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  1. Re: Porsche Week! Macan and Carrera 4S

    They both came out great Justin! Way to go!
  2. Re: New 392 Scat pack Charger and Hammered Silverado looking sharp

    Beautiful black paint on both of them Justin. Nicely done! The two 50/50's on the truck look great!
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    Re: Greetings from NC

    Hi Norm, welcome to AutoGeekOnline! AGO is a very active forum. Questions are usually answered within hours if not sooner.

    Beautiful Mercedes you have there.
  4. Re: Hello from the Pacific Northwest

    Hi Donovan! Welcome to AutoGeekOnline!

    You have come to the right place to learn about coating your paint. Dont hesitate to ask questions.
  5. Re: Review: Pinnacle Black Label Leather Balm

    Beautiful review Mike. Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to showcase.

    Nice tip about working the product into the applicator before applying to the seats.
  6. Re: Updated - Blackfire One Step makes a newb not feel like a newb...amazing product

    Wozers! That black paint looks proper now! The BlackFIRE AIO is top notch for sure.

    Thanks for sharing the story. Enjoyed the read.
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    Re: 2016 BMW X3 Swirls

    Here is a review I did a while back on it before it was reformulated to what it is now. Seriously, its good stuff and very easy to use.
    Product Review: BLACKFIRE Total Polish & Seal
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    Re: Volkswagen Touareg

    Very nice work. The VW came out great.

    I enjoy watching your videos. Thanks for doing/sharing them.
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    Re: Cadillac DTS

    YOu've been busy as of late Tommy! Right on!

    That Cadillac came out great!
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    Re: 2016 BMW X3 Swirls

    Congrats on the pick-up! I have always had great results with the BlackFIRE AIO. After completion give it a wipedown with either of their spray waxes.
    BLACKFIRE One Step, BLACKFIRE Total Polish &...
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    Re: Black Z06 Corvette...

    Nice work Tommy! Looking good!
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    Re: 2019 Holden Colorado Z71.

    Stunning work Aaryn! The red paint looks proper now.

    The owner knew what he was doing when he instructed the dealership not to touch his new Ute.
  13. Re: 1987 Chevy 4x4 Monster Truck "Before & After" Pictures

    WHAT!? No longer own Big Red?

    What happened? Was I MIA?
  14. Re: North Miami Beach Police Mobil Command Unit - Show Car Makeover

    Its time for an updated AutoGeek makeover Mike..... lol :bolt:
  15. Re: Mike Phillips- An inspiration

    Great read Ryan. Thanks for sharing your story.
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    Re: Hello from Alaska

    Welcome to AutoGeekOnline!
  17. 3M Perfect-it 1-Step System with 8K Trizact!

    3M releasing a new system for body shop environments. Wowzers, 8K grit Trizact. Blow on it and its corrected!
    3M™ Perfect-It™ 1-Step Paint Finishing System | 3M

    Guess we know now why the 5K...
  18. Re: 2017 Dodge Charger Daytona 392

    Holy smokes! Beautiful work Mike!
  19. Re: Greetings from the Oregon coast!

    Welcome to AutoGeekOnline!
  20. Re: BlackFire Pro Ceramic Coating

    Thanks Mike. Ive seen a few where you have.

    I sure will. Sounds like other Ceramic coatings in that you will need a polish to remove high spots if not leveled in a timely manner. Been there done...
  21. Re: Big Body BMW. 2013 750 gets corrected and coated

    Wow, nicely done partner. Looking good.

    Thanks for sharing.
  22. Re: BlackFire Pro Ceramic Coating

    Thanks for the feedback Bobby. Thats the clarification I was seeking on this product.
  23. Re: I used to dislike Blackfire One Step...then this happened....

    Ive experienced 3-4 months on DD outside 24/7.
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    Re: Review - CarPro Cquartz Lite

    Well laid out review Mike. Thanks for including a competitor to show the aspects of what they offer.

    Let us know how it holds up down the road.

    Thanks for sharing.
  25. Re: Pinnacle Black Label Tire Cleaning Gel Review

    Nice review Pat. Short, sweet, and to the point.

    On the performance aspect of the product it looks like it performed admirably well. On the cost end of the product it belongs in the boutique end...
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