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  1. Re: Seriously?! My rant about "soft" black paint

    I live on a dirt for keeping any car clean much less a black Honda...I tried pre soak soaps,powerwashing,4 bucket methods etc and it was still lightly scratched all the least...
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    Re: Critique my stain removal method

    if the stains are gone I would say the technique is fine,,I use different technique for different material though,,,but if it works no technique is wrong
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    Re: Microfiber pads - your experience?

    I really like the Rupes Med Wool pads..A lot!....,,they finish out really well IMHO and I have even used them on the rotary from time to time.
    I do like the Rupes MF coarse cut as well,,,mostly for...
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    Re: *Your first car*

    A 79 Rabbit diesel wasn't what I had in mind but I was always kind of an uber for giving rides,,5 bucks for ride,fuel was 51 cents a gallon,,,,I was always on the road with a full tank that I rarely...
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    Re: Lottery Car, what's yours?

    I think I would start with something like this...probably a street rod or 2 and a RUF Porsche,,my daily would just be a new pick matter what I'm still just a country boy

    I'd have a bunch...
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    Re: Lottery Car, what's yours?

    I'd have several garages full of my favorite cars that I've always wanted
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    Re: SKECHERS Shoes?

    Nah,,I'm more of a Town Car guy,,LOL
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    Re: SKECHERS Shoes?

    I liked all my Skechers shoes that I had,,my American Bulldog decided she liked the taste of my last pair..:D ....I bought a pair NB that were on sale but I would have bought the Skechers
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    Re: Tornador: Just get the good one?

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    Re: Brake cleaner for removing wax?

    I use wax and grease remover's what it's designed for and doesn't knock you out like brake cleaner
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    Re: Tornador: Just get the good one?

    do they have anything that blows like a Tornador and sucks like a shop vac in unison?
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    Re: What's in your backyard?



    deer,bear,bobcats and turkey all over around here,,lots of birds of prey as well,,including bald eagles but it is superhard to get pictures of them...oh,,and my dogs and other...
  13. Re: So, what is the deal with Meguiar's D2002 (Iron Removing Spray "Clay")

    I picked up a bottle of Sonax Iron decon at Advance Auto 2 weeks ago,,what a repulsive smell but it worked pretty well,,not something i'll use when I am worked indoors during the winter though
  14. Re: Suggestions? Most durable paint sealant, thatís easy on-off?

    I forgot about that one,,LOL,,I haven't tried it yet but I will when my Powerlock + is gone I will
  15. Re: Suggestions? Most durable paint sealant, thatís easy on-off?

    I like Jescar Powerlock +,,machine applied with a wax pad of your choice,,,I was looking at some Griots 3n1 earlier today and am curious about it as well
  16. Re: 1967 VW Bug - Bringing the DEAD back to LIFE - Original Paint!

    That Bug looks wonderful ,,great job David!!...I love these kinds of details but I hardly ever get to do them..I might have t run an add for some totally destroyed single stage paint..LOL
  17. Re: Remove water spots - Matte Shaker Hood Scoop - 2016 Challenger Scatpack 392 Hemi

    The owner being happy is the most important part...I too hate the matte decals and I have never been able to get stuff like this out either.

    I have a few techniques I'd like to try but don't want...
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    Re: Identify this hood ornament?

    looks like a 5 window Chevy with a Studebaker grill,,and Mike is 100%'s fugly
  19. Re: "When Mike Phillips Talks, People Listen" ...

    same,I barely use gloves for anything I do,,every glove I have ever put on my hands make them sweat and swell horribly and I hate it.
    I use a lot of hand sanitizer as well...and moisturizer
  20. Re: Work in progress, but love the metallic

    it sure looks better than GM's blah white diamond
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    Re: Call to Ban YouTubers

    I fail to see why anyone would watch something or someone they don't like,,if you don't like there is an off button..... that being said most of them are tools
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    Re: The Post a Picture of Your Ride as it Sits Thread

    my Equinox after I bought it last summer ,, a quick polish and a coat of Powerlock +,,today it's dirty from the rain
  23. Re: Need advice - Oxidized Paint Correction on 1968 Dodge Charger

    I'd love to see this car after it gets polished back up,,the non perfect "beater" cars that have been long neglected are kind of my favorites,,look forward to the pictures
  24. Re: 54 studebaker, 327 corvette engine/4 speed.

    it's not pretty..yet..someday....maybe:D
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    Re: Chevy 2500HD Leather Seats

    I work at a Chevy/GMC dealer and I'll tell you firsthand that they all do that,,you wern't getting lied to,,like others have said ..just protect it best you can.
    I'll also tell you to keep an eye on...
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