

    X2 on the GG6. Great warranty and customer service!
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    Re: TOOLS! - Can you count all the tools?

    Mike, what do you do with all those polishers when its time to break out new ones?
  25. Re: Customer says I caused holograms in coating? - Wants to sue me!

    5 months later!! C'mon man!! Any chance this PITA is a lawyer looking for something to do ?
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