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    Re: Coating Flash Times —- Confused

    I would suggest to visually watch it. I always apply over a quarter of a door or something like that, then I look for the rainbow flash. Once I see the rainbow flash, I start to wipe. That's the best...
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    Re: P21s/Maguiar’s Ultimate Wax

    I would suggest trying Meguiar's Ultimate Paste Wax and skip the P21. The P21 as a carnauba wax will turn acidic overtime. Ultimate Paste Wax is probably the only non-SiO2 based protection I still...
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    Re: Topping for CQuartz UK 3.0

    My personal advice would be to use Kamikaze Infinity wax and skip all the spray stuff. Add on Infinity wax every two month or so, and you'll be fine.
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    Re: AUTOCLEAN's New Home

    Hey man, ya Bravo Zulu means well done, comes from the old naval flagging signals they used. Not sure why but it became "mainstream" in a lot of militaries now for well done, common wealth militaries...
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    Re: AUTOCLEAN's New Home

    I'm very jealous, nice place. Bravo Zulu
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    Re: Wow did we forget 9/11

    Not American, Canadian here but regardless, not a day I'd ever forget. 9/11 is what prompted me to join the military when I got old enough, I was in grade school at the time and realised having lived...
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    Re: OTC substitute for Aquawax

    +1 for Meguiars.
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    Re: What Got You Into Detailing Cars?

    Ahahahah I should've known better. Don't get me wrong, the stuff looks amazing and is a pure show car wax. Lasts about a week or so, but during that week that paint looks wetter than a lake.
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    Re: What Got You Into Detailing Cars?

    At the time, believe it or not, it was Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax. A friend of my girlfriends waxed his Black GTI with it, and he kept the paint pretty clean and I was like woah damn what did he do...
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    Re: What Wolfgang Products Should I Use?

    Does the weather get hot there? If you take it out a lot during hot sunny days, I'd steer you away from a pure Carnauba wax. Wolfgang Estate might be the best option.
    Pure Carnauba becomes acidic...
  11. Re: WG Uber compound or what, and what pad combo for really hard paint?

    If you're gonna compound, I learned over the years that Meguiars Cutting pads or the X-Cutting pads are great. As long as the compound is good quality, it doesn't necessarily matter if that makes...
  12. Re: I switched from Griots G9 to Flex 3401.. My thoughts..

    I've tried out a Flex 3401 and I gotta say, I've picked up enough joint aches in the past where this machine is not for me. However, it can power through some *$&#. You can load it up with compound...
  13. Re: 2 step correction - 3D One x2 or 3D One + Gyeon Primer?

    TO be honest, I find myself sometimes overworking a product at times when for example, two or three passes would've cut already but I ended up doing 5 to 6 because I started introducing more marring...
  14. Re: 1998 3000GT Paint Correction Experience By The Inexperienced...

    I love seeing things like this, because there is always a first step. Most people don't start off by picking up a paint thickness gauge and 3 polishers and start doing an 100% paint correction. This...
  15. Re: 2 step correction - 3D One x2 or 3D One + Gyeon Primer?

    Hey noorth,

    Here's what I would suggest because this is what I would do. Don't do two set passes and go. Do one pass at a time, wipe off after each with panel wipe and check results after each...
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    Re: Musings after attending a car show

    To the OP.. I get it. I've gotten to the point where I'm a bit .. jaded? I'm not sure if that's the right word. When people ask me how I get my car so "shiny", I just tell them it's work that they...
  17. Re: Ceramic vs. Wax - Can We Cut To The Chase?

    It's always about the reflection of light essentially. Wax on its own is essentially a very very thin film of oil that sits on the paint. Sealant is a very very thin layer of polymer. A coating is a...
  18. Re: CarPro Essence Extreme shelf life accuracy

    The reason for expiration date is because Korea requires everything produced for export to have an expiration date.
    I've used 3 year old Essence (I don't use it too much normally, only when I coat...
  19. Re: Meguairs Hybrid Ceramic Liquid Wax 2 Month Update

    Meguiar doesn't really put out bad products.
  20. Re: Swirl marks on 1992 mazda single stage black paint

    The amount you would actually cut is miniscule to be honest. As long as you don't start trying to wetsand it, you'll be alright. Or for peace of mind you can pick up a paint gauge as well.
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    Re: Call to Ban YouTubers

    Don't get me wrong, there's no slight taken on my side nor was that comment meant towards anything towards anyone on the forum. I should've phrased it differently, my apologies. What I meant was, it...
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    Re: best rinseless wash for winter?

    No don't get me wrong, Frothe is a very foaming product. But for me doing rinseless washes, the foam is great. Stronger dilution of product so it does a better job lifting dirt and contaminants off...
  23. Re: Swirl marks on 1992 mazda single stage black paint

    I would get a machine to get the maximum effect to be honest. For single stage paint after they've been old and neglected after a while, there's a lot of old dead paint on there that needs to be cut...
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    Re: Call to Ban YouTubers

    It was disappointing to be honest to see Pan stoop to that level more than anything.
  25. Re: recommend the product or products best suited for my situation?

    The black Porsche is begging for a coat of this:

    Dodo Juice Supernatural Hybrid NANO 30 ml
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