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    Re: 3D Bead It Up - Product Description

    I have been using it for well over a year. Been thru a few gallons. I like it a lot. Great drying aid! It works well on waxes, sealants and coatings. Pretty legit as a stand alone LSP. Really helps...
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    Re: Review - CarPro ReTyre Tire & Rubber Cleaner

    Way overpriced!!!!!

    Try 3D yellow degreaser for tires. 1 gallon can make 5 gallons of usable product for under 20$ if bought on sale. And it also cleans wheels and plastics.

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    Re: looking for a decent rotary

    I like the Rupes the best. The Flex PE 14-2 is my second favorite.
  4. Thread: Some new DODO

    by Dr Oldz

    Re: Some new DODO

    Purple haze Pro is one of my favorite waxes!
  5. Re: Mothers Carnauba paste wax stuck all over car, why?

    If it’s the pure wax, you simply applied way to heavy. My can from about 1995 has over 50 applications from it and it’s still about 3/4 full.
  6. Re: Mothers Carnauba paste wax stuck all over car, why?

    is this the pure carnauba or the cleaner wax version?
  7. Re: Electric cars...neutering gearheads and freedom, HOW DID WE GET HERE!

    Just ordered a new vehicle. I’m happy to pay the gas “guzzler” tax. Again
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    Re: Problem with PXE-80

    Try getting a hold of Chris Metcalf at Flex. He is always super helpful!
  9. Re: Does anyone have a factory FLEX BEAST backing plate they can sell me?

    Very cool AG and Mike!!! Stuff like this is why I continue to purchase what I can from AG.

    Also this is a good reminder for OG Beast owners to buy a spare Backing plate when they become...
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    Re: Review: RUPES Cable Clamp

    These look really nice and a great solution for the Rupes long cords.

    I actually cut the long cord on my Rupes Rotary……. Maybe if I knew of these first.
  11. Re: Checking in! Finally purchased my dream car! 2006 Viper

    Awesome stuff!! Enjoy your dream car!!
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    Re: My Wet-ice Over Fire Story

    Looks awesome.

    Always been a fan of that combo!! Nice work!!
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    Re: Good Luck Yancy!

    Best of luck, Yancy. I hope you still stop by the forums occasionally!
  14. Re: Early Fathers Day Detail - BF One Step Topped With the PBL Diamond Surface Coating

    Looks great. Nice gift for sure and it sounds like he is really happy!

    Great job!!!!
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    Re: 3401 Out of stock & EOL/Replacements

    FLEX XCE 10-8 125 Corded Polisher

    The above is the updated version.
  16. Re: How to Machine Scrub Carpets with 303 Products and the FLEX Cordless PE14 Rotary Polisher

    Awesome stuff. While I’m not super big of interior work, those results sure had to be satisfying!!

    303 Fabric guard is awesome. Been using it for years. I like that after application, maintaining...
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    Re: CQUARTZ DLUX vs Cerakote

    I don’t like cerakote.

    GT C4 has been my favorite. Durability is amazing if you properly prep.

    CQ DLUX is also just as good but I prefer C4 just ever so slightly because of durability. I do...
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    Re: Baked on compound won’t come off

    I found luck with Blackfire wax remover. Spray it on a few times and wipe off. Then cover with a damp towel for an hour to soften the old compound. Come back with another application of Blackfire wax...
  19. Re: LIVE Detailing Class - Are you scared of the rotary polisher?

    Looking forward to watching the replay. I’m one who still uses a rotary and love it.
  20. Re: Blackfire Pro Ceramic Coating, "Black Edition".

    Thanks buddy. I have plenty of experience with ceramic coatings dating back to b4 they were a thing. That being said, I still prefer the look of a good Nuba..... plus I have about 300 jars to use up...
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    Re: Struggling getting results using LHR15 MK3

    I prefer a forced rotation Dual action machine. Flex is my choice but Rupes makes the Mille. I’ll only use a longer throw free spinning DA polisher for finishing work. I like to get done fast and not...
  22. Re: Blackfire Pro Ceramic Coating, "Black Edition".

    Hummmm. I was actually considering this for when my new truck arrives.

    Think I’ll just stick to one of the Nubas I have.

    I’m very sorry you are having issues. Especially after all that work...
  23. Re: What is your favorite microfiber towel for waterless MAINTENANCE wash?

    I’m more of a traditional wash guy. I still feel this is the safest method. I do occasionally do waterless washes for SIVs that I prefer not to get drenched.

    I prefer the chinchillas. I like that...
  24. Re: Product advice on replacing Opti-Seal & OCW routine

    Honestly OCW is tough to beat, especially for UV protection. If you are happy with your current system, stay with it.
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    Re: Iron remover drying too fast

    Try a gel type formula. Meguiars and Blackfire both make a sprayable gel formulation that won’t dry as fast on you.
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