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  1. Re: Shout-out and Thank You to John aka 2black1s

    Very nice...and very nice gesture as well.
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    Re: What would you use?

    That color red and as well for deep blues I like Duragloss products. Been around a long time and still offer unbelievable shine and durability.

    Their wash products are awesome, as is...
  3. Re: Got some terrible water spots on the glass/mirrors... help.

    Several links to products that people are putting up do not come up on my phone.
  4. Thread: XMT 360

    by Hoytman

    Re: XMT 360

    That would likely be, superior and better, from what I’ve seen in Mike’s videos. That Blackfire One Step is likely comparable to the similar Wolfgang product if I had to guess...and I am guessing. I...
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    Re: Hoping to see some old faces.

    Yep. I still have some XMT360. I actually liked it for what it was. Does a nice job cleaning road film and adds some protection.
  6. Re: How to remove Smokers Film off inside of windshield - Review: BLACKFIRE Glass Cleaner

    That means it’s still grabbing too much dirt. Re-read the article. Mike said to use plenty of cleaner...that’s the lubricant...and it will stop the towel from grabbing and pulling off the tool. That...
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    Re: Hoping to see some old faces.

    Well, I’m one of those guys that had a lot more friends here than I had listed as friends. I just never kept my friends list updated. I was horrible at that. Can’t tell you how many from this place...
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    Re: Polisher for weekend warrior

    Ok...that answers a question for me then between the two. The Beast must have the larger throw. Haven’t had time to research them yet, but I did briefly look at the polisher page and seen that the...
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    Re: Hoping to see some old faces.

    Just realized I placed this topic in the wrong area. My forum skills are a little rusty. Please feel free to move to “off topic”, if need be, so we don’t clutter up this space.
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    Re: Operation Back in Black!

    Nothing like a job well done on black paint and follow-up write-up to show one's passion and work ethic.
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    Re: Hoping to see some old faces.

    I hear you. LOL! Glad to see this place still thriving. It has a great Captain!

    I’ve got to get back in the groove. Totally unaware of new products and needing to get this train back on the...
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    Re: Hoping to see some old faces.

    Well, son of a gun. Hello, Bob! Good to see your smiling’ face. Say hello to Mrs. FUNX650.
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    Re: Hoping to see some old faces.

    Good to see you still around brother! Always a enjoyed your posts. Thanks for chiming in!:xyxthumbs:
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    Hoping to see some old faces.

    Just popping in to say hey to some old timers. Looks like Mike is still in the house. Sweet!!! Man it has been awhile since smelling the compound and polish in this place and I have missed it. Devil...
  15. Re: Fair but competitive price for a wash, and or exterior wash/wax for a Ford F-150 that is black

    I will 2nd the motion to say 37,000 quality posts!!!

    I have always been supportive of Mike because 37,000 quality posts commands my support. Free knowledge folks...each one, teach one...right,...
  16. Re: How to Wash & Wax your Motorcycle, the proper way!

    This thread is nearly a year old as of 3/5/17.

    To the OP...I'll offer an explanation for my comment.

    To some, that post may have seemed a little crude, or even rude, but rest assured with...
  17. Re: Help with Adhesive Removal In New Car Decontamination

    3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner, bug and tar remover, adhesive remover, decal remover, tree sap remover

    Your local auto parts store will likely have a couple variations of 3M adhesive...
  18. Re: what is the best finishing polish "hands down" in your opinion???

    There are some key words in my last paragraph of my comments that shouldn't be scanned over. It's not a daily use product. It's a go-to product for use when things aren't normal. I can tell you...
  19. Re: SCANGRIP Sunmatch - Showing Wet Sanding Scratches and Holograms

    Mike, could you just put some light on the subject? LOL!!! I think that did the trick. Wow!
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    Re: Review: McKee's 37 Anti Frost washer fluid

    Looks interesting. A picture is worth a thousand words, so they say.

    However, even with all of the 'no freeze' washer fluids sold, those with -25 to -27 advertised in mart stores and farm...
  21. Re: Here's the boat for the 2017 Boat Detailing Class - 25' Bluewater Center Console

    Do you have a plan for which products you'll be using, Mike?
  22. Re: what is the best finishing polish "hands down" in your opinion???

    Does 3M still make "Ultrafina"? I read a long time ago that Todd Helm liked that polish too, but seems like I recall there is a newer version..."Ultrafine"... and that Todd preferred the older...
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    Re: Mike Phillips VIF or Vehicle Inspection Form

    Would like an update. You should have my email from previous versions sent. Thank you!
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    Re: Hoses, hoses and more hoses!

    My personal experience with hoses kinking can be attributed to two (2) things; quality of the hose and more importantly hose management.

    I've found a lot of hoses to kink if managed wrong,...
  25. Re: Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash has made a believer out of me

    Would like to try this product soon. I am currently using the last of a few ounces of ONR that I have and a couple ounces of Ultima WW...that I love. I use it as a waterless and a rinseless, but...
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