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  1. Re: Paint Correction - George Harrison's 1966 Ferrari 275 GTS - Pinnacle Jeweling Wax & Souveran Paste Wax

    Thanks for taking the time to document and share your work on this fantastic car! It is a cool car no matter who owned it, but even cooler knowing who did.

    When working on older cars I feel I am...
  2. Re: Leaving microfiber towels to soak over weeks

    I will soak towels that have products which could cause them not to work well if left (spray coating or SiO2) for a day or so, then put it in bag with the other detailing laundry.
    Before I start...
  3. Thread: 2021 Trim Test

    by mc2hill

    Re: 2021 Trim Test

    Thanks for this Guz!

    I am almost at the end of my Ultima Tire & Trim Guard (old formula) and will soon purchase a replacement for this great product.
  4. Re: How to Clean Pads After Using Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant

    Since someone else revived this thread I will share my process for cleaning sealant out of pads.

    I put the pad in a small container (I have some round plastic food containers that are a perfect...
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    Re: How many pads do I need to buff out my car?

    I have found 4 microfiber pads are enough for most cars, and I use them 2 at a time. Polish a section, clean the pad, put on the 2nd pad while the 1st pad cools, and repeat until 1/2 the car is...
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    Re: Headlight restoration tools/kits?

    Excellent advice Mike! And if you do wetsand, when you tape the area, make sure you tape a larger area than you think you need, and you may need to retape after a round or two of sanding, as the...
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    Re: Headlight restoration tools/kits?

    I started polishing headlights with a corded drill, and they came out fine, but be sure to put lots of tape on the paint and trim around the lights. Just keep the drill moving, and add more polish...
  8. Re: How to Clean/Remove Over Spray From Powder Coated Products

    This is great stuff! I used it to remove road paint from my mother in laws Grand Marque. I did not have any 3M Adhesive Remover with me that day, but, as Mike said, I was patient with process, let...
  9. Re: Book Review - The Complete Guide to a Show Car Shine

    First off, thank you John for taking the time for the book review. I finally picked one up at MTE the year (and had Mike sign it).

    As someone that got into detailing from the cleaning/polishing...
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    Re: What did you do today, in regards to detailing?

    These types of lights are great (I went with the lower priced Astro Pneumatic), but are a double edged sword - you can now SEE all of the defects, but you can see ALL of the defects!
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    Re: Air Compressor Advice

    First off, Welcome Ben!

    What will you be using the air compressor for? Just light tasks - airing up tires, etc., maybe some light work with tools (brad nailer, etc.), or are you looking to run...
  12. Re: 2008 FJ Cruiser TRD Trail Teams Edition Polished and Ceramic Coated

    Nice work Michael!
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    Re: Most durable wipe on....

    So it sounds like you will be doing a rinseless wash on the car yourself? If that is true I would recommend a product that can be applied wet, and used during the wash. I use Adam's H20 Guard &...
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    Re: Small Rotary vs DA

    Yes, probably about the same correction with a DA with a 2" BP/pad as a small rotary. The plus with the rotary you don't have the extra footprint you get with a random orbital, so you can be more...
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    Re: Offline for a few days...

    Welcome back, and Happy Birthday to the Mrs!

    Where you local? We have looked at places to stay on the beach in your area, but have not found a place we want to try yet.
  16. Re: Question on quick interior detailer products?

    I use them on every customer detail and in my own cars. I don't know how long they last, but they clean well enough, and leave the surface looking better than it did before, all in one step.

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    Re: Ew member from N. Florida

    Welcome Allan!

    I am originally from north central Florida, but been in O'town for 30+ years now. There are several folks on here from in your area.
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    Re: What are you eating?

    Sadly NOT a Greenberg Smoked Turkey. Their shipping and freezer facility caught fire on Nov. 6 and 87,000 smoked turkeys were destroyed. But we will order from them next year when they are up a...
  19. Re: Fading paint on plastic bumper, need advice

    Yes, you can maintain it with the LSP (Last Step Product/Protection) of your choice - wax, sealant, etc. But I would not polish again.
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    Re: Stupid question, rinseless wash alternative?

    Why not use an Interior Detailer? It will do light cleaning and leave behind some protection. I use a non-AG brand for all the cars I do (including my own) and that takes care of +90% of what I...
  21. Re: Fading paint on plastic bumper, need advice

    First off, Welcome to Autogeek Forums!

    To me that looks like clearcoat failure, and would need to be repainted. Since it can be removed that may make it easier to have done in a shop.
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    Re: What are you eating?

    A 'meat and 3' (or 2 in your case) is my favorite type of place! In the south we don't know much about northern-type diners, but every town has a 'meat & 3' place that is open for breakfast and...
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    Re: What did you do today non-detailing related?

    Congrats to the family for reaching that milestone! Beautiful campus.

    Our friends daughter attends College of Charleston, and I was blown away at their campus. It is in the historic district,...
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    Re: What did you do today non-detailing related?

    Ha! I will wait a while before upgrading to the PS5. Still plenty of PS4 games for me to play, and still new releases coming of my favorite - Assassin's Creed.
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    Re: Overspray removal

    I use plastic razor blades or a plastic putty knife with APC to remove road paint from those areas. It may take a while, but it does come off.
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