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    Re: Lottery Car, what's yours?

    There is no way to pick one car. Id be fine with 5 $8-12k cars though. lol
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    Re: Road Paint Removal

    Pretty sure this has been asked quite a few times. Try the search feature.
  3. Re: Wish I'd taken a pic of the Vette I saw today

    Dont bother yourself so much with what other people do with their cars. Corvettes cost as much to some as a 10year old Corolla to others and they dont care as much as you do about your cars. Its a...
  4. Re: Power Washer Spray Gun Replacement – NEED RECOMMENDATION

    I finally broke down 2 years ago and bought an MTM. Best decision I ever made as far as my pressure washer goes. Others would leak or break every year or 2.
  5. Re: does anyone keep a jump starter in their vehicle(s)?

    I have always had jumper cables in my own cars (all three) but when my daughter got her car I bought her a jump pack like this. I got her an Audew brand because I think Project Farm tested them as...
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    Re: Black Leather - What are ya using?

    Guess it depends on how dirty.

    I like Griots Leather Care Spray for my own Grand Prix with black leather but when I first bought it I needed more than that to clean the leather first.
  7. Re: The power of a normal wheel cleaner: Griots Garage Wheel Cleaner

    So which GG wheel cleaner are we talking about? The green? I tried it back before I turned "professional" and wanst impressed. Maybe I didnt have the right tools/technique. Id be willing to give it...
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    Re: buy new, used, or lease a car?

    EXACTLY, I see this BS excuse all the time on the financial FB pages Im on. For some reason paying $100 a month on repairs makes people go into ORBIT but they will pay $600+ a month for a car payment...
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    Re: Leather Care for Tesla Napa Leather

    Griots Leather Care Spray is my go to for coated leathers. LOVE IT. Not the 3 in 1, not the cleaner etc LEATHER CARE SPRAY.
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    Re: Help - plastic screen stained by 303

    This sucks man. But the lesson to learn is to spray the towel, outside the car, I prefer more than a foot or so away from the car all together.
  11. Re: does the BOSS system require a long throw DA?

    I havent used the boss pads but I love the creams on my FLEX.
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    Re: Your favorite Car Wash Soap

    Gosh, favorite? Im not sure I have one. I certainly like some better for foam cannon and others better for a strip wash VS coated car wash.

    CG Citrus Wash & Gloss
    Adams car shampoo
    CG Honeydew...
  13. Thread: P21s TAW

    by dcjredline

    Re: P21s TAW

    Cant help with the interior question but it seems to be much more expensive than traditional APCs.
  14. Re: Going to help a friend detail their new SUV

    I agree, Ive got Cquartz on my Saturn and it has been on there since 2017 still sheeting water like crazy. It is garaged but it is driven at least 200 miles a week.
  15. Re: Cleaning the seal line on top of glass door windows

    If its under the tint you cant, if its over yer gonna need to soak it in glass cleaner and a scrubby towel like a bug one BUT BE VERY GENTLE. Without tint I usually just razor blade those lines
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    Re: Glass cleaners with water repellant.

    I said it right in the post you quoted of mine lol. None.
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    Re: Glass cleaners with water repellant.

    I bought a gallon of Pinnacle back when they were closing out their black gallon jugs. I have LOVED it, Ive also used the Invisible Glass with rain repel and love that! The stoners is much less...
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    Re: How to remove tree sap

    My method is HEAT GUN. Warm it back up and it just comes off but its a sticky mess lol
  19. Replies

    Re: Please help me pick an All in One

    My 2 go tos are not in order of favorite
    HD Speed - Longer protection not as much cut IMO
    Meguiars D151 - The cut has been really good for me considering its an AIO and the protection can go up to...
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    Re: Nano: luxury or very useful

    There is almost NEVER a concrete answer here no matter what you ask. There are always at least 2 sides and sometimes multiple sides.
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    Re: Burnt leather seats

    Glasses are basically magnifying glasses. It doesnt have to be HOT for them to burn with sunlight shining through them. Havent you ever taken a magnifying glass and burnt bugs? Its not a temperature...
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    Re: 11yr Old Honda gets revitalized to NEW

    You dont have to hope much for a 2010 vehicle with 65k miles surviving for 5-6 years. Im driving an 04 with 160k on it and bet I get 3 or more out of it. That vehicle is pretty new.
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    Re: Ultimate detailer set up

    I had to refresh my browser 9 times before I read your post. I couldnt believe that would be yours!! THANK GOD its just where you work. That cabinet is giving me anxiety just seeing the pic.
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    Re: Screwed up my paint!!

    Wow, even if you were TRYING to be funny thats kind of a dick response to someone trying to help you. We dont usually play those games here dude. Yer gonna get much less help with answers like that,...
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    Re: Opened liftgate in garage - OCD engaged

    How does the tailgate not get PPFd if it was "PPFd from front to back"

    That isnt gonna come out with just compound by hand most likely. Maybe go get some touch up paint from the dealer and watch...
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