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    Re: Wheel coatings

    X2 on the 22ple
  2. Re: looking for a suggestion for a cooking gadget

    1 - Pellet grill/smoker. 2- Grill Grates for your grill. They are really good. X2 on the Thermoworks meat thermometer.
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    Re: Compound to use once a year by hand

    Collinite Sapphire pre wax cleaner. Like a fine compound but easier to use. Contains no wax. You will have to apply something afterwards for protection.
  4. Re: PBL ceramic trim sealer as topper for Solution Finish

    I applied the PBL to some trim and solution finish to other trim on same vehicle. The solution finish looks a lot better than the PBL after about a week. I did use the PBL cleaner before applying...
  5. PBL ceramic trim sealer as topper for Solution Finish

    Anyone try this? Wonder if it might work. I have tried both separately and my .02 says solution finish gives a better, darker look to faded black . The longevity of solution finish seems to be...
  6. Re: I learned some valuable detailing knowledge on a YT video - YMMV.

    I have my stuff sent to work mailroom then delivered to me. She has no clue what I’m getting.
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    Re: I want to detail a Tesla Cybertruck.

    Well if they ever revive the back to the future movies, they have the vehicle for the time machine
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    Re: Tough Decision..... a little help please

    Apples to apples, griots gets the nod for their customer service and warranty
  9. Poll: Re: FLEX XC3401 vs any of the new long stroke polishers???

    Begs the question, would you rather use the 3401 for shorter time or long throw for longer period of time to get same results? Time is $$$ for those who do it for living.
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    Re: Prevent morning freeze on the windshield

    Yes. Stay in SoFlo!! No frost here.
  11. Re: So its getting into the colder weather now, I need to throw on some protection... suggestions?

    I agree on the 476 or FK 1000 as second choice. Those of us that still use 476 or fk 1000 use it because it still works well. Sometimes we just need something to protect the paint without spending...
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    Re: Non abrasive cleaner wax

    I might suggest Collinite Fleetwax. Not sure on the abrasive part but it certainly cleans as it waxes
  13. Re: SEMA 2019 New Products - New Products Coming Soon!

    Uno - Rupes. One - 3D
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    Re: Regular wax on rims. ??

    I coated my wheels a year ago. Still shed water and clean easily. Bit time consuming but worth it to me. Canít mention it since itís not sold at AG but Iím sure some of the ones they carry will do...
  15. Re: Thinking of getting a black car, that crazy?

    If you have the time to keep it up, then why not. Well kept black cars are sharp looking. I had 3 white trucks before the black super duty I have now. While I had the white trucks I swore I would...
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    Re: And then... There was a G8 (Polisher)

    I love the trigger. I think all machines should have a trigger instead of on/off switch. For that price, I might but one just because....
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    Re: Supa BEAST backing plate swap

    Looks like a 3401 with a facelift. Looks like a more ergonomic body. Might make taming the beast a bit more comfortable. I would much rather have that new forward pad/handle on my 3401.
  18. Re: Looking for a long lasting wip on headlight uv clearcoating

    I get just over a year out of the Optimum coating in SoFlo.
  19. Re: What the heck did the dealer spray on my car

    WD-40 and plastic razor blade or car pro glass polish & pad.
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    Re: Best $10 Tire Dressing

    I used Perl for years. Looks good but doesn’t last in SoFlo. I put one coat of tuff shine tire coating on over 2 weeks ago. Rain almost every day and 2 washes and still looks like I just did it....
  21. Re: Removing Deteriorated Duct Tape from Gelcoat

    WD-40 works pretty good as well
  22. Re: Pictures: New FLEX PXE 80 10.8-EC by Mike Phillips

    Looks like the ibrid will still give the option of getting into smaller places than the pixie. One more tool for the rack for me. Actually more than one, the cordless pe-14 & cbeast have me...
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    Re: Recommended clay substitute?

    I’ve been happy with the Nanoskin products which means I haven’t tried any of the other new mitts and such.
  24. Re: What am I looking for ? Rotary or orbital or flex?

    Are those scratched into the glass or on the surface?
  25. Re: Review: Pinnacle Black Label Ceramic Trim Restorer

    Yes, I missed the ceramic part, That might make it look like solution finish but last a lot longer. Sounds like a win.
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